Best Orchid Restaurant Kolkata

Best Orchid Restaurant Kolkata – Located across from Black Brick Cafe and next to Momo Plaza, Orchid is a small restaurant that serves authentic Tibetan and Chinese food without burning your wallet. The entrance is really small, but there is a big warehouse with the name of the restaurant, so you won’t miss it when you walk down this street.

The interior design is well done with the white walls and the large outdoor seating arrangement of the restaurant. The interior is tough though. The staff is polite but service is slow.

Best Orchid Restaurant Kolkata

Best Orchid Restaurant Kolkata

We tried Crispy Chilli Babycorn, Chinese Chopsuey, Veg Schezwan Fried Rice and Devil Chicken. Most of the food was delicious but we didn’t like the baby corn. Also Chinese Chopsuey is available in non-veg and if you ask the manager to give it to you in veg he will happily oblige.

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The restaurant is currently only open on the ground floor, but will also open a small section on the first floor in a few months.

This place is perfect for all college goers and all those looking for a budget friendly place to eat when the shopping season is tiring. A meal for two will cost you more than 350-400 INR!

The service is quick and some foods are low in fat. The seating arrangement is also solid.

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