Best Japanese Restaurant In Phoenix

Best Japanese Restaurant In Phoenix

Best Japanese Restaurant In Phoenix

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There may be a time and a place for a styrofoam cup of microwave ramen noodles, but if you’re ready to up your noodle game, and you need to, there are plenty of places in the Valley that serve up really good ramen. forget about the mistakes of student days. From shuttered restaurants serving freshly made noodles to trendy ramen havens, there’s no shortage of places to grab a bowl. Check out our guide to the best choices for warm, comforting ramen below.

Best Japanese Restaurant In Phoenix

Best Japanese Restaurant In Phoenix

The latest CDC recommendations for vaccinated visitors during the COVID-19 outbreak are here; eating out still carries risks for unvaccinated patrons and workers. Be aware of changing local regulations and check individual restaurant websites for additional restrictions, such as mask requirements. Find your local vaccination site here.

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Ramen Kagawa is a relative newcomer to downtown dining, but it’s already making a name for itself with its flavorful, creamy creations. Chef Yuji Iwasa’s experience in French and Chinese cuisines influences the menu. All ramen dishes are sure to please, but try the spicy miso tonkotsu ramen with pork broth, spicy miso, pork chasu and vegetables.

SoSoBa first opened in Flagstaff in 2014, but Valley was lucky enough to find a downtown location a few years later. The hip restaurant offers less traditional variations on ramen favorites like the vegan Motra, made with rice noodles, green curry, broccoli, marinated fried tofu, peas, bok choy, mint, Thai basil and roasted garlic. Be sure to check out the cocktail menu, where diners will find the Heyday Mainstay made with vodka, angostura, simple syrup, ginger ale, lime and mint.

Clever Koi is as much a party spot as it is a ramen staple, thanks to its stylish atmosphere and incredible range of cocktails, such as the shared scorpion made with rum, gin, brandy, orange, lime, orgeat and passion fruit. In addition, it recently introduced two brand new ramen dishes: Vegan Shoyu Ramen and Spicy Kimchi Ramen, and updated a traditional option on the regular menu, Lemon Pepper Chicken Ramen.

Don’t be put off by the unexpected combination of Japanese and Italian cuisines, Cherryblossom Noodle Cafe is not to be underestimated, especially when it comes to ramen. Try the Takana Ramen with BBQ pork, green onions, kikurage mushrooms and spicy pickled Takana vegetables.

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This family-run restaurant has been part of the dining scene for 14 years, sharing its delicious Japanese cuisine. There’s so much on the menu, from sushi to lobster, but diners can’t get enough of the shio ramen, which is seasoned with yakibuta pork, bamboo, scallions, narutomaki, and wakame.

This modern sushi and ramen spot has quickly expanded from one to three locations in Arizona since opening in North Scottsdale in 2017. Its upscale atmosphere makes it the perfect place for a date night, if you’re polite, you can drink your noodles. Start with a papaya salad or crispy tuna. Then you can’t go wrong with the spicy, eponymous Obon ramen, made with spicy red miso, chicken, pork belly, black and red garlic oil, bonito flakes, and egg.

This in-house ramen shop ensures that everyone can get exactly what they want for the perfect bowl of noodles. Even those on a gluten-free diet can be satisfied with gluten-free noodles, or vegans can choose vegetarian and tofu dishes. There are also 18 different toppings to choose from, including fried onion chips and a soft-boiled egg. For a guaranteed great meal, choose the Angry Chicken, made with spicy miso broth, teriyaki chicken, bean sprouts, carrots, corn, scallions and nori.

Best Japanese Restaurant In Phoenix

This award-winning ramen bar has been a college town staple for years. It’s also ideal for large groups, as the wide range of options ensures there’s something for everyone. Start with nine sauce options, from traditional shoyu to hot chili and vegetarian. From there, select a protein and choose a combination of toppings. Consider getting a little adventurous with Spam paired with an “original” vegetable topping that includes fresh spinach, sprouts, green onions, and carrots.

