Best Ecuadorian Restaurant In Quito

Best Ecuadorian Restaurant In Quito – Ecuadorian food never ceases to amaze those who seek refuge in learning about the richness of their culture and diet. Quito, the capital of the country, is a good starting point for discovering authentic South American cuisine.

Local chefs offer delicious food from the Galápagos to the Amazon, and from the mountains to the coast. Their ideas and techniques combine both local and international cuisine, creating a diverse kaleidoscope of unique dishes around Ecuador’s capital.

Best Ecuadorian Restaurant In Quito

Best Ecuadorian Restaurant In Quito

Quito’s food scene is undeniably thriving. This article contains a list of the best restaurants in Quito that you should try.

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Diosolopay is across the street from the Metropolitan Cultural Center. In the garden, you can eat al fresco. Ecuadorian food culture is influenced, but not limited to dishes. The dishes are beautiful and everything is beautiful as is.

We recommend trying their Fanesca, a stew full of beans, corn, and potatoes, and served with hard-boiled eggs, small empanadas, fried plantain pieces, and small fish.

Alejandro Chamorro and Pia Salazar, married couple, run Nuema. The restaurant only has a menu, which starts at $85 and has at least seven dishes. Ask your server about a local wine that goes well with any course, or order from the menu, which has a good selection of wines that are made with our ingredients.

This restaurant, located outside the quiet Parque de Cumbayá, has a beautiful picture with chandeliers and beautiful modern paintings. If you are going to eat in a beautiful place, the rooftop patio is one of the best places to eat in Quito because it has a great 360-degree view of the city and the surrounding mountains.

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Chef Erick Dreyer’s signature dishes, such as wild boar, Ecuadorian Black Angus steak, and local potatoes, will follow. Cire has excellent food and is recommended for an average price of $36 USD per person, which is reasonable for what you get.

Zfood is a fish market and restaurant. You can buy the fresh catch of the day by waking up or having dinner with a large menu of seafood and large dishes. The restaurant has outdoor seating and blue dining areas, so you can choose your favorite place before tucking into their delicious food.

The best thing about Zfoods is that they promise to conserve water and maintain good health while not harming the environment. No doubt, this is what the world needs in the fish sector!

Best Ecuadorian Restaurant In Quito

Somos manages to strike the right mix of Ecuadorian and French food. All of these are the ideas of chef Alejandra Espinoza, who combines inspiration from her home in Ecuador with the culinary knowledge she gained in France.

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While you’re here, we recommend ordering their pork, a popular dish prepared in many ways, including dumplings and fried pork. Apart from their delicious food, the charm of Somo’s is the menu with bright colors and catchy words that all customers love.

Zazu Restaurant is led by chef Wilson Apala with his unique and experimental style. The food here is modern, with Latin influences on the dishes. It is the array of rare ingredients that accentuate the texture, flavor, and harmony in this empowering dish.

This is one of the few restaurants in Ecuador that is a member of the Relais Château network. This beautiful and popular restaurant offers many delicious dishes. Reservations are recommended.

Urko, with its beautiful and traditional dining area, is another great restaurant in Quito. Daniel Maldonado’s culinary combination of ideas, techniques, and environment attracts many diners to the Quiteno restaurant.

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Chef Daniel Maldonado has created a diet based on the cycle of the earth, with food changing according to nature and the four seasons: harvest, birth, sowing, and flowers.

Menus start at $80 per person and feature Andean corn, clams and chocolate, smoked Amazonian salmon, and traditional guinea pig belly.

This restaurant is Ecuador’s first gastro-picanteria, which is seen from the simple and quiet of the dining area filled with green vegetables. This restaurant has a modern touch through a refined treatment, combining the best Ecuadorian products with a creative menu overseen by chef Mauricio Acuńa.

