Best Japanese Restaurant Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Best Japanese Restaurant Causeway Bay Hong Kong – Getting into Japan isn’t easy these days. This robs us of the best dining experience in the world, but fear not. Hong Kong is the home of Japanese cuisine in famous restaurants. Japanese cuisine has reached new heights in Hong Kong, offering best-in-class items and the expertise of top Japanese chefs.

Whether you’re craving a simple bowl of ramen or indulging in quality Japanese barbecue, yakiniku, or the freshest seafood, the restaurants below have it all covered. Live an immersive experience by booking your next one

Best Japanese Restaurant Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Best Japanese Restaurant Causeway Bay Hong Kong

For a modern take on Japanese izakaya, look no further than the charming restaurant Zuma. The two-story setting and spacious floor plan include a variety of seating areas, private dining areas, a living room, a garden terrace and a lighted spiral staircase, perfect for a candlelit evening among friends. Expect a hybrid Japanese dining experience in the heart of Central with chefs whipping up delicious dishes like HK’s signature miso-marinated black cod.

The 13 Best Japanese Restaurants In Hong Kong: Sushi Wadatsumi, Shikigiku Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Saito At Four Seasons Hong Kong, Ryota Kappou Modern And Zuicho Are All Leading The Wave

$758 per person is offered on weekends, filling the tables with a selection of sushi, sashimi and several meats. And, might we add, the cocktails are not to be missed.

Located on a picturesque street in Central, along with other locations in Causeway Bay and Curry Bay, Shugetsu Ramen is a Michelin-starred ramen restaurant known for its handmade noodles, steamed fish and soy sauce broth that lead the dining experience. . He hails from Shikoku, Japan, and is famous for his tsukemen, which are cold noodles dipped in a thick broth, at a good HK price.

88 dollars. Traditional ramen is also served, along with additional side dishes such as fried chicken and gyoza dumplings. The restaurant boasts an intimate setting with warm hues and a wooded interior for solo foodies, or when you want something extra for something authentic yet simple. The lines start early, but the wait is worth every second.

You can’t get fresher seafood than at two Michelin star Sushi Saito. Located at the Four Seasons Hotel, fresh seafood is imported daily to this Hong Kong Japanese restaurant from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market, carefully selected each morning by Chef Takashi Saito. Did we say imported daily? Yes! Edomae-style sushi is what sets Sushi Saito apart from other sushi restaurants in town. It is known for its flawless presentation of flavors and textures and the perfectly timed execution of each piece of sushi. Reservations are required to accommodate just 16 people in the light wood interior. Lunches start at HK

Deluxe Daikiya Japanese Restaurant (causeway Bay Plaza 1) In Causeway Bay Hong Kong

With just three tables that seat four each and five bar seats, Kyoto Oden Masa is a small restaurant as cozy as the food it serves.

A popular winter meal in Japan, it is a broth cooked with ingredients such as daikon radish, tofu, fish cake, and an assortment of vegetables. Here, it’s normal to order an oden pot containing the ingredients mentioned, in addition to other condiments such as grilled tofu, dashimaki egg, and shirataki noodles, starting in HK.

Yakiniku is a Japanese barbecue that serves premium meat, and at Yakiniku Great you get it at the height of luxury with an open concept dining and stylish interior. A trip to trendy Soho or the bustling Sheung Wan branch makes any beef lover’s dream come true. Cuts start in HK

Best Japanese Restaurant Causeway Bay Hong Kong

$598 for a top rare cut of Château Briand. Go for omakase tasting sets starting from HK

Best Japanese Restaurants For Sushi Lovers In Hong Kong

$680 for the chef’s hand-selected special rare cuts. Complete your dining experience by fortifying yourself with a highball whiskey.

