Best Place In Mexico For Family Vacation

Best Place In Mexico For Family Vacation

Best Place In Mexico For Family Vacation

Best Place In Mexico For Family Vacation – If you’re reconnecting with family on the sunny shores of Cancun and the Riviera Maya this year, take the kids to historic sites and exciting eco-adventures for a vacation they’ll never forget.

Friendly people, famous historical sites, acres of dense jungle, a vibrant culture filled with crystal clear seas teeming with life and powder white beaches, not to mention Mexico has all the right ingredients for an epic family vacation. When it comes to making great memories, Olympus Tours are experts in the best family-friendly destinations in Mexico. We asked them about the activities and places that should make your family vacation in Cancun and the Riviera Maya truly memorable.

Best Place In Mexico For Family Vacation

Best Place In Mexico For Family Vacation

Amusement parks are always a favorite pastime, but Xcaret offers a natural thrill. This eco-archaeological park has more than 50 exhibits that showcase the Mayan culture and the natural wonders of Mexico. Grab your snorkel gear and dive into the underground river and swim with exotic animals like manatees. Take a walk through the jungle to visit the adorable jaguars in the park. Or head to a Mayan village to see how this amazing civilization thrived. Xcaret contains all the wonders of Mexico in one exciting park.

Mexico Family Vacation

Trust us when we say this is a history lesson that kids will really be awake to. In fact, El Castillo, the great ancient Mayan pyramid at Chichen Itza, will make them look wide-eyed. Your inner archaeologist and adventurer will be awakened as you explore the city’s other impressive monuments, including the Temple of the Warriors, the largest in Mayan history, the Wall of Skulls and the Great Dome.

It’s time for you to jump into the turquoise waves, and there’s no better place than the Cancun Underwater Museum. Not only will you be sharing the water with a variety of colorful tropical fish, but you’ll also be art museum buddies like you’ve never seen before. Swim among more than 450 beautiful statues located on the seabed. Over the years, these sculptures gradually turned into natural works of art as marine life gradually created new coral reefs on the rocky facade.

The Yucatan Peninsula was home to many Mayan cities and villages, and evidence of their great civilization can be found throughout the region. Head to the coastal archaeological site of Tulum in the southern part of the Riviera Maya. There is nothing quite as breathtaking as the sight of the Wind God Temple and the sprawling Castillo in the Caribbean Sea. Tulum is one of the best-preserved Mayan sites in the world, and both you and the kids will love exploring this unique attraction.

You may have seen a dense jungle from your flight or transition to a resort. But you only see it properly when you step into the large green area yourself. If you and your family are looking for adventure, book a Mayan Jungle Tour with Liberty Travel Consultants. You start with an exciting 4X4 ride through the forest before reaching the Sac-Actun cenote system, the world’s longest underground river. You will visit No-Hoch Cave to swim around the amazing stalagmites and rock formations. You then lower the sacred stone to participate in a traditional Mayan cleansing ceremony. This trip is sure to create memories that your family can share for years to come.

Best All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Families

Cancun and the Riviera Maya are a playground for travelers of all ages, and it’s always a good idea to treat your family to an extraordinary vacation they’ll never forget. Contact your Liberty Travel consultant today to plan an unforgettable trip to Mexico filled with numerous exciting activities from Olympus Tours.

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Best Place In Mexico For Family Vacation

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The store you are looking for is no longer open. Please find another location near you. Thank you for your patience! It can be hard to narrow down the perfect family vacation in Mexico, but with beaches, ruins, cenotes and more, Tulum just might be Mexico!

Mexico is beautiful. The country is full of fascinating history, including the ruins of Chichen Itza, beautiful landscapes, amazing caves and cenotes. Mexico is known as one of the best countries for family travel. It has become incredibly popular with visitors from Canada and the United States. It is a vast collection of luxury resorts, hotels and hostels that make the country a great destination for travelers of all budgets. All these activities and rentals in Mexico make it an interesting destination for family vacations. But of all the cities in Mexico, Tulum is the one that captured our imagination the most. Here’s why.

Our Family Vacation To Mexico — Karina Mora

Mexico is home to many ancient ruins, including the Maya Chichen Itza and the mysterious Teotihuacan. The ruins of Tulum are considered one of the most beautiful places. You can read the entire list here. Not just in Mexico, but in all the Mayan ruins in Central and South America! The Tulum Ruins are Tulum’s most popular attraction, with a postcard-perfect setting on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea and Mexico’s Tulum Beach. When looking for things to do in Tulum with kids, the first stop is almost always the Tulum Ruins.

The Mayan ruins of Tulum were built in the late 13th century. And what a place to choose for them. This limestone city is the only Mayan city built on the coast. It was probably chosen because it sits on a protective rock. Tulum is also characterized by a wall that surrounds the city. In fact, entering the city through one of the small arches is an unforgettable experience in itself.

There are a few ideas as to why the ruins of Tulum are walled. Some say that only the priests and nobility lived within the walls, while the peasants lived outside. Another suggests that the walls were intended to protect the city from invaders.

Best Place In Mexico For Family Vacation

The ruins of Tulum are randomly placed buildings scattered across the rocky floor. Several of the buildings have fantastic carvings. A really interesting feature is in the middle of the residential area. There is a depiction of the deity riding a four-legged animal believed to be a horse. If this is indeed the case, Tulum was still occupied when the conquistadors arrived in 1518.

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But the ruins of El Castillo stand out among all the ruins. It stands proudly on top of a cliff. Overlooking the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and the ruins of Tulum.

No vacation in Tulum is complete without a visit to the amazing Tulum Beach. The spectacular view of the clifftop ruins is a sight that is hard to forget. We see them with golden sand between their toes and in the shade of palm trees, it was just perfect.

Just north of El Castillo is a path and stairs that lead down the cliffs to the Caribbean beach.

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