Best Place To Eat In Lubbock

Best Place To Eat In Lubbock

Best Place To Eat In Lubbock

Best Place To Eat In Lubbock – I haven’t always called Lubbock home.. but now I appreciate the variety and uniqueness of places to eat in Lubbock. Restaurants in Lubbock aren’t limited to the same chains you can find anywhere.

However…anytime someone says, “What’s for dinner?” or, “Do you have any restaurant recommendations!?” my mind goes blank or i can only think of the same three places.. i’m sure i’m not the only one!

Best Place To Eat In Lubbock

Best Place To Eat In Lubbock

If you know me, then you know I love supporting local and small businesses! Because of this, most of the restaurants you’ll see below are locally owned and operated, and your taste buds will thank you!

New Authentic Mexican Restaurant Opening In Lubbock, Aims To Help Feed Others

Do you already know what you want!? You can quickly browse the best restaurants in Lubbock by clicking on a category below!

Disclaimer: Everyone loves different foods and different atmospheres. These are the best local dishes that friends and family eat again and again!

Orlando is at the top of my list! This has been a family favorite for many years. My favorites: Grandma’s Chicken Pizza and Green Chile Chicken Linguine. They offer dining, delivery, takeout and are perfect for your date night!

Stella’s is a longtime local favorite! Their made-from-scratch menu items set them apart from the rest and keep you dreaming of coming back. Want to know more about Stella’s? Stop by 15 of Lubbock’s Best Special Occasion Restaurants to read about their speakeasy!

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In the heart of the city and near the Texas Tech campus, you’ll find the Italian Garden. They are family owned and operated. Their fried ravioli is a must-try for appetizers!

Does anyone else always say pizza as their favorite food?! You’re in luck then! Lubbock has some of my favorite pizzerias of all time.

Capital Pizza is my favorite pizza place in Lubbock. They have two locations – one located at Tech Terrace and the other just south of the Loop. Their crust is so pliable and delicious, you’ll just want to add another slice!

Best Place To Eat In Lubbock

One Guy from Italy Pizza was my absolute favorite place to get a slice of pizza when I was in college. Don’t feel like eating pizza? You can’t go wrong with a calzone! Their fresh ingredients are conveniently located right across from Texas Tech and 50th Street!

In Lubbock For A Week. Near Ttu. Where Should I Eat?

There is no shortage of American food in Lubbock! The best thing about places in this category is the atmosphere and vibe in each individual restaurant.

Caprock Cafe is a great place to eat, have a cold drink and watch a game! Their huge menu offers something for everyone. Be sure to check out their Down n’ Dirty tortellini…the hot garlic habanero sauce leaves everyone wanting more!

If you are new to Lubbock or new to Texas Tech, you need to give this a try. Right across the street from the Texas Tech campus, Spanky’s famous burgers and delicious sandwiches will have you recommending this place to everyone you meet!

For a more signature burger experience, Heff’s is the place to be! You can’t beat them either – French Fries, Onion Rings, French Fries, French Fries AND Twist Fries!

Best New Restaurants: Cafe In Lubbock Makes List

Teddy Jack’s Hub City Grill has a fun atmosphere both indoors and outdoors on their beautiful outdoor patio. With an extensive menu, drink specials, live music on the weekends, and multiple TV screens, you’ll always find something to enjoy at Teddy Jack’s!

Cook’s Garage offers entertainment for the whole family! Located off I-27, dine in a garage surrounded by great cars and vintage signs! If you’re lucky, they might even have live music! Don’t miss this unique location!

Back 40 Grill has a menu that will fill you up with delicious food – from appetizers to desserts. Enjoy a slice of crusty bread, fried chicken topped with jalapeno cream sauce, or enjoy a pizza. The choice is yours!

Best Place To Eat In Lubbock

Blue Sky has two locations in Lubbock and they are always packed with happy customers! The burgers, sandwiches and chicken fried steaks are almost as impressive as their massive menu. I love their friends jalapeno rings! Be sure to end your meal with a shake or a float!

This Iconic Lubbock Restaurant Just Went Viral On Tiktok

New to Lubbock, The Reserve has something on the menu for everyone! Salads, pizza, street tacos, burgers, fish or chicken… you name it and they got it!

When you’re in Texas, you have to eat barbecue! However, not all grills are created equal. These are my top picks for Lubbock BBQ!

