Best French Restaurant In Bali

Best French Restaurant In Bali – Knowing the island’s dining scene, we share our favorite culinary spots in our latest dining guide to Bali’s best restaurants. From the seaside spots of Seminyak and hipster eateries in boho Canggu to some of Asia’s best restaurants in the jungle city of Ubud and world-class restaurants with stunning views in the Bukit Peninsula, Asia Collective’s ultimate guide to the best restaurants in Bali. features the ultimate dining spots you can’t miss!

Join us on a whirlwind tour of Bali’s best restaurants, with mesmerizing interiors and unique menus that make the island a culinary destination the rest of the world can only dream of!

Best French Restaurant In Bali

Best French Restaurant In Bali

Escape to Italy with an authentic Italian food and wine experience, set in attractive interiors that exude the feel of Capri in the heart of Seminyak. The famous Italian osteria attracts a hip crowd and has quickly evolved into the trendiest place to see and be seen.

Le Quartier (french Restaurant)

Bringing the Amalfi Coast to Bali, Da Maria highlights the diversity of Italian food, wine, music, art and friends with stunning interiors by Roman architect Lazzarini Pickering. Join the crowd at their busy bar and enjoy the sweet life with Da Maria’s Campari-based preparations for a banging night out.

Ijen is the first zero-waste seafood restaurant in Indonesia, proudly serving fresh, line-caught fish in an outdoor setting made from recycled materials. With sweeping views of the Indian Ocean, it’s the ideal spot for a tropical island meal or a carefully crafted sunset cocktail.

The daily catch is cooked over a wood fire and complemented by a range of creative plant-based dishes, such as a cool watermelon salad and smoked prawn skewers, all designed to be shared. Every detail at Ijen is consciously designed to reflect the Potato Head family’s “Good Times, Do Good” ethos.

TAC Tip: Shop hungry in Bali to get exclusive privileges at Bali’s best restaurants, including a free meal at Ijen.

Of The Best Restaurants In Bali To Book Right Now

Kaum, which means “tribe” in Indonesian, offers authentic Indonesian cuisine, with a thoughtfully curated menu using traditional indigenous cooking skills, methods and original ingredients derived from extensive research in the archipelago.

The focused menu features time-honored dishes and traditional Balinese flavors, such as aromatic satay babi kakep and nasi goreng. Dining Room Mirrors

Indonesian craftsmanship, design and culture, including authentic Torajan wood carvings, custom ceramic tableware and long communal tables, enhance the traditional family-style dinner.

Best French Restaurant In Bali

TAC Tip: Shop hungry in Bali to get exclusive privileges at Bali’s best restaurants, including a large plate complete with the purchase of a small plate at Koum.

Genius Bistro Bali

One of Bali’s most innovative eateries has just reopened its doors, with Uni Restaurant & Bar returning to the Indonesian dining scene. Welcomed by star chef and owner Steven Skelly, the 70-seat venue joins its return with brand new food and drink, not to mention urban art details by renowned French artist and friend Yaz, the man behind Incredible. wall painting

While seafood will continue to dominate the menu, chef Steven welcomed a more casual approach at Uni, as well as championing local produce. Each week sees a brand new 5-course tasting menu for 230kk, as well as a weekly new vegetarian menu, both with Elios cheese supplements supported by a wide selection of natural wines that are part of Uni’s core DNA.

Enter the world of southern Italy with a dreamy interior decorated with Moorish whitewashed walls and dark green thors. Inspired by the Pugliese roots of award-winning chef Maurizio Bombini, Mauri offers a contemporary Italian dining experience with a touch of tradition, where ingredients are carefully handled to bring out their purest flavors.

Aiming to use as much homegrown produce as possible from its hydroponic roof garden and selecting the highest quality of local produce in collaboration with Balinese farmers, the restaurant offers conscious cuisine that respects the seasonality and origin of ingredients. Opt for a 4-seat chef’s counter for a private tasting with Chef Maurizio.

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TAC Tip: Shop hungry in Bali for exclusive privileges at Bali’s best restaurants, including two free cocktails with the purchase of two tasting menus at Maury.

KU DE TA’s state-of-the-art restaurant Majekavi, which means ‘holy table’, is an intimate space offering a sophisticated yet relaxed fine dining experience. The impressive culinary skills of British Head Chef Stephen Moore present an ultra-contemporary tasting menu prepared with fresh seasonal produce, which can also be paired with premium wines.

