Best Italian Restaurant Near To Me

Best Italian Restaurant Near To Me

Best Italian Restaurant Near To Me

Best Italian Restaurant Near To Me – Looking for a place to get your carbs? Here are some of my favorite Italian restaurants around Denver and where people tell me to eat when I’m looking for a little taste of Italia in the Mile High City. The places I’ve picked are great on pasta or pizza.

Although Spuntino has been around since 2011; I never visited this restaurant in the Highlands until the epidemic. Chef Cindhura Reddy’s Italian/Indian restaurant has become one of my favorite places to recommend to people who ask me where to eat when visiting Denver.

Best Italian Restaurant Near To Me

Best Italian Restaurant Near To Me

The noodles are absolutely amazing. I loved their Cavatelli – saffron-tossed pasta made with house masala braised Colorado lamb shoulder and chile twine. I’ve never had this pasta anywhere else – it was so good!

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The love that goes into each of these dishes. I can feel the care and attention. Very nice restaurant. As it warms up they have great tent service and home delivery as well as tent seating available within a 3 mile radius. Their website has the most comprehensive Covid safety information I’ve seen on a restaurant website to date – all their staff are fully vaccinated.

Dio Mio is a favorite weeknight spot for an informal Italian dinner. The fast-casual dining concept in RiNo serves homemade pasta Monday through Saturday from 5 p.m. (they’re closed on Sundays); Served in the $14-17 price range. Outdoor patio seating is available, and the restaurant opens its street-side windows when the weather is nice.

Although their weekly specials keep coming back regularly. fennel sausage; Rigatoni with greens and breadcrumbs is a dish I recommend for first timers. To better understand what this place is all about. Nothing to dislike about the curry – very fresh, well made and always good.

After the meal, he will diligently scrape the extra pieces of bread around the edge of the plate as he tries to get the remaining sauce from the plate into his mouth. To know more about Dio Mio, See my previous coverage.

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Anyone who follows my Instagram knows that I’ve been a huge fan of Paul and Aileen Reilly in Uptown for years. With a focus on Southern Italian cooking; This restaurant changes the menu every month to highlight a different region of Italy as part of their Tren Coperta program.

While products regularly appear and disappear with product availability; You can always count on Bucatini all’Amatriciana not being forgotten. The rich flavors and flavors of the red wine tomato sauce that coats the pasta has been a diner favorite since day one and has never left the menu.

The atmosphere is casual, but the service is always top notch. Reservations are required on Friday and Saturday nights. Outdoor patio seating is available.

Best Italian Restaurant Near To Me

Bar Dough is a Highland restaurant with a friendly neighborhood atmosphere with an excellent pasta menu. Chef Russell Stippich changes the menu often, but it’s a good choice to go with one of the new seafood pastas like Shrimp and Fettuccine.

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Barolo Grill is known as one of the OGs of the Denver food scene. They have been open since 1992 and are still a favorite restaurant for date nights and special dinners all year round.

It’s not hard to understand why: the service is warm and friendly; friendly Served by knowledgeable staff who offer attentive and delicious cuisine recommendations and wine pairings. Risotto is a great choice, as is the heavenly dish Cavatelli con Funghi, made with mushrooms and handmade pasta, usually paired with seafood.

This family-owned pizzeria is the brainchild of brothers Jason and Chris Wallenta. A specialty is the New Haven-style pizza, with its thin, dry crust; Includes irregular shape and gray color.

White Pie is a signature dish made with crème fraîche and mozzarella on a cheese base, with bacon and Crimini mushrooms and a sunny side up egg sprinkled in the middle of the slice.

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I’m a little disappointed that their pasta dishes have been dropped from the menu since the epidemic, like the basic vodka cream fettuccini. They are always deceptively simple, yet surprisingly innovative and brilliant. However, Pasta at Home kits are still available for items like lasagna. For more information, Check out my previous coverage of White Pie.

Trattoria Stella has been a staple in Denver’s dining community for the past 20 years since its Highland Square location opened in 1999. There are plenty of delicious classics to choose from as you dine, but from bruschetta to spaghetti bolognese; For me, compared to one dish, everything on the menu is a must in my book.

Rigate Creamy Sausage is made with pork knuckle and pasta topped with a silky tomato sauce. Cook this dish for days until you get another taste. Prepare to dream about eating for weeks and months to come.

Best Italian Restaurant Near To Me

This upscale Cherry Creek restaurant looks, It checks all the boxes in terms of charm and material. part trattoria; part New York steakhouse; Quality Italian strikes a balance between moderately cool leather banquettes and a clubby chic with black-and-white framed photos of nonnas and nonnos in circular displays on the walls.

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Without doubt Baked Lasagna and Filet Meatballs will make the trick on its final journey to your table. The shapeless lasagna is lined with sheets of pasta rolled up like a rose and large meatballs spread across a baking dish. It might be wise to bring a friend, especially since the two-course meal ($27 per person, $54 total) is huge. For more coverage of Italian quality; Read my earlier dinner and lunch reviews.

The Piada Burrata bread (with homemade allium butter and sea salt) is legendary in my mind. Part of the fun of tearing into a warm, parcel-shaped loaf is watching the steam rise from the inside, and each subsequent delicious bite comes with full reward.

Everything here is unique, but the wood-fired pizzas are also popular. Those catering a large party will want to plan at least 48 hours in advance to order their family-style lasagna dinner.⠀

Get ready to be charmed by the friendly atmosphere of this neighborhood restaurant. The service is very high and the food is reliable. The bar scene is very lively for such a small space.

Best Italian Restaurants In Denver, Co

I recommend the Chicken Piccata entree and Grilled Artichoke entree with a southern side of pasta. It’s the perfect casual date night spot. Viale is also a Denver Dining Out Book Pass partner; So bring your book to your meal.

This Union Station area restaurant is perfect for those looking for an upscale dining experience. The beach has a number of fine and formal fine dining establishments. Terrace seating (including a deluxe outdoor igloo) is also available.

Entrees run anywhere from $22-32), But diners will be surprised by the generous portions (it’s not a “small dining” situation).

Best Italian Restaurant Near To Me

Campo Di Fungi, Don’t be afraid to order the 10″x12″ stracciatella and two pasta sheets filled with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and mushrooms—the perfect sharing dish for your first course.

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Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that many of my favorite Denver food Instagrammers frequent Jovanina’s. Customers will appreciate this restaurant’s unconventional Italian cooking.

The name of the game here is to take familiar dishes and put a new seasonal spin on them. Some of these transitions are better than others, but winners include the delectable squid fettuccini (with Pacific humpback lobster bathed in ‘nduja-speak tomato sauce);

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In recent years, Portland has built a very strong Italian food scene, from wood-fired pizzas to handmade pastas. Even during the epidemic, The city has expanded its Italian options. Beyond the classic trattoria, Portland now has a variety of Italian food carts and markets for homegrown food. At the same time, Many venerable Portland spots, like Nostrana and 3 Doors Down, have embraced the new conditions, expanding outdoor seating and adding delivery and takeout services.

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Below, You’ll find Portland’s most unique Italian osterias and trattorias. Those looking for a more unique pizza map will find it.

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