Best Mlb Games To Bet On Today

Best Mlb Games To Bet On Today

Best Mlb Games To Bet On Today

Best Mlb Games To Bet On Today – MLB Odds, Picks & Predictions: Our Top 4 Bets for Wednesday, including Dodgers vs. Pirates & Royals vs. Angels (June 9)

Wednesday brings baseball that starts at noon and goes late into the night. Bottom line: It’s a great day to bet a little baseball.

Best Mlb Games To Bet On Today

Best Mlb Games To Bet On Today

Our staff has four picks for tonight’s games, starting with A’s vs. Diamondbacks at 3:37 p.m. ET. Then our writers have two picks for the Dodgers vs. Pirates just after 7 p.m. ET, and they close it out with a Royals vs. Angels at 9:38 p.m. ET.

How To Bet The 2022 Mlb Season

Check each selection for all four games and use the table below to move on to any bet.

PRO REPORT: Well, it looks like we have a major MLB mismatch Wednesday afternoon.

The Oakland Athletics, who are 36-26 on the season and currently lead the Houston Astros by one game in the AL West, are sending Sean Manaea to face Matt Peacock and the Arizona Diamondbacks, who have the worst record in the league.

That phrase alone screams “one-sided,” and the latest MLB odds show that the betting market completely agrees.

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Current Consensus Money Line Diamondbacks vs. The Athletics sit Arizona at +185, though our MLB PRO predictions put that line at +152, a 4.6% advantage for those willing to back the massive losers.

That doesn’t necessarily mean our predictions are for Arizona to win. In fact, at +152, we suggest the Diamondbacks lose this game more often than not.

Brad Cunningham: Tony Gonsolini will debut in 2021 and if we go back to last season, he was actually dominant as he had a 3.33 xERA and 3.88 xFIP. He was really good with his control as his walk rate per nine innings was a very low 1.35.

Best Mlb Games To Bet On Today

The Pirates’ lineup has been terrible this season, as they are dead last in wOBA and wRC+ against right-handed pitchers. Gonsolin is also primarily a fastball/split-finger pitcher, and both pitches hold opponents below a .280 wOBA. The Pirates are the worst team in baseball against the fastball.

The Best Hitting Mlb Pitchers Of All Time

Tyler Anderson has been good for the Pirates this season, keeping his xERA and xFIP under 4.5, and what I like about their matchup here is that the Dodgers really don’t hit lefties. They have just a .306 wOBA, which ranks 18th in MLB.

I only have 7.75 runs going into this game, so I think under 9.5 runs at -117 makes a lot of sense, and I’ll take that down to 9 runs and -120 odds.

Kenny Duce: It’s never a bad idea to screw up the Dodgers’ offense against lefties, and that’s exactly what I’m doing tonight.

Not only has Los Angeles been disappointing over the past two weeks with a 93 wRC+, but it has also struggled against lefties since last year.

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The Dodgers are 18th in baseball with a .306 wOBA against lefties this year and will face a very decent one in Tyler Anderson. The Pirates pitcher has a 4.34 xERA this year, thanks to improvements in the strikeout and walk categories. There were a few rough outings for the former rocker, but overall, he was a reliable pitcher.

Meanwhile, the Pirates’ offense hasn’t been reliable, and Tony Gonsolin has been key this year with a 2.31 ERA and a strikeout rate well above league average.

I think there’s a ton of value in that total, which I think is set very high in the medium term. Expect a slow start to this matchup with both pitchers finding early success.

Best Mlb Games To Bet On Today

Mike Ianiello: Brad Keller and Griffin Canning enter this game with ERAs over 5.50. Keller has been a little better of late, but neither pitcher remotely screams “close the lineup” and both tend to give up the long ball.

Games Aren’t Enough To Crown The Best Mlb Team. But Neither Are 162 Games.

Neither team has a very good bullpen behind them, and the Angels in particular have one of the worst bullpens in the league this season. Both teams are also in the bottom six in the league in run defense, and nothing helps more than a few loose runners and extended innings.

Both offenses have been really solid over the past two weeks, each ranking in the top 10 in wOBA over the past two weeks. During that span, Kansas City ranks fourth in the league, while the Royals have the third-most runs and the Angels have the fifth-most. Los Angeles has scored eight runs in consecutive games.

Obviously, the loss of Mike Trout is devastating to the Angels lineup, but the offense isn’t completely down. Since Trout’s injury, the Angels are 11th overall, ninth in wOBA and ninth in wRC+.

The biggest story this season has been Shohei Ohtani. LA’s designated hitter has hit 17 home runs and leads the Angels in runs and RBIs. Jared Walsh is also having a great season, hitting .297 with a .917 OPS and 13 home runs. In recent weeks, Justin Upton has also been interested.

Apple To Stream Mlb Games On Apple Tv Plus For The First Time

It’s the last game of Wednesday night and it’s on ESPN. What’s more fun than waking up at night?

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And welcome to Monday. I’m glad to have everyone with us at The MLB Show. Yes, we’re back. We’re back for Game 3 here on TV, presented by America’s favorite sports book. Time to preview the World Series, with games three, four and, if necessary, maybe five arriving in Philly after games one and two wrapped up over the weekend in Houston. Nice to have you TC Martin here in Las Vegas. Left to right with my awesome handicap flanker, Scott Spritzer on the left and of course the base winner Mark Borchardt on the right. Have a very busy and active weekend guys. how are they? what’s up scott

Best Mlb Games To Bet On Today

You’re good, man. Good weekend in football for the most part and he immediately hit that total I mean four innings in the first game while you’re in the game and I’m sitting there until the end of this contest. So it was a good moment. I’ll tell you what, man, it was a great weekend. I can’t wait to get into the series, the rest. We have guys that potentially have to come out of the pen three days in a row. I mean, many scenarios can happen. We’ll cover them at the next game on Monday night, but it’s nice to be here, surprised you’re not at Citizen’s Bank tonight, TC, eating a cheesesteak somewhere, getting ready to check out your friend, Dusty Baker of the Straws, but sure, nice, to have you back on the show.

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Scott, I have to go back and do the whole thing, you know what I’m saying?

I can’t wander all over the country. And it’s about going to Philadelphia, and a lot of people are telling me that I don’t really want to be in a visitor’s ballpark, especially with the Astros and things like that. When I go to Houston, I get the A1 treatment, you know where your seats are going to be, you’re surrounded by friendly people and again, the Astros staff and everything. Yeah, I just enjoy it, but then on the road and then more travel, no thanks, man. It’s good to watch at home and if we get to six and seven then we’ll have to deal, but great trip to Houston, great fun, the Astros and Philly won a game each and it was exciting to say the least, less guys, just an electric atmosphere. And if people haven’t been to the World Series, it’s a must-see, especially if you can go to a setting like Minute-Maid Park or Citizen’s Bank Park in Philly, nothing like that, you know. And for anyone who has been to a playoff or World Series game, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Base winner, what’s up man?

Oh, I was very happy with Friday’s game. I thought it was super exciting. Obviously, I thought both games were very good. I think hats off to the Astros for hitting Nola and Wheeler. I thought it was much more of an Astros lineup performing as well as they can, I think, up to the ceiling against two very good guys.

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