Best Place To Stay In Santorini

Best Place To Stay In Santorini

Best Place To Stay In Santorini

Best Place To Stay In Santorini – When deciding where to stay in Santorini? It is not easy that you need to understand where the caldera view is best and which village is the best to stay (Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, Perissa). Therefore, we decided to create a useful guide for you to help you find the best places and hotels in Santorini. This is part of our Kindle guide: Santorini in 3 Days Travel Guide, available here.

– Santorini is a volcanic island. The best views and the best places and places to stay are across its caldera, where the altitude is higher than 200 meters. Of course, these are the most expensive places.

Best Place To Stay In Santorini

Best Place To Stay In Santorini

– The cheapest settlements in Santorini are the villages of Perissa and the villages of Kamari, because they are at sea level and do not have a beautiful view.

Where To Stay In Santorini: The Best Neighbourhoods

– Driving from the north of Santorini (Oia village) to the south of Santorini (Akrotiri village) takes 45 minutes and is about 25 km. The road is small, there are no lights in the evening, and in July and August, the peak season, there is heavy traffic.

– Santorini’s peak season is August and July. However, the tourist season starts in March and ends in November.

– The best months to go to Santorini are September and early October, because there are fewer tourists than July and August, the temperature is still good, the sea is warm, and the sunset still gives you enough time to explore the island.

– You should book your hotel at least six months before your visit to get the best price and view.

The Best Areas To Stay In Santorini

– If you are visiting Santorini for the first time, stay in Fira as it will allow you to explore the island more easily, go out in the evening, visit the beach at noon and not worry about parking in the evening. Because parking is not allowed in Fira.

– Expect to pay at least 300 euros for a decent hotel in the caldera with a beautiful view in July and August. The price can be up to 2000 euros per night. If you want to be on a budget, you should go to Perissa or Kamari, where you can stay for 70-90 euros per night. However, we believe that a visit to Santorini is once in a lifetime and worth spending a few dollars to get a hotel with a beautiful view.

(black beach, cheaper accommodation). However, you must know that if you are in these places, you will not have the accommodation “I wake up, open the door and go to the sea”, because they are located on the volcano. All these areas have beautiful views but poor access to the sea.

Best Place To Stay In Santorini

Google map of the best Santorini villages for your stay (Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, Perissa, Kamari) – click here to get online

Best Hotels In Santorini, Greece: Budget To Luxury Options

Fira is the largest village on the island of Santorini and the capital of Santorini; Fira is also called Thera; It has the most tourists on the island, from young people who want to stay in the country club to couples who enjoy the beautiful view of the caldera and the beautiful restaurants and hotels. Fira is built on a volcanic mountain, so Fira does not have a beach, so you will have to drive 10 kilometers to get to a suitable beach for swimming, such as Red Beach, Perivola Beach or Perissa Beach.

Fira village is quite expensive and if you can save money if you choose to stay in Karterados village which is 3.5 km away from Fira village. Of course, you will have to drive to Fira every night (or take the bus) and you must know that you will have to leave your car in the parking lot at the entrance to Fira and walk (about 500 meters). Fira offers five (5) 5-star hotels and fifteen (15) 4-star hotels. Careful! Not all hotels in Fira offer views of the caldera.

Pros: Amazing views of the caldera and volcano, perfect for a romantic vacation, great hotels and restaurants, the nightlife of the whole island is here, the best shopping in Santorini is in Fira.

And crowded in July and August, to the extent that it is necessary to force people to walk on the roads that have The most difficult. If you have rented a car, there is no parking (or very difficult) in the village. Finally, Fira does not have a beach and you will have to drive 20-25 minutes to get to the nearest beach or take a taxi/bus.

Resort Hotels In Greece: World’s Best 2021

This is a four-star hotel located in Fira, with a beautiful view of the volcano and the sea. In August, the price of a double room is about 520 euros per day. It has a rating of 9.6 on and offers excellent breakfast and service

Volcano View Hotel is a five-star hotel in Fira with stunning caldera views of the Santorini volcano and the Aegean Sea. It costs north of €400 per night for a double room. It has a swimming pool, good service and a wonderful view from the room. Highly recommended if you can afford the price.

Five star hotels in Fira start at €450 per night for a double room. It has a beautiful view of the caldera and the volcano, good service, very good breakfast, swimming pool, free wifi and airport transfer.

Best Place To Stay In Santorini

Away from Fira which is an 8 minute drive without traffic. Imerovigli is also built on top of the caldera and offers a beautiful view. It is less crowded than Fira and usually many couples choose to stay in Imerovigli for their honeymoon. It does not have a beach and it is not for young people who want to have fun. It is romantic, with white houses and beautiful hotels. Imerovigli has many excellent restaurants such as:

Plan Now, Go Later: The 30 Best Places To Stay In Greece

So how far is Imerovigli from Fira and Oia? Imerovigli is a few kilometers from Fira and 6 miles (9 km) from Oia, which takes about 20 minutes by car.

Plus: Imerovigli is a good choice for a Santorini honeymoon or if you are a couple, because it is a suitable romantic spot; It offers excellent restaurants and beautiful views of the caldera

Cons: Limited nightlife, no beaches, one of the 3 most expensive areas of Santorini along with Fira and Oia.

Grace Hotel is a five-star boutique hotel in Imerovigli, with an infinity pool, caldera views from the rooms and excellent service. Some rooms have private pools with sea views. It also has a restaurant with sea view and a cocktail bar. It will cost you north of €600 per night. Grace Hotel is 8 miles from Santorini Airport and 10 km from Santorini Port (Athinios Port). Free airport transfers are also available.

The Best Things To Do In Oia Santorini Greece: Full Travel Guide

Vasilicos is a 4-star hotel in Imerovigli with a beautiful view of the volcano and the caldera. This is a good choice for couples. Prices in August are around 500-600 euros per night. It is rated 9.6 on

A five-star hotel with an infinity pool, excellent service, and well-designed rooms. The price is around 320 euros for a double room in August. It has a rating of 9.7 on

Oia is well known around the world for its beautiful sunset. Oia is a beautiful village with small white houses and famous restaurants. However, staying in Oia is quite expensive. It does not have a great beach for swimming and in the evening you will have to drive along small and crowded streets. Oia has 13 5-star hotels and 7 4-star hotels. Oia is definitely the most luxurious village in Santorini and here you can find hotel rooms that are caves in the caldera for up to 3,000 euros per night.

Best Place To Stay In Santorini

Don’t worry, we will inform you later about the best hotels in Oia. You should stay in Oia if you are on your honeymoon or looking for romance with your partner. It is also a great place if you are a photography lover. Don’t stay in Oia if you are looking to stay and spend a lot of time on the beach.

Where To Stay In Santorini (with Photos & Maps): Everything You Should Know For Your First Trip

Perissa is the cheapest place to stay in Santorini. And it is the worst village in Santorini compared to Oia, Fira and Imerovigli. The good thing about staying in Perissa is that it is cheaper and closer to the beach life. Perissa offers a large black beach (at least 5 km of black sand beach) and many great beach bars where you can relax and enjoy yourself. As we have noted, the village does not have a beautiful view because it is at sea level and is not built on the caldera rocks (unlike Oia, Fira, and Imerovigli), and the village has nothing special to offer in terms of architecture. and beauty.

Don’t live in Perissa if you are

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