Transport yourself to a quiet part of Kyoto, where simplicity meets elegance at Sagano. At this Hong Kong Japanese restaurant, diners get a complete Japanese cultural experience, from the food to the bamboo and wood aesthetics. Dine in one of six VIP rooms, one of which is tatami-style. The menu offers a wide variety of Japanese dishes including sushi, sashimi, tempura, noodles and cutlets. Favorites include steamed meats, seafood dishes, and grilled camo eggplant with miso paste. Many lunches are offered from HK

The Nadaman at the Shangri-La Hotel is spacious and charming, harmonious and simply elegant. It offers all kinds of traditional Japanese cuisine, from teppanyaki and assorted sashimi to omakase sushi and chef’s recommendations, starting at HK$450.

Hailing from Tokyo, Takatsugu Koyama is meticulous when it comes to serving up dishes that maintain authenticity without spoiling them with rich, colorful flavors. Nadaman is perfect for a business meeting or bringing the family together for a delicious meal worth every pretty penny.

An Updated List Of Hong Kong Restaurant Opening Hours From Now Until 3 February

For a small crowd and impeccable service, Fukuro is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong that has hit the mark. Part of the Black Sheep restaurant group, Fukuro pays homage to the late nights of Tokyo’s working class who demand a place to unwind while enjoying delicious food and drink. Fukuro’s dimly lit Soho restaurant does small plates for sharing, like the delicious Agedashi Tofu (HK

With three Michelin stars since 2014, Shikon by Yoshitake offers an exceptional dining experience with lunch (HK$2,000) and dinner (HK$).

$3,500) omakase sets including seasonal appetizers, eight to ten pieces of Edomae-style sushi, soup and dessert. Fresh seafood is flown in daily from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market to ensure quality ingredients meet the Japanese fine dining concept. Executive Chef Yoshiharu Kakinuma was an apprentice of Chef Yoshitake, who opened the flagship branch in Ginza, Tokyo, and the two work closely together to deliver exemplary cuisine and service. Dine in a bright, wooded interior with a counter of hinoki imported directly from Japan, as well as Japanese art and antiques.

Best Japanese Restaurant Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Ranked in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018, RŌNIN is a 14-seat izakaya restaurant and bar offering best-in-class seafood. The cozy nook offers a bar and wall-mounted seating where diners can enjoy a fine selection of whiskeys, umeshu or sake while waiting for their food to be served. RŌNIN features the freshest seafood in season, so be sure to visit year-round. Favorites at this popular Hong Kong Japanese restaurant include unagi chirashi, pickled cucumber, kinome (HK $320) and flower crab uni (HK $520). The market tasting menu is offered at HK$1,180 and is subject to change depending on market seasonality. Finish off your meal with the juicy sweet potato, maple, kinako beignets (HK$80).

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There’s no denying that Hong Kong loves its Japanese cuisine, whether it’s itramen, tsukemen and even matcha desserts, we’re obsessed. As for our love for sushi, the wide variety of restaurants dedicated to this seafood-sized rice all over the city is proof of that. From high-end establishments offering luxurious sushi options to affordable places with quality sushi, we have it all. But if you want to avoid a rough deal, read our list of the best sushi restaurants in Hong Kong.

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Sushiyoshi is the first branch outside Japan of Sushiyoshi, a two Michelin star from Osaka. Chef-owner Hiroki Nakanue is known for incorporating Western ingredients and techniques into his Japanese cuisine, as evidenced by dishes such as uni gougère oruni and caviar with creamy poached eggs. For a full taste of what Sushiyoshi has to offer, we recommend going for the omakase, which includes lunch ($1,280), dinner ($2,480) and the chef’s special menu ($3,480). True to its roots, Sushiyoshi has a proven track record in Hong Kong, continuing to provide diners with a fun and exciting sushi experience.

Of The Best Restaurants In Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Sushi Hiro’s chefs work in the center of the U-shaped bar, and only the freshest fish is on display in Causeway Bay sushi heaven. It’s delicious and reasonably priced for the quality offered here. There are a la carte offerings featuring all the favorites, including salmon ($40 each) and sea urchin ($80 each), as well as an assortment of sushi platters (from $410) and a 12-piece sushi course ($640).

At Fumi, diners can discover the diverse flavors of Japan without paying for a plane ticket to the country. Behind the sushi counter, chefs serve carefully prepared dishes, all made with fresh ingredients that come straight from the ribs.

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