Best Places For Sunset Sydney

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Calling all romantic nerds: these are the best places to see the sun on the road in and around the city.

Best Places For Sunset Sydney

Best Places For Sunset Sydney

The flowers are beautiful and the dinner is divine, but our money and little things are more romantic than going downstairs to see our superstar do the same. Thanks to our prime location on the Eastern Seaboard, we get some of the best sunrises in Sydney… but the sunsets are a must-see: the Parramatta River finish line.

Lookouts In Sydney With Beautiful Views

You can take an early boat (at 6.15), but you will get the sun during the trip. Glamp overnight to see the sunrise on the island and leave your tent early in the morning to watch the sun rise over the bridge.

You’ll avoid the joggers when you head here for sunset, but the scenic ocean path is worth it. An obvious choice, but a good one.

It’s a schlep, it’s real, a wild beach and a fur coat in a royal national park. But when the sun comes out, where the forest meets the lake—and the best birdwatching in town—Gary’s is hard to beat.

This old lighthouse on top of South Head was built in 1858 and is still standing today – use it as a landmark to mark where we can only call a “full” sunrise. It means a pinkish view through the clouds of the harbor and ocean.

Sydney Harbour National Park

It’s the best view of Port Jackson in town, and there’s no better time to enjoy it than at sunrise. Bright, shiny sun…waves crashing into Bondi…salty dogs splashing in the beach pool…amazing.

So you wonder if the chlorine has gotten into our brains, how about we create a landscape without the remote and grassy hedgerows? swimming pool or watching its reflection on the lawn. In the cafe, it’s a beautiful morning.

This park on the shores of Iron Cove is “how to get the best sunset on the water in the east?” it’s a subtle trick. Look at the Drummoyne area and the setting sun behind the western area seems to melt into the water.

Best Places For Sunset Sydney

You take an elevator up from the center of the recently renovated mall, but drinking at the top is so popular in this city that there can be a waiting list. Although they call the place Henry Dean, after the engineer and architect who built the hotel on top of the original Palisade site at Miller Point, there’s no ghost band or board to be seen—an upper class band— and good to see. . after sunset.

Best Places To Photograph The Sydney Opera House

This park has one of the most beautiful views in Sydney. From the East End to the North Shore, you’ll see the city’s best sights.

Beauty and comfort do not always go hand in hand, but Opera Bar is an exception to the rule. It is one of the most interesting places in the city and may be one of the best places to have a drink. The day you sit in a seat overlooking the Harbor Bridge, you should buy a lottery ticket because lady luck will smile upon you.

This love affair with the harbor’s crushed sapphire sky began thousands of years ago when the residents of central Sydney’s Gadigal rowed their boats along the beaches. Today, these discovery tours are offered by Sydney Ferries as you board the green and yellow ferry that still plies the harbor as it has for the past century and a half.

© 2022 Time Out England Limited and subsidiaries of Time Out Group Plc. All rights reserved. Time Out is a registered trademark of Time Out Digital Limited. Watching the sunset on a city street is a wonderful and beautiful thing, apart from the glistening harbor and the joy you get. There are many magical sunset spots in Sydney, whether you are visiting the city or have been there for a while, these are some of the best sunset spots in Sydney that will never fail to impress.

Best Instagram Locations In Sydney

This grassy park, though popular with locals and tourists alike, is one of the city’s quietest places to watch the sunset. It’s easy to get to on foot or by public transport and you’ll get great views of the Harbor and the Harbor Bridge. It’s also a dog-friendly area, so if you have a pup, you can bring them along to join in the fun.

Located on the edge of Sydney Harbor National Park, Bradley’s Head is a popular sunset spot. Not only does it boast views of the Sydney Opera House, the Harbor Bridge and the city skyline, but there is also an old stone pier where you can watch the fishermen patiently waiting for their turn. Sit on the grassy playground or stroll along the beach and kick your feet in the water as the sun glows orange across the sky.

Hop on a boat and capture the sunset from the middle of Sydney Harbor on Cockatoo Island. Enjoy live music, food and drink during the summer months and year-round sunsets with views of the Harbor Bridge.

Best Places For Sunset Sydney

No other place in Sydney offers a 360-degree view of Sydney like the Sydney Tower Eye. Not only is it Sydney’s tallest building, with an observation deck 250 meters from the ground, it has to be one of the best places to watch the sunset in Sydney. Although the western view is stunning and unobstructed, everywhere you look, you can see the magical orange color. So whether you’re on the town for a day or heading to bed, stop by the Sydney Tower Eye to watch the sunset. Honestly, it’s a magical place to watch the city change from day to day. We love watching sunrises and sunsets and try to visit as many different places as possible. Wherever we go, we’re always on the lookout for the perfect photography spot with a chance to catch some beautiful golden light.

The Ten Best Places To Go Horse Riding Near Sydney

You’re spoiled for choice in Sydney, but some places are better than others. We’ll start with the best sunset spots in Sydney (but scroll down to see our favourites).

The views from Observatory Hill are spectacular any time of day, but especially at sunset. It is one of the highest points in Sydney, and the hill directly overlooks the Harbor Bridge.

It’s a great place for a picnic at sunset and you’ll see lots of people on the grass with picnic blankets providing great ventilation. Even though the sun is shining on the other side of the bridge, the color tends to sweep around.

We’ve been wanting to go here for ages and finally got around to it! I don’t know why it took us so long.

Sydney’s Five Best Landscape Locations

If you only have time to see the sunset in Sydney, you should probably do it.

As you walk along the beach to the Botanic Gardens, you’ll have the chance to see the sunset behind the harbor bridge and the opera house.

If you are a fan of long exposure, you have a lot of stones in front of you to create the desired results.

Best Places For Sunset Sydney

We usually pass Bradley Head on our way to Balmoral in Taronga, but I really fell in love with the place when I came back at sunset.

Places To Explore: The Central Coast’s 10 Best Kept Secrets

In the past, I thought looking at a concrete yard was an eyesore. However, if you go out and sit at the end of the pier, it makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the harbor, and it was actually one of my favorite spots on the list.

You can see the whole sky, it’s beautiful and you love the water under your feet.

Geoffrey St Wharf has always been a favorite of ours as it’s only a stone’s throw from where we live, but one of the best views in Sydney.

You have a great view of the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House

The Five Best Spots For Night Swimming In Sydney

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