Best Ecuadorian Restaurant In Quito

Starters on the menu include a fish dish with wild mushrooms. The house’s special kitchen includes handmade cold dishes such as spicy chorizo​​​​​​​​​​ and country-style chicken or suckling pig. Each dish is excellent, made with fresh Ecuadorian delicacies and organic vegetables, and served with yellow potatoes or beautiful pink flowers that reflect the nature of the food.

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Cafeteria Modelo is one of the oldest restaurants in the city, and it is the best place to taste dishes such as empanadas de verde (platainain dough empanadas), quimbolitos (sweet, corn-like cups bread), and women.

It is also a popular sweet shop. Ecuador’s exotic, small traps make for a healthy meal.

Vista Hermosa, which means beautiful in English, is a popular spot in El Centro that offers a 360-degree view of the Old Town from its open-air rooftop patio. Specialties from Ecuador include Seco de Chivo (goat stew). They have live music at 10pm. On Friday and Saturday that adds to the enchantment of the café. It is best to arrive early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

Quito has a variety of food and dining options. Any place with a restaurant or cafe is worth a visit.

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There is no doubt that Ecuadorian cuisine is a delight for everyone. Don’t miss the local food and eat at the above restaurants while in Quito.

We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we hope you enjoy it. OkThe Historic Center of Quito calls for a good time, whether it is seeing the beauty of the church and the museum or spending the night looking for a special place to eat delicious food at home. .

Casa Gangotena is one of Quito’s best hotels, located in Plaza De San Francisco in a well-reconstructed colonial-era building that goes above and beyond to attract tourists from around the world.

Best Ecuadorian Restaurant In Quito

The gastronomy of the restaurant is one of its highlights. Byron Rivera, a Cordon bleu-trained chef, sets new standards by promoting the richness and complexity of Ecuador’s flavors.

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The restaurant is proud to use local resources to create dishes like Llama Spring Rolls and Red Snapper Ceviche. There is no doubt that this hotel is worth it.

A cooking course in Altamira is a great opportunity to learn about Ecuadorian cuisine while experiencing the hospitality of French-Ecuadorian owners. Crepes and potato soup are on the menu, as is lunch every day in a beautiful setting overlooking the Basilica.

Hands-on classes, starting with cooking and ending with a business trip. In a place of the last reception of colonial architecture, Edwin skillfully walks you through the recipes for new Ecuadorian dishes such as Encocado, fish stew and ceviche from the coast.

After making many of these dishes, the chefs are happy with their creations and Lucie Besson, the former French lover of food and hospitality.

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Café Tianguez is located under the cathedral of San Francisco, an outdoor dining area under an umbrella in the square. Tianguez, a well-known Indian market in the area, serves a variety of Ecuadorian cuisine.

With coffee on the side, try Humitas or Locro de Papa soup. Afterwards, visit the local market next to the hotel for some of the best handicrafts Ecuador has to offer.

Fabiolita is a family owned restaurant located in Plaza Independencia. It is the perfect place to grab sandwiches, juice and tea. They also have gluten-free options like quinoa salad. We recommend trying the Pork Sandwich and Empanadas.

Best Ecuadorian Restaurant In Quito

Café Dios No Muere is a great place to stop while exploring the historic area. It’s Quito’s first, owned by a Louisiana Ex-pat who turned his passion for Cajun food and hospitality into an up-and-coming restaurant next to the Santa Catalina Monastery, home to four hundred years outside the city. San Juan area.

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Cajun shrimp, specialty cheeses and meats, plus a good selection of local wines and microbrews round out the menu. After a good meal, local ingredients, daily, weekly and seasonal specials like jambalaya help make it fun.

Café Mosaico, which overlooks Quito from the Itchimba mountain, is worth the trip just for the scenery. Inside, the brilliance of art and design dazzles, but go out and back and you will get a good view of Quito’s Old Town and the Virgin of Panecillo (not visible from the road), and -do for good photo opportunities.

The extensive menu, which includes Greek, Ecuadorian and American cuisine, is varied. Don’t miss to try their coffee! As they say on their website, “Coffee is what we say, again we are

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