Best Fish Restaurant Oxford

Best Fish Restaurant Oxford

Best Fish Restaurant Oxford

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When you do a Google search for the best restaurants in Oxford, you’ll be greeted with a list of the same 10 places. As a lifelong local, I want to share hidden gems and budget fare along with the usual classics.

Best Fish Restaurant Oxford

Best Fish Restaurant Oxford

If you’re wondering where to eat in Oxford, there are plenty of great options. Oxford’s covered market offers inexpensive creative fare, more Asian restaurants are opening, and quaint Cowley Street is easy for chain restaurants and full of Caribbean culture in Morocco.

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The best food in Oxford is the cheapest, which is great news for those on a budget!

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Oxford is a small city, but there are certain areas of the city that you should identify based on their uniqueness or reputation for Oxford’s best restaurants and cafes.

Probably the only places in Oxford I would tell you to avoid are George Street and the Cornmarket as they are overrun with chain restaurants. The food is bad and you won’t be supporting any local businesses. Although these two areas are not my favourites, you shouldn’t completely avoid the city center as there are excellent restaurants and cafes in Oxford. check…

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Jericho: One area I would like to tell you about is Jericho in North Oxford. As well as some great cocktail bars, there have been plenty of independent restaurants here for years. You can walk there in less than 10 minutes from the city center.

Cowley Street: A part of Oxford that many tourists miss is Cowley Street, known for its ethnic cuisine ranging from Lebanese to Thai and Caribbean. It’s a favorite place to eat in Oxford, mostly because the prices are cheaper than downtown and Jericho. It takes 20 minutes on foot to reach Cowley Street from Oxford city center or you can hop on the bus and arrive in minutes.

As you can see most of Oxford on foot, you’ll have an appetite on your trip. Luckily, you’re never far from affordable, top-quality food.

Best Fish Restaurant Oxford

There are two branches of this Oxford restaurant under different names, but Jericho-based Rickety Press and Magdalen Road’s Rusty Bicycle offer the same menu. For tasty food in an informal setting, this is the best place to eat in Oxford for lunch or dinner.

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Both restaurants offer a short but sweet menu made up of excellent wood-fired pizzas and delicious burgers. My favorite pizza is the Chorizo ​​Spicy with chorizo ​​and red pepper.

I can also vouch for the burgers: Moo & Blue beef patty topped with bacon chipotle jam, gooey gorgonzola

The pear slices are AMAZING. Side dishes such as rosemary or truffle fries and garlic and cheese bread are also not to be missed.

In the mornings and on weekends, both restaurants serve delicious American breakfasts such as pancakes, chicken and waffles. They also serve a variety of teas and coffees, and their craftsmanship is well known.

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I love the cozy interiors of both Oxford restaurants; Rickety Press has more of a restaurant/bar feel while Rusty Bicycle has more of a pub feel.

Veggie Friendly: There’s a small vegetarian pizza with cheese and a pulled jackfruit burger that I’d like to try.

Address: 67 Cranham Street (Jericho) for Rickety Press and 28 Magdalen Road for Rusty Bikes. If you’re looking for a restaurant in central Oxford, Rickety Press is the closest to town.

Best Fish Restaurant Oxford

There’s great Asian food in Oxford, including this cozy restaurant serving authentic Japanese cuisine. Run by a married couple, this restaurant in the heart of Oxford has been serving home-cooked food for over 20 years.

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Little Edamame Restaurant on Turl Street is a true hidden gem that you may not have seen. With small, cozy shared tables, there’s often a queue at the door, but I’d recommend waiting for the best food in Oxford.

I visited for lunch one day and tried a delicious bowl of sushi for £10 a meal while my friend had a bowl of rich katsu soup. For the amount of high quality sashimi in my sushi bowl, I was really impressed. I will be back for a sushi experience Thursday night.

Worth checking the website before visiting as some menus only work at certain times. Currently, lunch is served every day of the week except Monday and Tuesday, dinner is only served on Friday and Saturday, and sushi is scheduled for Thursday evening.

