Best Place To Eat In Gulf Shores Orange Beach

Best Place To Eat In Gulf Shores Orange Beach

Best Place To Eat In Gulf Shores Orange Beach

Best Place To Eat In Gulf Shores Orange Beach – Last month I judged the World Food Championships for the second time and then spent a few weeks eating and drinking in Orange Beach. From seafood to burgers and barbecue, here are some of the best Orange Beach restaurants in Alabama to try. After much deliberation (and digestion), I picked my favorites. Here is a list of 14 of the best restaurants in Orange Beach!

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Best Place To Eat In Gulf Shores Orange Beach

Best Place To Eat In Gulf Shores Orange Beach

Located on the bay, Voyager offers the perfect opportunity for fine dining. Contemporary coastal cuisine offers unique flavors and textures while staying true to the region’s roots.

Top 10 Restaurants In Gulf Shores

Featuring primarily sustainably harvested seafood, the menu rotates seasonally. When we dined here, we enjoyed this grilled fish over lentil mashed potatoes and plum tomato brown butter haze:

The other dishes were also absolutely delicious. Check out this entree with Bayou corn foie gras, pink Brussels sprouts and tomato cream sauce.

The restaurant is part of the Perdido Beach Resort and is open daily for dinner. The party runs from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Try to get a table as close to the floor-to-ceiling glass windows as possible. If blue cheese crusted steak is one of the specialties when you visit, order it. Even now, a month later, I’m still talking about that steak!

I fell in love with Big Fish because of the Asian influence on the menu. Our group sampled several dishes, including fried lobster tail with tempura wasabi and sweet chili sauce, crab cakes with lemongrass aioli, scallops with coconut fried rice, and ahi tuna with sesame.

Experience The Flavor Of Gulf Shores

Also known as one of the best restaurants in Orange Beach for great fish sushi. Their sushi menu includes sashimi and nigiri and American classics like California rolls and Philadelphia rolls.

If you want to try something new, order the signature large fish roll. Made with albacore tuna, spinach and fresh ginger. They also serve a lobster roll stuffed with tempura-fried lobster, avocado, and scallions.

The Bay is a container restaurant with outdoor seating. The decrepit structure sits near the Perdido Passage, where boats enter and exit the Gulf of Mexico.

Best Place To Eat In Gulf Shores Orange Beach

The golf menu is posted daily on the boards. The grilled grouper sandwich is one of their best sellers, but I’ve heard locals enjoy their homemade hummus.

The Gulf In Orange Beach Offers The Best Burger On The Beach

They also serve great craft cocktails, so make sure you’re thirsty. Definitely one of the best restaurants in Orange Beach!

Duke’s Seafood has the (self-proclaimed) “best fried shrimp in the civilized world.” While I don’t know if it’s actually the best, it can’t be far. In addition to great food, when you dine here, expect to find incredibly friendly staff in a relaxed/non-freezing environment. This is the place to go for lunch or dinner after a long day at the beach.

We loved the make your own cocktail sauce setting. This allowed us to each customize our personal dipping sauce to our liking. If you haven’t already decided to go, you should know that Doc’s was voted one of the 10 best seafood restaurants in America. You’ll definitely want to plan a stop here during your time in Orange Beach.

Fisher’s has two locations in Orange Beach, so make a reservation to dine “upstairs” at Fisher’s. Their upstairs restaurant may be the most luxurious of Orange Beach restaurants. He was immediately impressed by the reclaimed pine floors and antique cypress tables with white linens.

The Gulf Restaurant At Alabama Point In Orange Beach

He respected his greed without wasting food. As expected at Orange Beach, the menu had some great fish dishes, but some seriously tempting meat dishes, including pancetta, roasted pork cheeks with apple jam, roast lamb and confit with lemon-preserved rice. Duck leg served with dirty rice risotto.

Be sure to ask your server about Fisher wine pairings. They had one of the most thoughtful wine menus I’ve tried of any restaurant in Orange Beach.

The sports center in the Luna neighborhood also offers great craft beer. You’ll have no problem finding your favorite pint here: there are 32 great beers on tap.

Best Place To Eat In Gulf Shores Orange Beach

The menu includes Southern classics like macaroni and cheese, waffles and grits, roast beef and beer-battered burgers. If you go, check out their specials that night – their rotating menu features the best fresh local seafood.