Dishes are prepared with a mix of traditional Indonesian recipes and techniques, and modern cooking methods, served against the stunning backdrop of the Indian Ocean. Sip a refreshing aperitif before your meal, go for a classic Negroni, a sparkling Bellini or a refreshing Aperol Spritz – cheers!

Best French Restaurant In Bali

TAC Tip: Shop hungry in Bali for exclusive privileges at Bali’s best restaurants, including two free appetizers with the purchase of two tasting menus at Majekavi.

Best New Restaurants In Bali: 2022

Visit these taquerias and tequillerias in Seminyak for the best Mexican on the island! A whimsical candlelit altar awaits you before entering this 1960s Acapulco retro-style haven into its photogenic two-story interior wonders.

In addition to a delicious selection of your usual Mexican suspects like quesadillas, tacos and ceviches, you’ll also find one of Bali’s best parties at Motel Mexicola – get ready to dance on the tables and drink free tequila in your mouth! Hello!

The new kid on the block, Mosto Bali is Indonesia’s first natural wine bar, located in Canggu. The pulpy, freshly pressed, unfermented grape juice that begins the winemaking process is known as “must” in Italian. It’s an apt name for the 70-seat casual cafe and bar, which seeks to bring a relaxed, unfiltered and unmistakably European style to the up-and-coming neighborhood.

Must is an expression of what a drinking and dining experience should be in its purest form – from the light design to the forward-thinking but approachable menu and, of course, the cocktails and low-intervention wine list – and it’s inspired. Through Sydney’s burgeoning wine bar and the new bistros that have revitalized Paris.

These Are The 15 Best Restaurants In Bali

An unforgettable boutique shop located on the second level above the Bali Boat Shed, it is the latest mastermind from the culinary mind behind Seminyak institution Sea Circus. With its elegant tropical decor, amazing cocktails and fun menu, Neon Palms is not to be missed on your Seminyak adventures!

Indulge in their signature flatbread tacos, Korean spicy chicken strips and shrimp sushi bowls for the ultimate Balinese feast. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can shop, dine and dine under one jungle-style roof – don’t blame us if you’re left to spend after a few cocktails!

TAC Tip: Shop hungry in Bali to get exclusive privileges at Bali’s best restaurants, including 20% ​​off the total bill or unlimited 2 for 1 cocktails at Neonpalms.

Best French Restaurant In Bali

You can’t miss this rainbow-colored Seminyak institution with its quirky interiors and delicious day-to-night dining offerings. You’ll be hard-pressed to pick a menu favorite among its famous acai bowls, fish tacos and margarita pitchers as Sea Circus has one of the city’s tastiest options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Best Places To Eat In Canggu, Bali

Bring the family for an addictive breakfast experience or tuck in with your love for a mindless feast under twinkling fairy lights.

TAC Tip: Shop hungry in Bali to get exclusive privileges at Bali’s best restaurants, including 20% ​​off the bill or 2-for-1 unlimited cocktails at Sea Circus.

Discover one of the most iconic and Insta-worthy places in Bali with a tree-inspired look. Azul Beach Club has a tropical ambiance, a comfortable outdoor restaurant, aesthetic interiors, the first tiki bar in Bali and a dazzling infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean, all in a vibrant tropical setting. Decorated with local art and splashed with chic turquoise hues, the space also practices an eco-friendly policy by using locally sourced bamboo in the 3-level treehouse. Azul Beach Club is famous as one of the best sunset spots in Bali.

Indulge in a wide selection of dishes with fresh and aromatic coastal and Asian flavors, along with a bold and playful cocktail list. Whether it’s dining, sunset cocktails or a relaxing day spent snacking by the beach – Azul Beach Club has something for everyone and is an island experience not to be missed.

Seminyak Mexican Restaurant And Steak Dining

The lawn was designed to fit right into their shoreline and has the ocean and sunset views they have become famous for. Enjoy a glass of their signature frozo and take a quick dip in their beachfront infinity pool to cool off after sunbathing on the lawn. Head to the sunset deck to end the day and get the best views of the entire west coast from Uluwatu to Tanah Lot.

The casual eatery offers lunch sharing plates for intimate dining, showcasing its fare of a clever mix of international flavors and a local twist. All bars have a Balinese spin on classic cocktails by creating their drinks with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.

TAC Tip: Shop hungry in Bali to get exclusive privileges at Bali’s best restaurants, including two free cocktails with the purchase of two mains at The Lawn.

Best French Restaurant In Bali

Slow’s Restaurant is contemporary

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