Best Italian Restaurant In Surabaya

Best Italian Restaurant In Surabaya

Best Italian Restaurant In Surabaya

Best Italian Restaurant In Surabaya – After months of waiting, finally, Spago Boulangerie Cafe is open to the public! I remember walking in front of it with my friend last month, looking, and wondering what the restaurant was like when it opened. Anyway, I went to the meeting yesterday, but another guy stopped me, so I got all the time to take pictures for the blog, yay!

Spago is a French-Italian café (please correct me if I’m wrong) Not only a place to eat, but also a restaurant. Why do I speak French-Italian? Because when I put the words into Google Translate, Boulangerie is French for Bakery, while Spago is Italian for String. So from my haphazard research, I guess it’s a French bakery and an Italian restaurant. However, they are located in G-Walk Citraland, west of Surabaya.

Best Italian Restaurant In Surabaya

Best Italian Restaurant In Surabaya

They have both inside and outside. Around 20 people can come to the exterior. While the interior is larger, it has a small restaurant, kitchen, bar, and a large dining area that seats up to 60 people. The interior design is exactly like it is in France #soktau and they even have French songs on their playlist that makes everything go to place.

Best Restaurants In Surabaya City At Wyndham Surabaya City Centre

I ordered Chichirichi with hot lime. Chicharichi was very good. To simplify my explanation, it is a simple fettucini with bolognese sauce, with both chicken breasts sandwiched together with melted cheese, sliced ​​​​mushrooms and ham in the middle. Serve with garlic bread. It’s so satisfying, I can’t finish it because it’s so generous. They also have lemonade, something really good that you should try. It’s super fresh and I honestly love it!

Overall, I like Spago. The location is great, the place is relaxing, the wifi is fast, the food is great, the drinks are great, and the service is great! Very nice! I once dropped my phone on the floor when I was charging it, but then the waiter came to my chair for my phone, a cute little gesture that I really appreciate , thank you! Such is the place to eat in Surabaya. As vibrant as anything in the city is vibrant, if not alive. Diversity also allows you to experience different foods and styles. From traditional cuisine to modern elegance, find the best restaurants in Surabaya.

This restaurant has several seating areas, but the most popular is the semi-open patio at the back. The old decor will be even more cozy and beautiful with lush green in the walls. From the small place where you can enjoy your coffee to the big tables for dinner while exchanging life stories with friends, this restaurant makes you feel good with the place sugar and many other foods.

The rustic and homely atmosphere will make you feel like you’re dining at a local friend’s house. Whether you are in a beautiful home or a charming patio surrounded by a lush garden, relaxing here is easy. Like many of the cities where it sits, this restaurant mixes Javanese and Chinese culture in its concept and design. Be sure to order one of their special Indonesian cuisine, such as fish head curry, grilled beef ribs, or just go for the classic nasi goreng.

Ultimate Guide To 20+ Best Italian Restaurants In Bali

The simple yet elegant interior of Domicile gives it a bistro feel. Suddenly you can find yourself enjoying a European meal from a sun lounger, maybe a drink or two. And the idea of ​​sophistication does not stop with the interior. No matter what you order, the food presentation lives up to the beauty of the place, and that’s not just about the taste. Pair your meal with one of their popular drinks, the S’more or the Cotton Candy Martini.

Surabaya has a large population of Chinese people. So when a Chinese restaurant is popular, it speaks volumes for its taste and authenticity. Moi Garden has a wide variety of food options, including items you won’t find in other Chinese restaurants, such as the elusive eel, pork liver or fish lip soup. The large tables are perfect for family meals, while the living room is decorated with oriental details that add to the authentic dining experience.

Apart from being a bustling city, Surabaya is also a coastal city where fresh seafood is abundant and must be tried. And there is no better place to get your seafood fix than a dedicated and dedicated restaurant where everything is prepared to the highest standards. Instead of sifting through the menu, diners can choose their fish from the tank at the entrance, explaining how they like their fish. Layar Seafood also has crab, shrimp, lobster and many fresh seafood prepared in different ways to suit your taste.

Best Italian Restaurant In Surabaya

This restaurant offers familiar steak dishes, with interesting and local flavors. Whether you want your steak to be more flavorful, sweet, or spicy, you will love their special food on this menu. Even if you don’t, try it, it’s delicious. Boncafé also makes pasta, sweets, and children’s meals. All of them can be enjoyed in a beautiful place with classic air and light. Boncafé has five restaurants throughout the city, so you can choose the most convenient one to visit.

Restaurant Surabaya, Indonesia With Steakhouse

Located in the resort town of Bumi Surabaya, this restaurant has a beautiful and elegant atmosphere that is different from the rest of the busy city. The all-you-can-eat concept allows you to sample everything that seems tempting from the beautiful buffet selection. From main courses to colorful desserts, feel free to indulge and be curious. In addition to Indonesian food, Aromani also serves Western, Chinese and Japanese food.

This restaurant serves Javanese and Indonesian cuisine in a simple and casual manner, focusing on taste and quality. As the name suggests, the specialty dish is grilled chicken

, but the chicken satay and various seafood dishes are also the best. As a local favorite, all five branches are popular in Surabaya.

The traditional Javanese atmosphere resonates strongly in this restaurant’s wooden interior, decorated with ethnic sculptures and artwork. As the food is delicious and authentic enters the space, the atmosphere intensifies. From the delicious aroma to the pleasing presentation, it exudes the old-fashioned taste of traditional Javanese cuisine. If you are confident about your spices, try these flavors

Tutto Bono Surabaya (review)

Libraria’s tagline: “Good food, good books, good music” is all we need to hear to try this restaurant. And you will not be disappointed. From the kitchen, the library serves Asian and European dishes, from starters to desserts. They also have an amazing selection of books to enjoy with your coffee, while soothing music plays in the background. A lively and intimate interior makes this a difficult place to leave.

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Best Italian Restaurant In Surabaya

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