Best Place For Sunset Bali

Best Place For Sunset Bali – The sunset in Bali adds to the beauty and charm of this place © Nataliya Hora / Alamy Stock Photo

Bali, Indonesia is already beautiful to look at, but its sunsets add a hypnotic magnet to the scene, putting on free special shows every day. From the beach near Ngurah Rai International Airport to the temple of the sea, discover the best places to watch the sunset during your trip to the island.

Best Place For Sunset Bali

Best Place For Sunset Bali

This beachfront temple is beautiful from every imaginable angle. It provides an overview of the religious culture and philosophy of the Balinese. As a natural attraction, it has a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean from a huge cliff. But things get even better at sunset, when the great sea reflects the beautiful rays of the setting sun, the clear sky changes hues within minutes, and traditional dancers perform inspiring cultural performances in the temple grounds.

Best Sunset Spots In Uluwatu

It’s impossible to decide if the view is better from the mountain side or the coast below. Tegal Wangi beach is a beautiful place to see the sea, and it is most attractive during the sunset hours, whether you are enjoying the high cliffs or when you are on the fresh, white sand.

One of the most visited attractions in Bali, this sea temple has a unique combination of beautiful sea views, beautiful architecture, beautiful traditions and mysteries and natural beauty. One thing that can further highlight the beauty of the temple is the golden crack of the glorious sun entering the sea, completely covering the temple before transforming it into a beautiful silhouette.

The Seminyak area is the epitome of modern Bali, with beautiful resorts, upscale restaurants and, above all, beautiful beach bars and cafes with stylish umbrellas and ottomans. in the sand. The beautiful sunset on Seminyak Beach is best seen from the big beach with a cold beer in hand, while the lively and youthful atmosphere is reminiscent of childhood nights and fun activities.

This beach is known for its beautiful scenery and Ngurah Rai International Airport. During the sunset hours, you can watch the planes come and go under the beautiful golden sun, counting the seconds until they somehow line up to get the perfect shot. The beach also has an amazing view with beautiful fishing boats.

The 6 Most Beautiful Places For Sunsets In Bali

Jimbaran is best known as a popular place to eat fish on the beach, but the beautiful bay also offers wonderful views at sunset. Tourists can expect the expected few minutes of explosions of blood and gold while eating roasted corn or other traditional food before enjoying the Grilled Seafood dinner with both feet in the sand to close.

Many tourists flock to this beautiful black volcanic sand beach for an exciting deep-sea adventure where coral reefs and rare wildlife thrive. But those who stay until sunset will have an equally magical experience, as the sun shines its most intense colors through the clouds and over the sea, transforming mountains and fishing boats into beautiful silhouettes.

Popular with surfers, this beach has much more to offer than just a swim break. The vast ocean offers a dreamlike view of the beach that gets even better when the sun goes down. It is also at this time that the Canggu youth groups begin to circulate through the beautiful hotels that are located by the sea, lighting up the most spectacular event of the day. Interested in visiting? You can do this with a personalized tour as part of our small, well-organized Bali tour, led by our local expert.

Best Place For Sunset Bali

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Restaurants With The Best View In Bali

We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalized content and advertising. To allow us to offer you a personalized experience, click “OK” From white sand beaches and rugged mountains to ancient water temples and elegant beach clubs, Bali has some of the best sunsets. However, with so many beautiful places to choose from, it can be difficult to find a spot to watch the sunset in Bali.

To help you out, I asked a group of sunset hunters to share their best tips for the best sunset spots in Bali. That’s what they said.

Tanah Lot is just one of the magical places where you can see the beautiful sunsets in Bali.

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Most Beautiful Places To Watch Sunsets In Bali In 2021

The list of the best sunset spots in Bali cannot start with anything other than the beautiful Pura Luhur Uluwatu. This famous Indonesian temple is one of the six largest temples in Bali and one of the most beautiful on the island.

Century, Uluwatu is not the oldest temple in Bali. However, what makes it different from others is its unique location. Perched on top of a 70m high hill, Uluwatu Temple offers breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and the waves below.

Sunset, in particular, is a magical time to visit, and watching the sun melt in the sky will leave you breathless. Be sure to head to the mountain side, where you will find many different places, each unique and beautiful. After the tour, don’t forget to check out the exciting Kecak show. It’s one of the best things to do in Bali! The show starts at 6pm, so make sure you arrive at least an hour or two before that. That way, you can explore all parts of this amazing sea temple before sunset.

Best Place For Sunset Bali

Just a warning, a bunch of cheeky monkeys live here, they have a bad reputation. Keep your valuables close by because they aren’t afraid to take things away from you!

Seven Perfect Bars For Sunset Watching In Bali

Where to stay: Perched atop one of Uluwatu’s best beach clubs, Ungasan Clifftop Resort offers stunning ocean views, well-appointed rooms and excellent hospitality.

For a beautiful Balinese sunset at Double Six Beach, there’s no better place than La Plancha, even if you’ve tried!

La Plancha is a beachfront Spanish bar and one of the best places to stay in Seminyak. Best known for laid-back bohemian vibes and donning traditional Balinese beanbags and umbrellas on the sand, La Plancha is where you can eat your cake and eat it too! Here you can sit with your toes in the sand, watch the gentle waves and catch one of the most popular sunsets in all of Bali! To the best? You can do it all with your favorite drink in hand!

La Plancha is a very secluded spot, perfect for watching the sky change as the sun sets. With that, it is very popular! And of course it starts to fill up a couple of hours before the sky

Seminyak Sundowners: 6 Best Sunset Cocktail Bars On Bali’s Hottest Beach

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