Suitable for vegans? Not too much, although many dishes can be made with tofu instead of meat.

Antep Kitchen, Cowley

An unforgettable Oxford restaurant is Atomic Burger. On Cowley Street, this longtime restaurant has been a local favorite for decades. Worth a visit to see the whimsical interior with a giant Spiderman crawling on the ceiling. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a comic strip!

In classic American diner style, it’s all about the burgers and the quirky factor. You build your own burger, choose between four types of bun, either beef, chicken or veggie burger, then your choice of toppings. Must-try combos include Cordell (barbecue pulled pork and cheese), Frito Bandito (salsa, guac, nachos and sour cream) and Elizabeth Shue (camembert, prosciutto and red onion).

Price: Burgers start at £12 and include fries and tons of toppings. The price can go up to £17, but for a double pancake with more than 5 toppings, who’s complaining?

Best Fish Restaurant Oxford

Suitable for vegans? A lot. In addition to the veggie patties, there are plenty of meatless topping options such as Cactus Jack (pulled jackfruit, cheese, and onion) and Rocket Man (vegan garlic mayo and cheese, mushrooms, and arugula).

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Caribbean cuisine is the name of the game at Spiced Roots. I first visited in 2017 when it was new to the Oxford restaurant scene. Now, Spiced Roots is well established and known for its authentic cuisine and creative rum-themed cocktails.

The Caribbean soup is delicious. You can choose between goat, shrimp, and pumpkin, all of which include beans and roti. Other dishes include tamarind lamb with papaya and mint chutney; Guyanese beef in pepperbox; and whole oysters with okra.

With starters and sides such as saltfish fritters and plantain, it’s a unique dining experience in Oxford. But the highlight can be the rum cocktails! From classic rum punch to cashew daiquiri, Trinidad sour, banana republic, pina coladas and mojitos, they serve all your classics as well as more creative drinks you’ve never tried before.

Price: It’s high end as a few mains are under £20 and cocktails are around £10 each. It definitely “cures” the budget but is worth every penny.

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Suitable for vegans? You’ll be limited to a few dishes, but these are definitely flavorful using coconut, vegetables, and okra instead of meat.

You can’t talk about food in Oxford without mentioning Oli’s Thai and you can’t discuss the waiting list without recognizing three.

A. Although dining at Oli’s Thai is somewhat of a mission, you won’t be disappointed, especially if you’re a foodie visiting Oxford. Don’t let this be a wasted meal!

Best Fish Restaurant Oxford

Oli’s Thai serves authentic Thai cuisine in a comfortable setting. They have a short but sweet menu which is my favorite type because you know the ingredients are fresh and every dish is classic. Delicious Penang duck is my absolute favorite Thai dish that I have eaten outside of Thailand. The meat is soft and tender. Apples, cashews, cherries and a side salad are delicious.

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If you don’t want to book three months in advance, rush when it opens at 5 p.m. and enter the bar. It will be worth it: Oli’s Thai is the best Thai food in Oxford and possibly the UK!

Price: Main courses cost £10-14 and sides are around £4. Not good, I imagine they can charge a lot

Suitable for vegans? Remember that the entire menu is only eight dishes, not a bad offer. Choose between eggplant soup or lemon-chili tofu.

If you like to eat by the river, another tempting restaurant in Oxford is The Folly. On an island near the River Thames, it also offers alfresco dining and boating opportunities.

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Expect high priced British/European cuisine with classic dishes (mainly meat) with gourmet details. For £59 you can opt for a 6-course tasting menu, followed by afternoon tea for £22 with scones, cakes, sandwiches and tea.

Be sure to book ahead; Madness is a popular place due to its reputation and surroundings.

Gee always comes up in reviews of Oxford’s best restaurants. With very good press, I checked it out and can confirm that the hype is warranted.

Best Fish Restaurant Oxford

This rustic restaurant located in a Victorian greenhouse serves Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. Choose from starters, including wood-fired squid with beans and chili, and mains

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