Best Dinner Venues Canberra

Best Dinner Venues Canberra

Best Dinner Venues Canberra

Best Dinner Venues Canberra – Canberra is steeped in history and culture, but it’s fast becoming a foodie paradise Wander the city’s streets and you’ll stumble upon the best places, from fine dining to chic dining and local boutiques. Check out our picks above

Canberra’s Rebels is known for delicious, well-made food in front of David Bowie and great prices. Sean McConnell’s menu offers something for everyone, from oysters and champagne to a bowl of granola and scrambled egg whites—at Rebellion, it’s all about giving the crowd what they want. In fact, it’s not just a restaurant; This multi-purpose venue features take-out service and a bottle shop.It’s a one-stop shop for all your beverage needs.

Best Dinner Venues Canberra

Best Dinner Venues Canberra

Lilotang is regarded as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Canberra, offering mouth-watering dishes from wagyu beef brisket wrapped in boa to the toothsome. Work your way through a full plate full of flavors while tucking into the restaurant’s interior with a complimentary cocktail.

More New Places To Eat In Canberra In 2020

If you’re looking for great water and a good meal to pair, sign up for an evening on a houseboat. Their four-course menu consists of the best products from the region prepared in a sophisticated manner. Vote for your favorite from our award-winning drinks list, and enjoy course after course as the sun sets.

While the French-inspired Corzette is located in the heart of the city, you wouldn’t know it from the restaurant’s quiet surroundings and beautiful garden. n Executive chef, James Musillon, combines his Au background with European training to create a four-course menu focused on the best seafood. And if you like to infuse your food with a ‘je ne sais quoi’ (something special), you will be delighted to see a plate decorated with flower petals sprinkled on top of your artistic food.

When it comes to trendy hotels in Canberra, Ovolo Nishi takes the cake and its in-house restaurant, Monster Kitchen and Bar follows suit. Known for its historic-modern prices that change with the seasons, from morning to night, it is a great place to dine with family or friends. Choose from one of the restaurant’s four stunning rooms, from the state-of-the-art mosaic room to the historic salon and dining room – you’ll soon realize that it’s not the food that makes the meal here.

If a special event is on the menu, the authentic and well-prepared Aubergine is the place to go. Considered one of the country’s best two-party restaurants, take a bite into their creative, innovative and your tastebuds won’t know what hit them. The restaurant’s menu is updated daily using the best ingredients local farmers have to offer. Fresh, emotional and truly delicious. Add that to our over 500 award-winning wine list.

Romantic Restaurants In Canberra You Need To Try

Owned and operated by the developer of two Italian restaurants, it’s no wonder The Italian Place has received nothing but praise since it opened. Combining fresh produce with authentic Italian flavors, it’s hard not to love the hearty dishes on this menu. Think handmade ravioli with pork jus, ink pot pasta, and delicious homemade gelato. Bring the whole family and enjoy the great outdoors

For a taste of Southeast Asia, look no further than XO Enter the restaurant’s dining room, complete with white walls and an 80’s vintage menu, and you’ll feel like you’ve traveled beyond the city streets to get there. XO prides itself on its innovative dishes infused with the flavors of South Asia. Pho leaves are a must, and they’re even tastier with their creative cocktails. Who makes the Asian-inspired Aperol?

The Pilot is a gem of a Canberra restaurant From attention to detail, exquisite interiors to fresh local produce and excellent service, nothing beats it. It’s a place to have fun, and you’re sure to succeed. Grab that special someone and share an eight-course decadent dining experience.

Best Dinner Venues Canberra

For good Spanish fare, good vibes and a tasty menu it will have food on the go, heading to Canberra’s Temporada. Expect to enjoy their creative cuisine, seasonal products that are wood-fired and infused with Spanish flavors. You really can’t go wrong with Temporada

How To Spend 48 Hours In Canberra

Dana Canberra’s award-winning restaurant brings a taste of the city’s Indian cuisine Inspired by its forebears, this family-run restaurant lives up to the tradition of sharing and sharing. It was also made in the cloth of their name; ‘Dana’ means ‘freedom’ in Sanskrit. Order one of their signature dishes and you’re sure to be immersed in the sounds, smells and tastes of India.

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Best Canberra Restaurants To Please Yr Foodie Heart

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The capital is not always the best way. It is the seat of our government and home to the most important cultural institutions, but are you looking for the best coffee? It wasn’t easy. In recent years, however, many talented locals have opened cafes, bars, restaurants and small bars that can easily compete with big cities.

Surrounded by farmland and a growing multicultural population, the ACT today is home to food that celebrates local, seasonal and regional fare and is now winning hearts – and hats. Whether you’re in town for the weekend or longer, here’s the scoop on Canberra’s best restaurants.

Best Dinner Venues Canberra

Located on the edge of New Acton in Civic, the famous Ona Coffee, the city’s largest specialty coffee shop, is the place to indulge in strong caffeine. Scandi’s extensive coffee shop offers an A-Z of bean-based brews – you can even try cascara tea, made with cherries from the coffee tree – while avoiding toast and hotcakes, and an all-day menu of comfort food. old. Keep up the good work ping The Canberra coffee diaspora also has Hiway Cafe on their radar in Dixon, along with new city RC.

Pialligo Estate: Farm To Table Dining

Simple but homely, the hotel’s dining complements lunch Sit on a leather chair on one side or against the wall and order an espresso of local red – or a glass of it – and a crumbled soufflé. Literary programs are also organized at nearby libraries

This restaurant by chef Sean McConnell (formerly of Monster Kitchen & Bar) is all salvaged wood, raw concrete and matte black finishes – but the interior is stripped back in contrast to the menu’s extensive menu. From breakfast paka cacao (the restaurant’s take on popa cacao) to croquettes, duck confit and cider, the food is delicious, creative and well-presented.

The powerful restaurant group behind Canberra stalwart Chairman & Yip and The Light Room aims for its latest salvo with a well-designed omakase restaurant that seats 10 people at a time at its elegant L counter. From this stage, sushi master Shinya Nakano is preparing an 18-course menu. might include Hokkaido scallops bathed in sweet garlic butter and delicious WA WA scampi with fingerlings and cod roe.

Follow the sounds of the happy conversation upstairs to this beautiful place with a hat and you’ll find the best things in town.

Restaurants In Kingston Area

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