WELL DONE. Nope, this barbecue joint made the list of the 50 best barbecue joints in Texas! Evie Mae’s will leave your taste buds in awe when you plan your next trip back to Lubbock! Get there early to avoid selling out of any menu favorites. And don’t skip that dessert!

I know you’re thinking… a BBQ restaurant in a grocery store!? Actually yes! And with a drive! HEB’s True Texas BBQ has a nutty flavor. Don’t miss the cornbread.. it comes with some honey butter!

Lubbock Thanksgiving Menu

Bigham’s Smokehouse has three locations in Lubbock! Their authentic grilled meat is tasty and their core is sweet!

Although The Escondido Grill made it to the BBQ category, their menu doesn’t stop there!! They have delicious salads, soups, seafood, tacos and steaks! The landscape is also unique to Lubbock – trees abound!

Now here comes a disclaimer. There are so many good Mexican restaurants in Lubbock! These are some of our family and friends’ favorites that are always the center of attention!

Best Place To Eat In Lubbock

Picoso’s fries and salsa did not disappoint.. and it seems like every meal ends with someone ordering a crispy Relleno. Picoso’s has plenty of seating and also has a large meeting room. They also have a $5 drink special Monday through Thursday!

Lubbock Restaurants We Could Eat At For Every Meal Until Death

After more than 40 years of existence, Montelongo’s is still serving delicious food. If you’re looking for an authentic plate, you’ve hit the jackpot! You can even dine while listening to the Mariachi Band.

Technically in Wolfforth, but worth more than a few miles! New on the scene is Elotés. It’s a local, Christian-owned restaurant with grilled corn and gourmet tacos! Try!!

Chimy’s is famous for their margaritas, but their menu will keep you coming back for more! Pair your drink of choice with nachos, tacos, cheesy fries, or even a burger on a jalapeno!

Albaran’s is located just outside of Milwaukee. The two-story restaurant also has a two-story courtyard where you can dine. Their menu is large and has a wide selection as well as good drinks. They often have live music and are ready to serve you if you take the time to relax.

Top Five Brunch Spots In Lubbock

Josie’s is always a mile drive, but their burgers are worth it! A local favorite and late-night burrito stop, you can find Josie’s at four different locations around town.

In the mood for some Cajun and a cold drink!? Look no further than Gator’s Bayou. Try their Crawfish Etoufee or dive into the Fried Catfish Basket. Sitting inside or on the field at Gator’s Bayou is the perfect place to watch the game!

Newer to Lubbock, The Catch draws a crowd! Dine inside or on their large patio while enjoying corned beef, gumballs, hushpuppies, Po’Boys, cold drinks, and anything fried!

Best Place To Eat In Lubbock

While Dirk’s is to die for the steak and chicken that you just can’t resist, they also have oysters, gumbo, and Cajun cream corn that put them in the Seafood category in my book! You won’t be disappointed with anything on their menu!

Restaurants Near Holiday Inn Lubbock South

The new Fun Noodle Bar is in Lubbock and everyone is talking about it! While dining, you can watch the noodles being made, making it a unique dining experience.

Hayashi is a Japanese steakhouse that offers both hibachi and sushi. Their sushi has been my favorite in town since college!! Hayashi Midtown is conveniently located near Texas Tech and Hayashi is just south of Loop 289!

Ramen Shack is exactly what it sounds like. They serve delicious ramen that you can’t help but enjoy! You won’t be hungry!!

Cagle Steak and BBQ was the first steakhouse I ate at in Lubbock. As a city girl, it was great to drive past a cattle guard and into the pasture to get to the restaurant! Their food is always delicious and their small town theme is a great place for large groups or a date night.

Vizo’s African Restaurant Announces Lubbock Reopening, New Location

The dining experience along with the delicious steaks make it the perfect place for special occasions. Looking for luxury dining experiences? Visit Perfect Restaurants for Special Occasions in Lubbock, Texas for more recommendations!

If you are looking for a restaurant that will satisfy you from appetizer to dessert – Harrigan’s is it! You can’t skip their fries for starters. Their steaks are cooked to perfection and the dessert makes you plan to come back next time!

Sometimes you feel like cooking at home! And it’s even better when you don’t have to

Best Place To Eat In Lubbock

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