Best Hamburger Restaurant In Ottawa

Best Hamburger Restaurant In Ottawa

Best Hamburger Restaurant In Ottawa

Best Hamburger Restaurant In Ottawa – Many times, traveling for food is not worth it We all think it’s a great idea, but traveling with hungry people who just want their food is a bit stressful and not exciting right now. However, if you have tried this place, your thinking about food travel has definitely changed

This restaurant is located in Carlton Place, which is 40 minutes away from Ottawa It’s a place where a ton of locals stop because it’s right on the highway Are you ready for the name? Law and Order I mean, come on! How clever and surprising is that?

Best Hamburger Restaurant In Ottawa

Best Hamburger Restaurant In Ottawa

Hamburg They also have unreal poutine and pizza, and they also have poutine pizza All of their burgers are fresh and never frozen, and their fries are hand cut Once you get a taste of the Law & Order burger, you’ll make that 40-minute drive more than you think.

Shelby Burger Brings Old School Appeal To Byward Market

If you are looking for a new place to eat that is different from your usual places, this is it Their burgers taste expensive but their prices are super cheap And if you really love burgers, they even have eating contests! The Rippo Challenge, which requires eating two Rippo burgers (2 1/1 pound patty, double cheese and bacon) and 1 pound of poutine in 20 minutes. You’ll win a free Law & Order t-shirt and get your photo on the wall Good luck!

Law & Order doesn’t just have burgers and pizza, it does so much more Tater tots, poutine, chicken burgers, sandwiches, deep fried fries, milkshakes, you name it! Law & Order is located at 13694 ON-7, which is between Carlton Place and Perth. They are open daily from 11 am to 7 pm and for more information, check out their website. Satisfy your comfort food cravings! These Ottawa burger joints sell some of the city’s most outrageous bites that you’ll want to try

While it’s hard to beat a juicy cheeseburger, some chefs have taken it to the next level Forget the tomato and a slice of lettuce

You can get everything from drool-worthy mac ‘n’ cheese to an onion ring on top of your beef.

Baja Burger Shack Menu In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Why you should go: You’ll want to make sure you arrive hungry, as they’re known for their giant burgers, onion ring towers, and creamy milkshakes. One burger not to be missed is the Juicy Lucy which features a cheese-filled patty.

Why you should go: They serve a Mac Daddy burger, topped with mac ‘n’ cheese that’s straight out of your sweet dreams.

Why you should go: They release new limited-edition burgers and loaded fries throughout the year, so there’s always something new to try. They are currently topped with Merian Beef Biriya with Biriya Poutine and Biriya Pogur

Best Hamburger Restaurant In Ottawa

Why you should go: This is a hidden gem in Orleans that sells gourmet burgers and poutine that will make you want to go every weekend. One of the most popular menu items is the MeatHead Deluxe which features raw fried onions, mushrooms, cheese, bacon and barbecue sauce.

Gburger: Turning Fast Food Nostalgia Into Incredible Burgers

Why you should go: You can stuff your face with their Tower Burger, which is also available with a veggie patty.

Why you should go: There are plenty of savory options to choose from, including grilled mozzarella or mac ‘n’ cheese.

Why you should go: Their delicious huge burgers come with multiple patties that will leave you feeling stuffed.

Why you should go: What makes this burger shop unique is that they sell burgers with toppings stuffed into the patty for extra flavor. It’s always a feast here with the best Ottawa burgers ever

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From giant, stuffy burgers to more convenient cheeseburgers you’ll struggle to fit in your mouth, we’ve got all the bases covered.

So plan ahead, bring some friends and a serious appetite, and start working your way through these seven great Ottawa burger joints.

Burgers ‘n’ Fries offers some great burger combinations, which are to die for in terms of taste and presentation. They hand cut the fries, double fry and come with a ton of crazy toppings PS Go online to recap their secret menu, which includes NSFH (Not Safe for Health): four beef patties, cheddar x2, Swiss, mozzarella, bacon and BF sauce.

