Best Neighborhoods In Washington Dc For Families

Best Neighborhoods In Washington Dc For Families

Best Neighborhoods In Washington Dc For Families

Best Neighborhoods In Washington Dc For Families – If you’re planning to move to Washington and already have a family, or plan to have a family in the future, you should choose your neighborhood carefully. This city shows a lot of diversity in its neighborhood. You don’t want to unknowingly cross the “bachelorette line” for weekend parties. Of course, you can’t know exactly what a house looks like just by looking at it during the day. Ideally, you will be able to drive several times before hiring drivers. Additionally, you want to find parks and nearby attractions that are kid-friendly. If that is not possible, you will have to rely on the internet to make the decision. Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Washington to start families.

There are many families in this neighborhood, and they call it the “town of strollers.” There is even a group for mothers called MOTH or Moms of the Hill. Unfortunately, there are no trending groups yet. Don’t expect the apartments to be cheap as many MPs and politicians live in the area. Many people think Capitol Hill is homeless because it is home to the Capitol, Marine Barracks, Library of Congress, and the Supreme Court Building. You might be surprised to learn that over 35,000 people live within a 2 square mile radius. Houses from different eras stand side by side, and a lively shopping street stretches out. The median home price here is $564,000.

Best Neighborhoods In Washington Dc For Families

Best Neighborhoods In Washington Dc For Families

This charming neighborhood borders Washington and Maryland. Areas include the Village, Friendship Heights, Rollingwood, Somerset, New Hamlet and several others. Residents are educated and tend to be involved in art and politics. sometimes both. Chevy Chase has a community that truly contributes to the local community, which is evident in the well-maintained landscaping throughout. In fact, tourists from all over the world come to Chevy Chase to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Many residents work from home. Crime rates are very low and the schools are exceptional.

Best Neighborhoods In Washington, D.c.

There is a real sense of community here. There are frequent block parties to attend and lots of kids playing everywhere. The area is effectively a cul-de-sac, so traffic is minimal, which also helps keep the crime rate low. We have a great farmers market here at Hardy High School. Speaking of schools, here are the best schools in the country. Many local settlers often refer to Glover Park as a “leave it to the beavers” community, and the name fits the area well.

This beautiful neighborhood stretches along the Potomac River. It starts right in front of Georgetown University and ends at the border of the District of Columbia, Maryland. This is a close-knit area, and unlike other areas, it actually has some small houses and apartments. However, don’t think that this means the area is cheap to use. The median home price is around $720,000. The Palisades also has a farmers market every Saturday, plus some of the best dining options in DC. Locals love the port on Foxhall Road.

If you’re looking for an ultra-luxury neighborhood, your driver will direct you to Dupont Circle. Here you will find unique parks, chic restaurants and extensive art galleries. You can reduce your carbon footprint by using public transport, as the metro is also nearby. It’s a modern place, but whether you’re looking for an old home full of character or a new living space, you’ll find comfortable affordable housing. Ranked as one of the best cities to live in for millennials, Washington, D.C., the capital of a thriving country, can be the perfect choice for young professionals. When moving to Washington DC, you may wonder which neighborhood is best for you. This article details the best places to live in Washington, D.C. Home to fans and politicians, the area is chic and luxurious. Although more expensive, each neighborhood has its own ambiance and appeals to all lifestyles.

If you want Washington DC to be your next home, be sure to read this guide to the best neighborhoods. Our team compiled this list with low crime rates, access to local amenities, and proximity to quality public schools in mind. Surrounded by job opportunities, we have the perfect neighborhood for you.

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This historic area is located on the northwest edge of the city. Founding Father and President George Washington often visited the Georgetown neighborhood. This lovely neighborhood has narrow cobbled streets lined with large shade trees. The houses here date back to the 18th and 19th centuries, making you feel like you are living in the early days of the nation. Next to the Potomac River, Georgetown is surrounded by green spaces and parks perfect for families and those who like to spend the day outside.

Known as the oldest neighborhood in the city, Georgetown is full of historical landmarks and attractions. Home to Georgetown University, students walk the streets. Many of the capital’s most influential people live in Georgetown, making the neighborhood one of the safest and most exclusive locations in Washington. Check out the many fine dining restaurants and trendy boutiques in the area. If you want to immerse yourself in American history, Georgetown is the place to go.

Caddy’s Alley: This outdoor mall is packed with luxury retailers and designers. This luxurious setting is the perfect place to shop while remaining trendy and comfortable.

Best Neighborhoods In Washington Dc For Families

Georgetown Cupcakes: Gourmet cupcakes made daily with the finest ingredients and available in classic flavors like red velvet and chocolate ganache.

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1789 Restaurant & Bar: This renovated Federal home serves American cuisine while honoring the city’s history. One of the oldest restaurants in Washington, named after the year the city was founded.

This small neighborhood is known for its abundance of Asian restaurants and Asian cultural celebrations. Today, Chinatown is a growing area focused on tourism and business. As you walk the streets, you’ll find your fair share of touristy shops and restaurants. With the recent boom in high-tech businesses in the region, don’t be surprised to see the headquarters of several computer technology companies. The region’s economy and housing market are believed to be in transition, so you can expect great housing deals and prices.

Once home to thousands of Chinese immigrants, this neighborhood is a great destination for singles and young couples. Businesses here are required by law to display their names in both English and Chinese, adding to the neighborhood’s culture and cosmopolitan feel. This prime location in the city offers easy access to the metro and close proximity to local amenities and entertainment.

Taikaya: Get the best Japanese food in town at Taikaya. They have noodle soup and a popular happy hour.

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Capitol Hill is one of the largest and oldest neighborhoods in the city. Washington government and politics will be featured prominently in this notorious area. Residents of this neighborhood have a perfect view of the Capitol, which houses the United States Capitol, the Senate, and the House of Representatives of the Supreme Court. With a population of approximately 35,000, it is the most densely populated area in the region.

Comprised of apartments, federal townhouses and 19th-century mansions, the architecture of Capitol Hill is breathtaking. House prices on the hill are not as affordable as they used to be, as prominent government officials live in this residential area. For families with school-aged children, there are several public schools nearby, including Brent Elementary School, Stuart Hobson Middle School, and Eastern High School. As you walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, you’ll find popular shops, restaurants, bars, and famous landmarks like the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Truly one of the best places to live in Washington DC!

This quiet suburb is located in the northwestern part of the city. This neighborhood, often called Van Ness, is near the University of the District of Columbia. Forest Hills architecture has a variety of colonial and modern styles that appeal to everyone. Several embassies are located here, giving the area an international appeal. Home prices in Forest Hills are a little on the high side, but embassies are nearby and the area is known to be safe. Those looking for a relaxing spot with an abundance of international influences found in the shops and cuisine should check out the Forest Hills neighborhood.

Best Neighborhoods In Washington Dc For Families

Hillwood Estate

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