Things To Do In Orange Beach Alabama Locals Love

Kosmo’s tagline “out of the ordinary” describes this place very well. This restaurant not only offers fresh local seafood, but also chicken, burgers and even fries. I stuck with their seafood which was a good decision.

There were many options: crab cakes, crab tails, duck and andouille sausage gumbo, sesame seed-stuffed tuna, pecan-crusted redfish, and even fresh fish wrapped in banana leaves and baked.

If seafood isn’t your thing and Orange Beach can’t change your mind, I’ve tried their steaks, pastas, and impressive roasted red pepper Caesar salad (if you want something lighter).

Cobalt offers stunning views of Perdido Pass from every table. But you’ll have to look away from that aspect to sample the tuna and avocado specials, which include crispy wontons, creamy Cobalt shrimp and prawns, Gulf shrimp and hake, and more.

The Best Oysters In Gulf Shores And Orange Beach Al

Fresh oysters are also popular. You can prepare them in several ways: baked with garlic and parmesan, or uncooked with just a squeeze of lemon.

If none of the above appeals to you, Cobalt also offers wood-fired pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and pepper-crusted filets. If you choose the latter option, order it with a mouthful of smoked gouda and bacon. We were delighted to learn that Orange Beach had breakfast.

This restaurant serves a delicious Sunday lunch every week from 11-2. It is among the best restaurants in Orange Beach.

Best Place To Eat In Gulf Shores Orange Beach

Orange Beach by GT offers the best restaurants on the beach. Known for its bone-in ribs, it features pork marinated in sweet tea, then topped with Konekuh sausage, onions and apples, and topped with a sweet bourbon glaze. I would like to order it the next time I visit.

The Best Things To Do In Gulf Shores, Alabama

Even if you have other dinner plans, don’t forget to stop by GT for professional pampering. They have great appetizers to pair with a drink: ginger calamari, crab claws, and even fried pickles.

Anchor Bar’s claim to fame is its bar food. They serve up powerful and downright scary versions of just about anything that goes well.

The chef of this place is known for his crazy creations. Menu favorites include chorizo ​​steak​​​​, cured tuna poke, Gulf shrimp tacos and a chicken sandwich with pepper jelly.

Don’t forget to start your dinner with one of their creative cocktails – the cocktail menu offers new classics including the Apple Mule, the Anchor Bloody Mary with pork and pickled green beans, the Mezcal Margarita and even their own version. Bushwacker is the local drink of Orange Beach. These include vanilla vodka and can be ordered with a vanilla bean infused topper. No list of Orange Beach restaurants would be complete without this one.

Vegan Restaurants In Gulf Shores And Orange Beach

Playa is a partner restaurant with Fisher’s, one of the restaurants mentioned above. In addition to offering Fisher’s patrons a fine dining experience with white linens, Playa offers a Caribbean and Latin American inspired menu with ambition and first class service.

Options include roasted pepper aioli, tuna poke, bay scallops with roasted corn and jalapeno, crab and cheese crusted crabmeat, and coconut grouper.

If you’re looking for something so tasty you’ll remember it months from now, I recommend Pleia’s homemade tacos. You can fill them with your choice of greens, grilled shrimp, fried mahi and roasted pork. These were seriously delicious.

Best Place To Eat In Gulf Shores Orange Beach

It’s also a great place to dine if you or someone in your party has dietary restrictions. Playa offers a dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and gluten-free menu for diners with food allergies or sensitivities.

Things To Know Before Your Gulf Shores And Orange Beach Vacation

Villaggio is one of the best restaurants in Orange Beach for Italian fusion cuisine. They are located in the heart of the shopping, dining and entertainment complex. While they lack a gulf view, they make up for it with delicious food and excellent service.

Their menu offers some great twists on Alabama Italian food. Try chicken scallops, lasagna or chicken parmesan.

Tender pastry baked with Marsala cream with tomatoes and caramelized onions, roasted green tomatoes and Parmesan cheese.

If none of that appeals to you, they also serve wood-fired pizza, sandwiches and Louisiana oysters. One last tip, make sure you ask for a seat on the terrace.

Most Loved Orange Beach & Gulf Shores Restaurants (+ Our Picks)

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