Best Place To Live Near Charlotte Nc

Best Place To Live Near Charlotte Nc

Best Place To Live Near Charlotte Nc

Best Place To Live Near Charlotte Nc – Thinking of moving to Charlotte, NC? We got it. When you think of Charlotte, it’s easy to picture her as hip, sassy and…big… Yes, the Queen City is taking the throne, and in 2020 it will be the 15th most populous city in the country – surpassing even famous megacities like San Francisco. It’s also getting big in business – especially banking. Believe it or not, Charlotte is the second largest banking center in the country, after New York (and before San Francisco).

A great job market, diversity, tons of culture, great schools, a great food scene (don’t think we forgot about that delicious North Carolina barbecue) and a relatively affordable cost of living make Charlotte a hot contender among young people . professionals, families, singles and students. Life here is relaxed, fun and full of southern charm.

Best Place To Live Near Charlotte Nc

Best Place To Live Near Charlotte Nc

Wondering where to find a home or rental in the Queen City? We’ve got you covered with an up-close look at Charlotte’s best neighborhoods, everything you want to know, including average price, housing types, atmosphere, schools and things to do.

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Whether you’re moving to Charlotte, NC from nearby or from further afield, we think you’ll love it. In fact, we believe you can save it.

Charlotte’s popularity led to a real estate boom. This also leads to higher housing prices and the overall cost of living. But while it’s getting harder and harder to find great prices on homes, prices for buyers and renters aren’t far off the national average — at least for now.

As of May 2021, Zillow lists the median home value in Charlotte at $302,570, up 16.4 percent from last year. By comparison, the national home value rose 13.2 percent over the same time period, reaching $287,148 in May 2021.

Want to rent instead of buy? According to RENTCafé, rents in Charlotte rose just 5 percent between 2020 and 2021, to an average of just over $1,300 a month in May 2021 — slightly less than the national average of $1,428. The size in Charlotte is about 940 square feet (think one bedroom).

Guide To The Best Neighborhoods In Charlotte

What is the most expensive neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina? With a median monthly rent of nearly $2,000 (as of June 2021) and a typical home value of nearly $1.4 million (as of May 2021), Eastover is the most expensive neighborhood in Charlotte, at least in terms of home- on the spot price.

Charlotte has nearly 200 official neighborhoods designated by the city, one every half mile! That’s good news for those looking to call the Queen City home. From historic Victorian and Tudor homes to contemporary homes and modern high-rise apartments, there’s plenty to choose from. You can also choose a neighborhood and environment, from the bustling Central Business District to more residential areas.

Don’t let the name of this bustling neighborhood confuse you. Uptown Charlotte is located in the heart of the city’s central business district. Uptown is divided at the intersection of Tryon and Commerce streets and divided into four wards, all bordered by Interstates 277 and 77. Don’t want a car? Maybe you don’t need it. Walk Scores Uptown’s First, Second, and Fourth Wards as Charlotte’s Most Popular Walkable Areas.

Best Place To Live Near Charlotte Nc

Uptown is the heartbeat of the city, full of tech startups, creatives, restaurants, bars, the city’s best museums, diverse nightlife and entertainment options, and a true big city atmosphere.

Best Places To Live In North Carolina In 2022

A variety of housing options from single-storey Victorian houses to modern high-rises. Ironically, having Uptown at your fingertips makes this neighborhood the most popular and expensive in Charlotte. As of June 2021, the median rental price is $1,697 per month, hundreds above the city median, and the median listing price for a home in Uptown is $395,000 as of May 2021 (a recent annual increase of 13 percent).

Most of the residents here are young professionals, singles or students from nearby colleges and universities. You know, people looking for a vibrant, walkable city life – and those who don’t mind the noise or high prices that come with it. However, everyone who lives here shares the neighborhood with locals and visitors, as Uptown is also a popular tourist destination.

It’s no coincidence that one of Charlotte’s best neighborhoods is also one of its most beautiful. Myers Park is a well-heeled neighborhood about 10 minutes from downtown, known for its 100-year-old oak-lined streets, luxury homes, and top-notch amenities. It is also home to some of Charlotte’s wealthiest residents and has a high concentration of families.

