Best Korean Restaurant Pik

Best Korean Restaurant Pik

Best Korean Restaurant Pik

Best Korean Restaurant Pik – Alcohol available around North Jakarta Child seats IDR 250,000 – IDR 500,000 / 2 pax Korea Beautiful Kapuk Beach (PIK) Restaurant & cafe Parking lot Wi-Fi Smoking area

When we heard a lot of good comments about the Korean BBQ restaurant Seo Seo Galbi, we finally had the chance to visit the first store in Indonesia, right in the Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) area.

Best Korean Restaurant Pik

Best Korean Restaurant Pik

It is located in the Ruko Crown Golf complex (main road parallel to PIK Marketing Office), right next to Shirokuma (now closed) and Martabak Pecenongan 43. From the outside it seems small and hard to see, but you can count on the big signs . The Korean word is visible from the road.

Ssikkek Express Korean Bbq Buffet Pik, Jakarta, Jalan Pantai Indah Utara 2 Blok 8ej

When we stepped inside, we were surprised to see a fairly spacious dining room with simple tables, complete with Korean BBQ restaurant exhaust systems throughout. Seo Seo Galbi Restaurant occupies 2 floors of the building but apparently the second floor is only open on weekends as it is usually very busy at that time. Since I hate cramped places, I really love the layout of this restaurant!

Hailing from Shinchon (an area in Seoul, Korea), Seo Seo Galbi has been known for its famous Korean BBQ restaurant for at least 60 years. Its long history makes it a must for Korean BBQ enthusiasts, and the most interesting thing is that in their Korea outlet, there are no restaurant seats, so guests can eat standing up. The idea of ​​having a BBQ standing up doesn’t appeal to me, so luckily we have tables and chairs at the Indonesian outlet so you can enjoy the food while sitting! XD

Or popularly known as Korean snacks, usually offered for free in Korean restaurants. The variety of banchan is not much but all are good especially the kimchi and pickles. Better yet, we can always ask for refills if needed, so for us it’s definitely a lot of kimchi orders!

Since Seo Seo Galbi is famous for its barbecue, let’s start with the grill first! For the meat, there is only beef and pork, the price is between IDR 85,000 to 275,000 per serving. The price is considered good because the portion is quite big and very satisfying, and we think the pork price is great for a famous Korean BBQ restaurant with a great history like Seo Seo Galbi. Keep reading to find out why!

Magal Pik Original

The first to try is Seo Seo Galbi’s signature meat, a special short rib bone! I literally fell in love with this wonderful meat sandwich at first sight, and can’t wait to taste it! The flesh has this special marble hue and it looks like a sweet sinful treat that one won’t mind, lol!

What I love about eating at Korean BBQ restaurants is that the staff is there and cooking the meat for us. And since grilling meat has its own technique, it’s best left to trained staff and let’s just enjoy the process and prepare the feast! Well, look at those marbles! @[email protected]

We were speechless when we tried this meat for the first time, it was SOOOO good, I wish I didn’t have to share! XD The meat was perfectly tender, well seasoned and I didn’t feel the need to use any other sauce to enhance the flavour. The spring onion on top of the meat also gives a well-known aromatic taste! If you like fresh meat (not marinated), you can choose Seo Seo Saeng Gal Bi (Rp 245,000) for the same fresh short rib meat!

Best Korean Restaurant Pik

Next up is the imported beef tongue and steak, which refers to a thicker cut of the tongue, I think. First off I have to say that (thinner) the tongue cuts perfectly, not too thick and not too thin, just good enough for a grill so it doesn’t stick to the net and get messy. They are incredibly crunchy and I just can’t stop chewing it, it’s not even funny. For the best taste, dip the grilled sole in Seo Seo Galbi’s special dipping sauce!

The Cup Korean Stylish Food

The steak meat is great too! Not only crispy because of its thickness, it takes more time on the grill and then absorbs the smoky flavor more. It tasted beyond my expectations and I’m glad I tried this!

One thing we should not miss when eating at a Korean BBQ restaurant: freshly sliced ​​pork belly! Just by looking at the meat, we couldn’t ask for better, fresher pork belly.

Again, we waited with excitement for the pork belly to be grilled to perfection and oh la la, the wait was worth every second! The pork belly was thick, juicy and tender at the same time. Since it is not seasoned or salted, it is best eaten with the included sauce (sesame oil, salt and pepper), or if you want to try what I did, dip it in the special Seo Seo sauce on the plate. pan.

Another must-try meat is the specially spiced skirt steak, which is also served marinated and seasoned. The skirt meat was surprisingly tender, although it has a slightly chewy, almost chewy part. I really like the smell of scallions sprinkled when the meat is roasting, it complements the smell of the meat and makes the meat tastier.

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Oh, did I tell you that here at Seo Seo Galbi we can also fill unlimited eggs? Mixed with pieces of carrot, the egg was nothing but creamy, soft, tasty and healthy. Be sure to ask for refills whenever you want, the staff are happy to pour some more into your pan!

And… this is our main reason (and yours too!) to always come back to Seo Seo Galbi: the special dipping sauce available at the only Seo Seo Galbi outlet! Frankly, I was skeptical when the staff said that the sauce is so special that many guests ask for it after dinner. I mean, seriously? That can’t be good, right? XD But damn I was so wrong! The special sauce is really special because it’s so delicious and I’ve dipped practically everything in it (beef, pork, kimchi, eggs, even noodles!)

Apparently this special sauce was made by Tuan Jung, one of the owners of Seo Seo Galbi Indonesia and we were told that only he can make the best version of the sauce no matter how many people have tried to follow the recipe and make it. . So I guess he has magical hands that can make addictive sauces, right?

Best Korean Restaurant Pik

Besides barbecue, Seo Seo Galbi also has many authentic Korean menus other than rice, noodles and soup dishes. The selection is pretty good, so even if you’re not into Korean BBQ, you can still visit Seo Seo Galbi for authentic Korean comfort foods like Ra Myeon, Bu Dae Jji Gae (big stew), or even lighter snacks like. Tteokbokki!

Restaurant Breakfast Menu Template

When eating Korean BBQ, ordering a plate of Jap Chae has become a must, LOL! And here you can choose your Jap Chae to cook with beef or pork. I was surprised to see the generous portions, not to mention that these noodles are very flavorful and tasty! We were actually really full after eating so much meat so we just tried a little bit of this and decided to take it home to take away. Surprisingly, the noodles are still very good even until the next day, so we definitely recommend it for you Jap Chae lovers!

RTG stands for Ra Myeon, Tteokbokki and Gim Bap. Yes they have separate menus for each but we tried this special combo menu so we could try 3 without feeling too full. Ra Myeon & Tteokbokki are served together in a Yin Yang bowl, but trust me, that doesn’t cut the portion! I think this is a really good menu, even for such a special price, the portion is big enough to share for 2-3 people.

The Ra Myeon was as good as Korean instant noodles and certainly satisfying. I love the extra toppings like egg and seaweed, but mind you eat it fast because the noodles go so fast.

The tteokbokki is the winner! Even Mr K, who normally doesn’t like it, admits that this is THE best tteokbokki he’s had so far. the sauce was great, not too sweet and good seasoning, and the cheese was so tasty we thought they put other cheese in it than just mozzarella to enhance the flavor (cheddar, maybe?). We certainly wouldn’t mind driving to PIK for one more dish of this!

Korean Cuisine Restaurant Picture And Hd Photos

I also like Gim Bap, which is colorful and “packed” with ingredients. To be honest, I never really liked Gym Bap, and always considered it

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