Best Place For Sunset Acadia

Best Place For Sunset Acadia

Best Place For Sunset Acadia

Best Place For Sunset Acadia – Visitors to Acadia National Park who seek the sunset on Cadillac Mountain from social media and the Internet know that the Blue Hill Overlook is the best place to watch it. But late last year, workers removed the retrograde sign and replaced it with a sign that read “West Lot.”

Crowds begin to gather for the best spot to watch the sunset on Cadillac Hill, whether it’s called the West Lot, Blue Hill Overlook or Sunset Point.

Best Place For Sunset Acadia

Best Place For Sunset Acadia

And before the point was designated for the western view of Blue Hill in the late 1980s, visitors knew to enter what was called Sunset Point, as the park map showed. But the crowds were so bad, “To reduce evening crowds, the National Park Service changed the name in 1988 from Sunset Point to Blue Hill Overlook,” according to a new and definitive book,

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Whether it’s called the West Lot, Blue Hill Overlook or Sunset Point, the view of the sunset over Cadillac from this point is nothing short of sweet. And the travelers will find it eventually.

The renaming of Blue Hill Overlook to the West Lot is just the latest chapter in a long history of place name changes in Acadia and the surrounding area. Even the park itself went through several name changes, from Sieur de Monts National Monument in 1916, to Lafayette National Park in 1919 and finally to Acadia National Park in 1929.

Whatever you call it, this is the sweetest place to watch the sunset in Cadillac, even if it gets crowded during peak season with tourists setting up lawn chairs, picnic blankets and cameras on tripods.

As drivers near the top of Cadillac Mountain, signs indicate “West Lot,” the new name for Blue Hill Overlook, and “East Lot,” the new name for the main park at the summit. .

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The name from Sunset Point to Blue Hill Overlook does not reduce traffic problems at Cadillac Sunset, according to the NPS. The congestion in Cadillac during the busy period was only relieved by the creation of a paid vehicle reservation system for the Summit, which is now in its second year of operation between the end of May and the end of October after a trial in 2020.

The change to the West Lot has been made to give it a more general name that also reflects a lot of use for the vehicle reservation system with the East and West lots, according to Acadia National Park officials.

An old sign for the former Blue Hill Overlook, now designated “West Lot,” at least temporarily, by the National Park Service. (Photo: NPS)

Best Place For Sunset Acadia

But Raup, a retired geography professor whose namesake book was published late last year, said he would support keeping the name Blue Hill Overlook and, before that, might replace it with Sunset Point as well.

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“They want to turn it into a parking lot rather than a parking lot, it seems,” he said.

The NPS officially confirmed the name change to the West Lot, calling it “the former Blue Hill Overlook” in the 2022 Superintendent’s Summary Document, a summary of the park’s specific regulations.

The West Lot, a viewing area and lot built in 1966, may not be the ultimate place to watch the sunset in Cadillac. Sean Bonnage, assistant public affairs officer at Acadia National Park, told us, “We’re still looking for a lot of text.”

In early June, just before sunset, cars parked in the newly named West Lot on Cadillac Hill.

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Preliminary planning and scope of the preliminary project, funded by the Friends of Acadia, also began this year for an accessible road to Cadillac to connect the main parking lot 120 in the summit, now called East Lot, with 38- more less. West Lot space, located approximately 0.2 miles short of the meeting. According to Bonnage, the route will provide a clearer and safer connection for tourists including those who want to watch the sunset in Cadillac, or those who come for the sunrise, which is so popular that bookings often sell out in seconds.

In case the drivers have circled and can’t find the large Cadillac lot, now known as the East Lot, a new sign is only noticeable to those driving back down the points mountain to the smaller West Lot, formerly known as Blue. Hill Overview.

Raup said it is unusual for Acadia National Park today to approve new site names for park purposes, although the NPS recently dropped the Blue Hill Overlook name in favor of the West Lot. Blue Hill Overlook is marked by road signs and is often mentioned in park reports, including those on the historic trail network and transportation system. But it is not in the US Geological Survey’s official database of geographic names, which serves to standardize the use of geographic names across the federal government.

