Best Japanese Restaurant In Kl

Best Japanese Restaurant In Kl

Best Japanese Restaurant In Kl

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For a special occasion that calls for beautiful views and high end fish, head to KL’s best Japanese cuisine restaurant.

Best Japanese Restaurant In Kl

Best Japanese Restaurant In Kl

You can’t go wrong with Zipangu for the simple fact that they haven’t strayed from tradition. The space is a classic Japanese style, with a predominantly wooden interior, with a rock garden and a fountain. Apart from the main dining area, there is also a separate sushi and teppanyaki counter.

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The menu covers all major cooking styles and preparations, so yes, there’s sashimi, sushi, teppanyaki, grilled dishes, tempura, rice, hot and cold noodles, as well as small vegetarian options. Fresh seafood is brought in twice a week, so you can be sure of the quality, plus the sashimi is cut thick.

If you plan to make more money, come to the Saturday Sushi Brunch Buffet (RM105 nett per person). Options include hand rolls, teppan grilled sushi, extra spicy sushi, and even dessert sushi, as well as sashimi, noodles, and miso soup.

Nobu is known for his interpretation of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, whose deification is the famous black cod with miso. This iconic dish has spawned countless imitations elsewhere, but this is where it originated.

At Nobu, you can expect every dish to be executed to perfection, where traditional Japanese dishes and preparations are elevated with Latin American-inspired spices and heat. Some of the most loved dishes include Yellowtail Jalapeño Sashimi, Chilean Sea Bass with Red Jalapeño Miso, and Matsuhisa Sliders. It’s true that it’s expensive, but with that you also get a great view from the height of the restaurant on the 56th floor of the Petronas 3 Tower. Perfect for those special occasions.

Nobu One For One Omakase Menu, Japanese Peruvian

With Japanese chef Fujiwara Toru’s French culinary background, you can expect some contemporary Japanese dishes (such as sea fish carpaccio with jalapeño and calamansi sauce, foie gras and peach and tofu parfait) on the menu, along with the usual sushi, shabu. -Offers shabu, tempura and sukiyaki. The seafood comes from the islands of Kyushu, Hokkaido, and Tsukiji, so there’s no doubt about the freshness and quality of the fish and produce here.

Ten’s interior is different from most Japanese restaurants in KL; with a soaring steel structure and a black and gold palette, the design is almost radical by Japanese restaurant standards. It feels fresh and spacious, with separate sushi and teppanyaki tables above the main dining area and private spaces. But what’s really impressive about Ten is the sheer variety of dishes on the menu: from curry dons to soba, sukiyaki to tempura, and even more.

(rice topped with sashimi and vegetables). Omakase and set meals are equally extensive – although most range from RM100 to RM300, you can still opt for affordable bento lunch boxes, starting as little as RM55, with sushi or sashimi

Best Japanese Restaurant In Kl

From delectable honey toast and a comforting cup of matcha test to sakura mochi and fresh strawberry cream cake, here are the best Japanese desserts in town.

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Subscribe to our newsletter to enjoy the best stuff out there, free of charge. Hanare has always been one of our favorite Japanese restaurants in town. We have been patronizing them for years for their weekend Japanese buffet, one of the best in KL offering premium Wagyu beef and sashimi.

At Hanare, quality fresh produce, specially selected by their staff at Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market, is delivered by air twice a week. For the ultimate dining experience, opt for Omakase, which literally means ‘leave it to the chef’. Only highly skilled chefs like Chef Akira Yonomoto, with over 45 years of sushi making experience, are capable of preparing this feast, using the best produce available that day to create an authentic and traditional experience for guests.

For omakase, prices start from RM450++ and come in various courses (usually 7-9 courses). Guests having an omakase or any sushi dish are encouraged to take a seat at the sushi counter as the chef will explain each dish as he serves it. Also, you’d be a fool not to… after all, the sushi counter boasts the best seats in the house, where you can watch the chefs skillfully cut fish or prepare sushi.

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We love the Hanare sushi counter, with a top forged from a single solid piece of wood, like many of the fine dining restaurant tables.

For starters, I was served three appetizers: interesting wasabi kombu, whole plum and fish liver to whet my appetite. I especially love whole plums which are sweet and sour and refreshing on the palate.

Then comes my favorite part of any Japanese meal: the sashimi plate with six different types of fresh seafood. The well presented chef Akira explained each type of fish to me before I dug in. There are rare ishidai, buri (yellow tail), otoro (tuna belly), hirame (beach), shima aji (green) and scallops, served with fresh grated wasabi. Most of these spices are highly prized for their fatty texture and intense flavor during the winter months. I love the clean taste of the ishidai and hirame, contrasted by the fatty, buttery texture of the otoro and the sweet-tasting clams. Very good! To my delight, Chef Akira (he must see how much I like it) offered me an extra piece of otoro…MAIMMMM!

Best Japanese Restaurant In Kl

Ayus or better known as sweet fish by the locals belongs to the salmon family which only thrives in rivers, lakes and clean coastal waters. The name “sweet fish” is due to the sweetness of the tender flesh, which has a characteristic sweet taste with a “melon and cucumber aroma”. For the next course, I was served grilled “pregnant” ayu, so apart from the sweet meat, you can also enjoy the goat.

Best Japanese Bufet Restaurant In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Inaniwa udon is one of the top three udon in Japan; This thinner, fluffier variation of udon is served with clams, shrimp and mushrooms. Light and delicious!

A basket full of ebi sakura tempura and vegetable tempura was placed in front of me. Light and crunchy, I especially like the slightly salty sakura ebi.

One of the highlights of omakase is the nigiri sushi, which are served individually to the restaurant. First, we watched Chef Akira skillfully slice the pickled ginger into thin slices. Reach the sushi rice into the rice bucket, add fresh wasabi to the bottom of the fish, pile it on top of the rice, then spread a thin layer of soy sauce. He then served it to me to enjoy and then the process was repeated after the sushi was devoured. We really enjoyed watching the whole process, while chatting with Chef Akira. I had a total of seven pieces of nigiri sushi, starting with toro (fatty tuna…omg so good!), kampachi belly (tough and sweet bite), hirame, buri, shimaaji, ikura and round radish. Sorry, I can’t remember exactly what each one tasted like, but I sure do remember enjoying each one!

Thank you Chef Akira-san for a great omakase experience; not only was the food amazing, we also enjoyed the company of the friendly chef.

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2- Royal Canton, their Chinese restaurant serving Hong Kong style dim sum and grilled meat in DC Mall, Damansara Heights

Best Japanese Restaurant In Kl

4- Harley’s, their no-frills natural burger and fried chicken cafe in DC Mall, Damansara Heights and Third Avenue, Cyberjaya

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Location: Hanare Authentic Japanese Cuisine, Lot G06, Ground Floor, The Intermark, 182 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur. (parking RM5 per entry after 5pm)

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If you want a sushi experience where the food speaks, sit down and bow to the will of this sushi chef for the best sushi and omakase meals in town.

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The chefs at Sushi Oribe maintain unwavering standards of perfection, using must-haves (nigiri and sashimi) and seasonal ingredients, from Seiko snow crab and shirako (cod sperm sac) to the freshest.

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