Best Dinner Spots Ottawa

Best Dinner Spots Ottawa

Best Dinner Spots Ottawa

Best Dinner Spots Ottawa – Ottawa has many excellent restaurants. Almost every month another new restaurant opens in town. Because we have so many choices of where to eat. Choosing where to eat next can be difficult. To help you figure out where to go and try. We’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants in Ottawa that you won’t regret going to.

Most of us can’t always eat at the best restaurants in Ottawa. But they are worth spending on a special night like a birthday. Two places worth spending your hard-earned money on are Atelier and Riviera, ranked as Canada’s best restaurants by Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants.

Best Dinner Spots Ottawa

Best Dinner Spots Ottawa

Fortunately, not all good-value restaurants in Ottawa are expensive. Local gems like Sansotei Ramen always have a storefront. And there you can dine very cheaply. Another place you must try is Art-Is-In Bakery, where you can enjoy some of the best pastries and pizzas in town.

A Foodie’s Guide To Ottawa: Best Restaurants In The Capital

Why you should go: It was recently rated one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Canada by Open Table.

Why you should go: Located in an old bank building. Not only the beautiful interior This year, Riviera was named one of Canada’s best restaurants by Canada’s 100 Best ranking.

Why you should go: Atelier is often rated as one of the best restaurants in Canada. And they serve a memorable 12-course dinner.

Why you should go: You can enjoy a panoramic view of the Parliament building from the outdoor courtyard.

Top 5 Lunch Restaurants In Ottawa [2022 ]

Why you should go: They have conveyor belts to serve sushi like you’d find in Japan.

Why you should go: There’s a reason Sanso pours. There’s always a line for ramen — delicious and affordable!

Why you should go: Located inside the Ottawa Art Gallery. It’s a great place for brunch or to enjoy small plates and cocktails.

Best Dinner Spots Ottawa

Why you should go: Chef Blackie offers expertly prepared food at affordable prices. If you feel hungry you can enjoy a large brunch board or a multi-course tasting menu here.

Classic Ottawa Pubs And Bars Recommended By A Local

There is a story everywhere. If you see an interesting event on the news in your city, send us a message, photo or video to @Canada on Twitter and Instagram. Canada turns 150 this year and what better time to visit Ottawa! I’ve been a proud Canadian citizen for 25 years, but I can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve visited Ottawa, so I jumped on the weekend to rediscover the city. It is a beautiful city and I toured it visiting the Parliament and other government buildings. I also ate all over the city for 3 days – of course!- because Ottawa has become a great foodie city in recent years.

This was a joke our waiter told us at the zoo, and it might have been true a few years ago. But that is no longer true. Because you have a lot to do in Ottawa these days. Here I eat.

Fairouz Fairouz is the name of a Lebanese singer and favorite artist in the Arab world. Fairouz is the name of a great Middle Eastern restaurant in Ottawa that spans from Turkey and Iran to Lebanon. Syria and many more This elegant restaurant is located inside an old building. The bright rooms are painted white and accented with turquoise (fayrouz means turquoise in Arabic). Portraits of Fayrouz and intricate Moorish scenes and lamps complete the chic yet casual decor. Fayrouz is rooted in tradition. But served with modernity and perfect taste. The dish arrangement is also beautiful. And what made me want to try this restaurant? (I later found it ranked #46 on the 2017 list of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants). Zaatar and mint served with freshly baked pita bread. and salmon pasta with anchovies, kataifi, olives and emen aioli for dessert. Halloumi cheese with hibiscus jelly, rose pearls and pistachio flour is the perfect finish!

Fauna Ottawa I visited the Fauna for dinner on Sunday before heading back to Montreal. The place was almost empty. But the welcome was friendly and attentive. Fauna was recently ranked 75th in Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants, one of only two restaurants in Ottawa. The dining room is casual. A brick wall flanks one side of the room with a dark wooden table and a large lantern facing the bar. We started with the Blue Sea cocktail, a mix of Ungava gin, cucumber, black pepper, grapefruit, lime and chilli. It’s one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had. Our meal started with Brussels sprouts with duck fat, parmesan cheese, truffles and crispy shallots. and fried calamari with wasabi and horseradish mayo. Slaw and Stomach Our main dish is Codfish with Fingerling Soup, which I shared on Instagram. Duck breast with cherry tomatoes, squash, cabbage, za’atar emulsion and roasted carrots and sage and goat cheese, salsify, mushrooms, kale and black trumpet puree. If you’re visiting Ottawa, add Fauna to your list of restaurants.

Great Restaurants In Ottawa

Datsun, a lively restaurant serving “Asian food” Datsun is recommended by many. If you can sit at the bar in the back of the restaurant for fun and watch the action in the kitchen. The cocktails are really delicious. Hence the elevated Pan-Asian diet should be shared. I tried the Pork Belly Steamed Buns. Cauliflower almonds with fresh curry leaves and papaya salad with curry leaves cashews and young coconut and spicy laksa kati with seafood and ramen noodles. I would like to have more food and drinks. But I’m having my second dinner next door on El Camino.

First came the El Camino, followed by the El Camino’s sister Datsun. However, if you are going to dine at two restaurants on the same evening, start with Datsun as they close early. Slightly darker in color. The food here is typical Mexican. Tacos start at 5$ and they are delicious. That’s right, you can have two dinners in one night. Make dinner with two more tacos! I tried the Japanese Eggplant Tacos and the Crispy Fish Tacos and both were mouthwatering. The crust is soft and light, and the filling is crunchy with a spicy sauce. Throw in a margarita and you have a great way to end a delicious night!

Edgar’s If there’s one place I really want to eat, it’s Edgar’s for brunch. There are only about a dozen seats. It is open for lunch during the week and for brunch on anticipated weekends. We had to wait 20 or 30 minutes to grab the two seats we wanted, so order yourself a lot and sit outside while you wait. It’s worth it. Chef Mariesol Foucault is a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen. She is a small restaurateur who cooks a new brunch menu every weekend. Saturday I was there we fed the Dutch baby with apples, cheddar cheese, maple syrup and pork belly. Stuffed with pulled pork including poblanos and topped with cheddar. Served with fried eggs, fried onions, sweet potatoes and sour cream. But I couldn’t resist the tempting homemade pastries. So I had to try the carrot cake. I’m planning another trip to Ottawa to eat at Edgar’s again.

Best Dinner Spots Ottawa

Hintonburg Public House I go to this simple, no-frills brewpub for brunch. This place is an interesting collection of weathered wood. Colorful chairs and tables large wall art and carefully selected items The menu focuses on local food, wine and craft beer, HPH ploughman’s plate with Canadian bacon. Farm-fresh eggs, baked beans, country bread and jam keep me full for the day. And the HPH burger with whipped goat cheese and fries is delicious. It’s too early for me to drink beer. So I can’t say anything about their beers. But the space is inviting and unpretentious. Prepare comfort food inspired by friendly staff and British pubs.

Ottawa’s Best Lunch Spots

Parliament of Canada I visited the Parliament in a way I don’t think I’ve ever done since becoming a Canadian citizen 25 years ago! And it was a very pleasant visit! Our

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