Best Place For Sunset Acadia

“Place Names of Mount Desert Island and Cranberry Islands, Maine,” by Henry A. Raup, can be purchased from the Mount Desert Island Historical Society.

Cadillac Mountain Sunset

Since the death of George B. Dorr, the “Father of Acadia,” in 1944, the National Park Service has proposed one major change: Dorr Mountain, replacing Flying Squadron Mountain, which Dorr petitioned in 1918 to replace Dry Mountain, to recognize America. pilots during the First World War period.

Some of the name changes over the years were controversial, especially in the early 20th century. Dorr, the first superintendent of the park, caused a stir among local residents in 1918 and 1919 when he successfully petitioned for the Commission on Geographical Names the names of many mountains including Green Mountain to Cadillac, and Little Brown to Parkman in honor of Dorr’s friends and. Boston’s neighbor, historian Francis Parkman, according to Raup’s research.

Many local residents are comfortable with the mountain’s old name and oppose the changes pushed by Dorr, who was born into Brahmin wealth and used his family’s money to help build the park. The locals like some of the old mountain names like Acadia, formerly Robinson and Brown, now Norumbega; Or traditional names like Picket were changed to Huguenot Head, and Dogs, updated to Saint Sauveur.

Eight of the new mountain names are derived from French or early English explorations and claims, which Raup wrote, as Western to Bernard, for Sir Francis Bernard, the British governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony who acquired ownership of Mount Desert Island and which he employed heavily. hand collecting taxes such as the Stamp Act; Newport to Champlain, for Samuel de Champlain, who labeled Mount Desert Island when the Wabanaki knew it was “Pemetic,” meaning mountain range; And the east meets west peak with Mansell after Sir Robert Mansell, a 17th century vice admiral in the English navy who was known for a bloody sword fight in 1600 in which he cut off his opponent’s arm and seriously injured himself. .

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Dorr’s decision to rename Acadia’s highest mountain Cadillac in memory of French explorer and colonist Antoine Laumet, Sieur de La Mothe Cadillac, is drawing criticism more than a century later.

The United States Geological Survey’s Commission on Geographic Names includes this index card in its database, which shows approval of George B. Dorr’s 1918 request to rename Green Mountain as Cadillac. (Image from USGS)

, he found 254 place names in national parks commemorating colonial settlements including Cadillac Mountain in Acadia. The research study reported that Cadillac, a fur trader, provided Native Americans with large quantities of alcohol, which worried the Jesuits.

Best Place For Sunset Acadia

The study, completed by an assistant professor at Oregon State University and researchers at the Society for Biological Conservation in Washington, looked at 16 of the 62 national parks in the United States, including dozens in the western United States. The study warned: “Every national park examined has place names that support racism or, in particular, anti-Native ideologies,” perpetuating settler colonialism and white supremacy for generations to come.

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Raup also questioned the designation of Cadillac Mountain for historical reasons, although he did not recommend changing it.

Henry Raup’s careful tracking of names for Cadillac over the years, as documented in this database he created. (Photo by Henry Raup)

According to Raup, the king of France in 1689 confirmed the land of Desert Island to Cadillac and Cadillac declared himself “Lord of the Bay of France and the Mountain of the Desert” [English translation]. Known to be based in Detroit now, Cadillac may only be in MDI for about a year or two. “Given Cadillac’s relatively small role in the history of Mount Desert, and the dubious claims to its title, it is strange that its name should be on the island’s most important mountain,” Raup wrote.

Dorr, who has traveled extensively in Europe and holds degrees from Harvard and Oxford universities, is passionate about the French language and interested in integrating history with new mountain names, Raup said. “If he can get the French connection, he’s willing to do that,” he said.

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The study found that four sites were remembering or naming black people

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