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Tampopo Ramen bills itself as Arizona’s original hakata ramen spot, bringing simple and popular Japanese ramen to Tempe. The noodles are made daily on a machine imported directly from Tokyo to make seven ramen options. Spicy lovers should go for the Ultra Spicy, which is made with the restaurant’s original pork bone broth, homemade hot sauce, chili oil, fried pork chop, seaweed, white onion, bean sprouts, hard-boiled egg, onion, and sesame seeds. Add gobo for an extra earthy flavor.

Hachi Ramen is a not-so-hidden gem known for its flavorful and creamy broth, developed by Chef Bradley Ehn, a lifelong ramen enthusiast who opened the restaurant out of frustration at not being able to find perfect ramen in Arizona. couldn’t get Choose between the classics – spicy miso, tonkotsu, miso or shoyu – or opt for the special Hachi with miso broth and pork chashu.

This Japanese ramen bar opened in the midst of the pandemic and quickly found support in the form of devoted ramen lovers thanks to its delicious dishes, introduced by former Nobu chef Yusuke Kuroda. The Origami Classic Ramen Bowl is made with creamy chicken broth, extra rich pork broth, thin noodles, pork belly cha-su, soft-boiled egg, and vegetables. We also love Japanese milk tea and yuzu soda water.

This ramen favorite prides itself on its traditional Japanese dishes. Owner and chef Jay Zhou not only earned his chops making ramen in Nishikawa, Japan, but the noodles are made from scratch using a Japanese machine. Choose from classics like miso and shio ramen, or try one of the signature dishes. Nishikawa Black is a popular option made with pork broth, pork time, green onions, menma, kikurage, black garlic oil, fried onions, sesame seeds, seasoned egg, and nori served with straight noodles. For extra flavor, opt for more homemade black garlic oil. Ramen shops and teppan restaurants may get all the attention when it comes to Japanese food, but we always fall in love with a great sushi spot. There is something wonderful and pleasant about a simple fresh piece of fish, prepared by the skillful hands of an experienced sushi chef.

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This Warehouse District favorite has an array of dishes inspired by Japan, Mexico, and Central/South America, and it doesn’t disappoint. Executive Chef Gustavo Muñoz’s interpretation of contemporary, high-quality Japanese-Latin cuisine will not only appeal to the most sophisticated sushi palates, but also help novice sushi diners experience a better sensory experience. Try the ceviche mix for total immersion.

Not your traditional sushi restaurant, Buck & Rider in Arcadia is more of an upscale, casual seafood restaurant that offers a variety of sushi rolls. Made with fresh fish flown in from around the world, the deluxe spicy tuna roll is made with tuna sushi, avocado and spicy mayo; and the Lobster Banyan, a roll of fresh lobster, jicama, mango and Fresno chili wrapped in soy paper. Stopping by for happy hour? Enjoy a house wine or highball, beer or signature cocktail with a macadamia crab roll made with blue crab asparagus, Fresno chili and shiso remoulade.

This regional chain offers all-you-can-eat sushi, Asian fusion sushi rolls, nigiri and a full bar with indoor and outdoor seating in downtown Phoenix’s Cityscape neighborhood, perfect for a post-game snack or concert at the Footprint Center.

Best Japanese Restaurant In Phoenix

Nothing says family more than the James Beard-nominated Hana Japanese Restaurant, a warm and cozy spot in downtown Phoenix, just down the street from Melrose. Patriarch Kazuto Kishino and siblings Lori Hashimoto and Koji Hashimoto own and operate the restaurant, which serves Japanese cuisine prepared using the most authentic and respected techniques.

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With fresh fish flown in from around the world, the sushi menu features everything from delicious bluefin tuna belly to light and refreshing sea bass. If you’re lucky, you can feast on mirage or geoduck sashimi. Prepared by Lori, the delicacy is only available occasionally. So if you see it on the menu, order asap.

Located on the corner of Adams Avenue and First Avenue, Garumi Sushi will satisfy your sushi cravings with no problem. For busy travelers, sushi is available fresh in the morning. For those who prefer dinner, the intimate restaurant serves a variety of dishes, including the eponymous Harumi roll, made with tempura shrimp, crab salad and avocado, topped with fresh tuna, tobiko (flying fish roe), spicy mayo and olive oil. . and garnished with daikon. What really sets Harumi apart is the use of black rice,

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