Best Hamburger Restaurant In Ottawa

They freshen their meat in house daily and place great emphasis on sourcing fresh ingredients It shows in the final product, which is an absolute juicy delight

All Out Burger Ottawa South

Plus, add in quality craft beers, fine wines and specialty cocktails and you’ve got a spot for some post-burger drinks. Pure quality at every level

The place has a wonderful casual feel with lovely comfort food and desserts Behind the scenes, however, they make everything from scratch

For burgers, that means homemade buns, fresh ground beef and even their own ketchup. And yes, you can really taste the goodness

The perfect place to come with friends for delicious food and some of them cocktails (make sure to check out the Bloody Mary!).

Order Burgers & Shakes Delivery_menu & Prices_| Ottawa

Chez Lucien serves some of the healthiest, most honest and most enjoyable bar food in the entire city. Basically, they take the best parts of a restaurant and a bar and combine it with zero pretense and a great atmosphere.

There are many great dishes on the menu with specials, but the classic burger is a thing of beauty. Put some tunes on the free jukebox while you eat and you’ll be in heaven

Chrissy’s Resto Grill is probably best known for their fried chicken and family atmosphere, but it would be a remiss to come here and not have a burger.

Best Hamburger Restaurant In Ottawa

And the taste is even better If you’re feeling seriously hungry, order fries and onion rings on the side, too

This Epic Ottawa Based Burger Chain Is Opening Soon In Toronto

The Works is a small Canadian chain that you’re sure to quickly become addicted to after just one visit

They do great poutine, salads, onion rings, and shakes, but you only come here for one reason: the burgers. They only use pure Canadian beef and their buns are perfectly crisp and fresh Go wild and grab some poutine on the side for a complete carb fest

This is easily the coolest and funnest burger spot in town If you can snag a spot on the terrace in the warmer months, you’ll be in heaven The burgers double up on the patty and the fries are super crispy

Plus, there’s a great brunch and all-day breakfast, craft beer, shakes and wine on tap, so there’s very few boxes they don’t tick!

Le Burgers Week Ottawa

After all that food you’ll want to leave, why not check out 7 Instagram-worthy places in Ottawa Another “upscale fast food” restaurant has opened recently: the latest addition to a cluster of Shelby restaurants, which includes fine-dining restaurant Riviera. Asian-inspired Datsun and El Camino offer Mexican fare at two locations Shelby’s attempt at burgers is what so many great small restaurants in Ottawa have done for tacos — keep it simple, old-school, and seriously good. Even the paper bag says: old school

What’s in the paper bag? According to the @Eatshelbyburger Instagram page, Shelby’s serves an abbreviated menu of shredded grass-fed beef burgers. The meat, sandwiched between tender potato buns, comes from small family farms in PEI, served with vibrant orange American cheese, fries and Shelby’s secret sauce. You can add any additional toppings like bacon, lettuce, onion and tomato. Beef not your thing? Go with crispy chicken or celery root steak Round out that order with onion rings, fries (Herbie or sweet potato), or poutine for a serious appetizer.

What about the name? The Shelby is connected to its sister restaurant by a loose theme: vintage cars (Nissan’s Buick Riviera and Datsun brands). Named after the Shelby Mustang designed by race car driver Carroll Shelby, the vintage vibe permeates the interior of the William Street space at Byward Market.

Best Hamburger Restaurant In Ottawa

Both the interior and exterior colors match the British Down Spout Green with a Pharaoh and Ball color parallel to British vintage racing cars. Inside, the restaurant’s vintage-style decor speaks to the unpretentious food on offer. A jukebox from Tyler Jukebox of Elmer sits next to a 1960s diner in a vibrant aquamarine that hails from Buffalo, New York. Other vintage touches include pendant lights from Hamilton’s SMASH Salvage and bathroom doors from a rural Ontario antique shop.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Team Shelby members Jeremy Rogg and Jordan Holley pose for a photo with Guillermo Trejo, who will decorate the dark wall behind the jukebox with a mural.

Where can I eat a Shelby burger? Since the new COVID rules were once in place

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