Best Place For Sunset Wellington

Best Place For Sunset Wellington

Best Place For Sunset Wellington

Best Place For Sunset Wellington – Sunrise or sunset There are some quirky places in Wellington that are too good to pass up. Whether you’re looking for great photos for a Golden Hour match on a date or just seeing the scenery, there’s something golden on the horizon for everyone.

Our friends at the Wellington Cable Car have a great spot to catch the sun as it rises over Wellington Harbour! Grab an early morning coffee from The Beanery – Mojo down Lambton before a leisurely drive to the top to watch the sun set across the sky.

Best Place For Sunset Wellington

Best Place For Sunset Wellington

This delicious purple photo here is probably already familiar as it’s a shortlisted winner for Golden Hour 2020. We may be biased (Oriental Bay is our home turf), but it’s definitely a place to sit and enjoy a lazy morning.

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As a resident of the Hutt Valley, let me take you into a familiar mystery. This beautiful river and wind has many wonderful places to watch the sunset over the valley. Although it may be a little cold in the morning, it can add some special effects to your shoot with mountain fog or water vapor.

This amazing photo was chosen for the 2020 Golden Hour and it’s clear why. I really like the atmosphere here and there is nothing better than an evening on the beach surrounded by friends.

And yes, there is a little sun + sea here, but what could be better than putting your feet in the sand and watching that huge ball melt into the ocean?

Yes, we’ve all heard of Victoria Hill Lookout, but have you ever traveled across the bay to Wainuiota Hill Lookout? Trust us, such colors and shades are worth the trip! 💙💛❤

Sunset Mt Wellington Tour

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective that’s still iconic to Wellington, this is the place for you.

Madi is the driving force behind the creation of a successful social strategy. But her skills certainly don’t stop at Facebook. A multi-character by definition, Maddy is also our live-in barista, valet, party planner, and even a famous Disney star. She loves the unique learning opportunities she has had and is great at helping others increase their knowledge of digital marketing. Where would the team be without Maddie? He’s probably hungry and can’t use the coffee machine. We live in a world where people would do anything to take a photo. And it just so happens that Wellington offers some incredibly valuable places to stop to supplement your diet. From beautiful beaches to epic lighthouses to colorful sheds… you’re sure to capture the most amazing pictures ever. Here are the eight most Instagrammable places in Wellington.

Time magazine named this incredible wilderness one of the 100 best places in the world. This protected wildlife sanctuary is teeming with wildlife, providing the perfect spot for an unforgettable photo. In particular, the yellow and red bridges are a place that can attract your followers.

Best Place For Sunset Wellington

This magnificent lighthouse was built in 1897 and was reached by 258 steps up the cliff. The tower with white and red stripes is an attractive place for an unforgettable time. You can also choose your perfect picture on the steep stairs leading up to the tower. Be sure to spend a good day for the best possible content.

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This place has amazing places to instagram. From beautiful beaches to harbors to views… you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to Instagramming. People especially love the colorful boats which are a must visit for the gram.

This famous beach is like a tropical paradise in summer. With stunning blue water, it’s no surprise that people flock here. There are many photo opportunities such as grassy beaches, lush beaches and rock pools to name a few. The choice is entirely yours! Be sure to wear cute clothes to complete your image.

Take a hike out of town through the historic pine forest to take advantage of unforgettable views of Mount Victoria. The sunset offers the most amazing photo opportunities with incredible city and sky backdrops. It is undoubtedly a great place to take great selfies!

Distinguished guests will appreciate the food photography opportunities. Also, you can eat some of the most amazing food in Wellington. Leeds Street Bakeries, for example, offers delicious cakes such as ice cream, giant cookies, pastries and more. Of course, they deserve a place on the foodie list.

Best Walks In Wellington, New Zealand

Few people like to take advantage of this. But Secret thinks it’s a great place for some gram-approved photos. Walk as close to the sign as you can, stand on the street and Halah, here’s some killer Instagram photos for you. You have to completely plan your outfit for this.

Get a great view of this location, which is like a scene from a movie. As the tallest lighthouse in the North Island, it provides a magical place to film some worthwhile scenes. We recommend taking a photo on the staircase with the lighthouse and the sea in the background for a special time.

Enjoy Secret Wellington? Why not check out the most unusual and bizarre North Island escapes. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date. Not just a big city, New Zealand, Wellington has many green spaces nearby with great views of the city center and beyond. We’ve selected our top 5 views of Wellington that will stand out in any Instagram gallery.

Best Place For Sunset Wellington

One of the most spectacular places to reach, it offers a spectacular view of the city center and the Rimutaka range. You can walk to see through the botanical garden. Or take the scenic route and board the cable car that runs from Lambton Quay.

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A popular viewing spot in Wellington and a popular walk with locals. You can walk through the city belt or you can open up all the way to the observation deck. On clear days you can enjoy views of the Hutt Valley and Mount Matthews, the highest point in the east. Take a picnic and enjoy the view at your leisure.

On the other side of town, this view compares with Mount Victoria for the best view of Wellington. Fans say it’s quieter and there are more birds here.

A few miles outside the city center, this walk is possible for the most fit. You can also drive. Enjoy views of the city and across the Cook Strait.

This view is part of the Skyline promenade and is the highest point around the city. The view of the city is more distant, but on a clear day you can see over Mount Kaikoura in the South Island.

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We are now at 120+ goals and counting. If you are interested in becoming a local tourism partner and would like to find out more, click for more information on our Business Opportunities website. Not only does Wellington have some of the best shopping locations, the coolest streets and views of clubs and street culture. That you can really dive in, but seeing the Wellington sunset really can’t be beat. From North Wellington to Wellington CBD you can catch beautiful orange sunsets from anywhere in Wellington, you just have to know where to go and that’s where this list comes in!

While spending 4 months in Wellington, I managed to identify some of the best places to watch the sunset in Wellington. And honestly, the Wellington area has given me some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. Luckily, unlike Auckland, I don’t have to travel far to see a glorious glow of orange or pink in the sky.

You’ll need a car to get to most of these locations unless you’re willing to spend most of the day hopping between public transportation to watch the sunset on the west coast. And don’t forget any armor or outerwear, Wellington is known for strong winds for very good reason!

Best Place For Sunset Wellington

Whether you want to watch the sunset over the waves of the jungle or the golden hour leaping over the city’s skyscrapers, check out the following list of some of the best places to watch the sunset in Wellington!

Where To Go In Wellington For Panoramic Views

Pukerua Bay was the first place I experienced a Wellington sunset at its best. This rocky beach is where you will see a beautiful view of the waves crashing against the rocks sitting on top. The sea surface. Pukerua Bay runs along the western side of State Highway 1 between Pukerua Bay and Paekakariki, north of Wellington.

If you miss the closing for the city, you can

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