Best Font Size For Email Newsletter

Best Font Size For Email Newsletter

Best Font Size For Email Newsletter

Best Font Size For Email Newsletter – Would you buy your favorite brownie cookie but in a resealable bag? Obviously not. It breaks the crust and stains your hands.

Likewise, an incorrect banner format will not show your email content, no matter how valuable it is. If a banner is too long, won’t load, or looks awful, it will repel your audience – just like you would reject a brownie because it wasn’t wrapped properly.

Best Font Size For Email Newsletter

Best Font Size For Email Newsletter

In this article, we answer the long-standing and ubiquitous question of the ideal email banner size, along with some of the best-kept email banner tips and tricks.

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Including a banner in your emails is a proven way to increase engagement as it has a 10% click-through rate. Email banners contain basic information, such as brand contact information and an unsubscribe link, that complies with anti-spam laws. So make sure your emails go straight to your audience’s inboxes.

A banner is a container to showcase your value proposition, call to action, compelling graphics, brand logo, and more. It’s what sets you apart from the clutter in your audience’s inboxes. However, an incorrect banner size can ruin all your hard work.

Like email design, email banner sizes have changed over the years. What was once considered accurate is now a thing of the past.

Let’s go back to when Microsoft Outlook ruled the email world. Most computer screens at the time were 1024 pixels, which limited marketers to designing banners no wider than 600 pixels. Alas, the golden 600px rule was born.

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Marketers still follow this rule religiously, but times have changed. As of April 2021, the most common desktop screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. This proves that marketers can go beyond 600px wide when designing emails. Funnily enough, some people swear by sending full-width emails for an instant wow factor.

In the past, email was primarily opened on a computer screen. However, 46% of emails are now opened on mobile devices. This requires a different format when designing email banners for mobile.

It is believed that popular email service providers, such as Gmail and Outlook, do not display banner background colors larger than 640 pixels. However, it isn’t. Many marketers design emails up to 800px only to find that they display very well on different email clients.

Best Font Size For Email Newsletter

Email marketers believe that it doesn’t matter how long the banner is, as long as the width is controlled. Let’s pop the bubbles – the height of an email banner is just as important as the width.

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The average length of an email is between 1500px and 2000px. Email banners shouldn’t exceed this or you’ll annoy readers waiting for the email to end. We recommend following the recommended heights for different types of banners, which are discussed in the sections below.

Email banners come in all shapes and sizes. They have different places in the email and serve specific purposes.

Headlines are the first thing your audience sees when they open an email. It usually includes a vibrant but relevant background image, a brand logo, a call-to-action button, and a main headline that explains the gist of the email. Potential customers will rarely continue to read an email if it is unobtrusive.

For email headers, we recommend a width of 650px to 700px and a height of 90px to 200px for desktop screens. For mobile screens, a width of 350px and a maximum height of 100px is recommended.

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Many design-savvy marketers send emails with full-width headers. You can certainly jump on this bandwagon, but we recommend testing how your email displays on your target audience’s preferred email client before sending it.

Instead of writing a paragraph (or two) about the inspiration behind a product line or looking for reviews, get your message across with an attractive banner. While you can use as many banners as you want, we recommend using only one.

The ideal size for an email banner on a desktop screen is 650px to 700px (width) and 350px to 500px (height). For mobile screens, the recommended size is 350px (width) and 200px (height).

Best Font Size For Email Newsletter

Often called an email signature, the footer is at the bottom of the email. It often includes the company’s contact information, important links, coupon codes, social media handles, and an unsubscribe button.

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47.3% of all email is spam. Footers are crucial to keep your emails from ending up in dreaded folders. It complies with anti-spam laws by listing your company’s mailing address and contact information and providing an unsubscribe link.

For email footers, the recommended size for desktop screens ranges between 650px and 700px (width) and up to 150px (height). For mobile screens, 350px (width) and 100px (height) are recommended.

The ideal format for different banners has been found. The template’s default width is 600px, which can be increased to 900px, giving you the best of both worlds. The next time you design an email banner, use the following handy form as a reference.

Email banners are a game changer, we know that. But designing impactful banners is more than just following recommended sizes. Follow these tips and tricks to create eye-catching email banners.

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Keep track of the length of the text to make sure the banner doesn’t look too long. We recommend keeping each line between 45 and 75 characters. This works on both desktop and mobile screens, so you don’t have to worry about creating multiple banners.

The heavier the email, the more likely it will be truncated by your target email provider and sent to the spam folder. The email cannot exceed 100 KB and the banner cannot exceed 40 KB.

For banner images, consider using an image compression tool. All images must be saved in PNG format. The latter retain high quality after compression without compromising resolution.

Best Font Size For Email Newsletter

You can do a lot with the visual and textual content of your banner. With a vibrant background image, including a call-to-action button, that showcases your Google reviews, the ball is in your court.

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Just be sure to create harmony in the design. Text should not be placed on a patterned background, all colors should be placed together, links should appear as buttons, and the design should not be cluttered.

We recommend choosing a design from over 1000 ready-made templates. All templates are visually appealing and mobile-friendly. An easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor allows you to customize the template according to your branding requirements.

Fonts hosted on web servers provide great opportunities for creativity. However, there is always the concern that email clients don’t support it. We recommend using email-safe fonts so that your messages appear as intended.

We recommend testing emails before sending, especially for banners that are full width or wider than 700px. Find out which email provider your target audience mainly uses and send a test email. This is a small step in making sure your banners and emails look good to the end reader.

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Email banners promise your audience’s attention and engagement. However, the wrong size can ruin all your hard work. Follow our recommended email banner sizes for desktop and mobile screens to create an impressive email banner that displays well.

Want to improve your email user experience but don’t know how? Don’t worry, just follow these tips and you’ll be a pro.

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Best Font Size For Email Newsletter

Maintaining brand consistency in email marketing can be a tedious task, but following these quick steps will make it easy to get your email marketing job done. Nowadays, we see communication media such as social media, instant chat messaging, etc. increasing their presence in the virtual world. But on the other hand, email communication and email newsletters are still a long way off. More than 70% of companies use email to communicate with customers because email is reliable and a well-written email can do business with customers.

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But people get so many emails every day. Where does your email stand among the crowd in this situation? Is it persuasive and persuasive enough for a potential or existing customer to open and read it? Or is it just a new email flooding their inbox every day?

Keep in mind that a long email design that looks boring may not be attractive unless it contains some sensitive information or notifications. In other cases, especially when targeting a prospect or conducting a sales follow-up, the more compelling your email, the more likely it is to be read and engaged with the recipient. This is where the best email design comes in.

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