According to Zillow’s May 2021 numbers, the median home value is approaching $1.24 million (a nearly 14 percent increase from last year). Although house prices are several times higher than the average house in the city, most people here own them. Beautiful historic mansions representing the 1920s Colonial Revival and Tudor Revival architectural styles are common finds. Rent? Less. If you can find a rental, it’s a great way to try before you buy, with an average rental price of $1,418 per month as of June 2021.

Best Restaurants In Charlotte, Right Now

Myers Park isn’t very walkable or well-connected by public transportation, but it’s designed that way. Residents come here for the suburban atmosphere and top-rated public schools, and they stay for the gourmet shops, luxury boutiques, posh country clubs, Booty Loop trail and art galleries. Regardless of whether you call Myers Park home, a stop at Wing Haven Park and the rose gardens at the Bird Sanctuary is a great way to spend the day—and you might as well make a breakfast reservation at Spoon Eatery on Selwyn Avenue. Tour the 98 acre Liberty Park.

Located 15 minutes south of Uptown, Charlotte’s SouthPark neighborhood offers living full of luxuries large and small. The neighborhood is full of luxury homes and apartments, upscale shopping, and fine dining. Families are drawn to the neighborhood’s quiet tree-lined streets and stately homes, though SouthPark’s upscale side also appeals to young professionals looking for a sweeter taste of life.

As of June 2021, SouthPark resort-style apartment rents range from $1,200 for a studio to $2,000 for a multi-bedroom, according to Zillow. As of May 2021, the typical home in SouthPark is worth more than twice the city rate, at $607,946.

Best Place To Live Near Charlotte Nc

Even if you’re not staying in SouthPark, you can probably find your way to this beautiful area of ​​Charlotte. Filled with luxury brand retailers, SouthPark Mall is a huge destination for locals and visitors alike. An event at Symphony Park (or just a stroll), a specialty meal at a SouthPark restaurant — tapas at Bull Gastrobar cocktails and small plates at Dogwood: The Southern Table — or a look at an independent boutique are a must.

The Cost Of Living In Charlotte, Nc: A Complete Guide

From long-distance moving to storage right in your driveway or at your local storage center, we’ve got you covered. We focus on providing the best flexible, customized moving and storage services. Learn more about how to customize your move to Charlotte.

This trendy neighborhood attracts young professionals and singles with affordable rents and proximity to the action in Uptown. Located on the eastern edge of Uptown’s First Ward, Belmont has many beautiful Southern-style bungalows with porches, new high-rises, and single-story Victorian homes. The neighborhood has undergone a bit of a renaissance in recent years, transitioning from Old Charlotte to New Charlotte.

The median rent in this community-oriented neighborhood is $1,247 per month as of June 2021. However, the median home value here has increased by 22.1% in the past year, reaching nearly $375,000 in May 2021. higher than the value of a typical house in the whole city. While the neighborhood received an overall grade of A- from Niche, the schools here are slightly above average with a grade of B (although there are still 13 schools with an A rating).

Whatever you decide to do in Belmont, you can’t stay in Charlotte without trying some local barbecue. Head to Sweet Lew’s BBQ in Belmont to enjoy traditional North Carolina-style flavors. And for dessert, head to Alexander Street Park for a delicious sunset view of the Charlotte skyline or grab a beer at Catawba Brewing Company.

The Best Neighborhoods In Starmount Forest Charlotte, Charlotte, Nc By Home Value

Charlotte, what are the best neighborhoods to live in North Korea? Find the best Charlotte (NC) neighborhoods based on why you want to move to Charlotte. Families may want to consider a neighborhood with less traffic and good schools like Myers Park. Professionals and young students may prioritize convenience and the ability to walk or bike to work or school and choose to live in Uptown Charlotte, right in the heart of the city. Others may seek out more affordable, community-driven neighborhoods like Belmont. It all depends on you and your wishes.

Not to be confused with the Belmont neighborhood within the Charlotte city limits,

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