Best Digital Marketing Campaigns In The World

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns In The World

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns In The World

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns In The World – Here’s our selection of the best creative marketing campaigns we’ve seen on the web recently to inspire you.

The marketing industry is constantly evolving, and with changes to privacy, cookies and shopping habits, we’ve seen many brands get more creative with their marketing campaigns. And we want to see it!

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns In The World

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns In The World

In a recent interview, The Drum said more than a third of adults feel “disrupted” by brands tracking their data. As a result, CMO L’Oréal UK & Ireland, Lex Bradshaw-Zanger, said that advertising and marketing should be more: human, “helpful and unobtrusive”. We couldn’t agree more, and it’s clear that many brands are taking this opportunity to think outside the box.

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So which companies have caught our eye with their campaigns recently? Who maintains the balance between campaigns that are innovative and engaging, as well as humane and non-intrusive?

Here’s our top pick of some of the best marketing campaigns we’ve seen recently, why we love them, and how you can get started.

Optometrists brand Specsavers recently killed it with an advertising campaign that emphasizes the need for quality eyewear.

First, you wouldn’t expect an optical brand to be on the list of “best creative marketing campaigns.” But that’s why it’s great. Specsavers thinks outside the box when it comes to OOH developers and paid social strategy.

Solution: Best Digital Marketing Campaigns In The World

Their OOH advertising grabs people’s attention, making people stop in their tracks and check if they read it wrong. The designers are very simple, but the ideas behind them are well thought out and captivating. This shows that designs don’t have to be crazy and ugly to make campaigns work.

Twitter Promoted Posts are a skill! Instead of shouting it from the rooftops, using the daily response of Twitter users as a public tweet is a secret you might miss. But for a number of Twitter users who never miss an update and hate bad advertising (hence its absence from the platform), Specsavers has hit the nail on the head.

Specsavers have taken the pain point of their audience (those who need help seeing or reading, which is a large part of the population) and made it the focus of their campaign. They showed the results of their products and also highlighted issues that the public didn’t know they needed help with, but now. What is the purpose of sales!

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns In The World

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how they are being marketed and advertised to – to this day. Take a leaf out of Specsavers’ book and think about how you can be smart and clever with your advertising design to elicit an emotion from your audience, be it laughter or an oh-ha moment. In addition, consider creating a marketing campaign that reaches your audience online and offline to build trust and credibility in your marketing.

Companies That Are Killing It With Their Digital Marketing Campaigns

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To showcase its spring collection, Ikea worked with Uzina to create a “Fresh at Ikea” campaign promoting its summer bedding.

Did you double? So did we. And that’s the best part of this campaign. It’s the latest in Ikea’s bed products and will make you hungry at the same time. That goes double for Ikea, which sells both blankets and ice cream!

The design does not require a lot of copy, but the idea of ​​”fresh” is clear, it encourages a new summer, light beds using the words “fresh” and cream and bright summer colors. Also, the feeling of “new” summer ice cream is nostalgic for many of those who see it and creates an immediate value among its audience.

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Like Specsavers, Ikea thought outside the box with this campaign. They made the blankets more attractive and in doing so drew attention to their products.

If you are trying to match your marketing campaigns with your audience, you may not have found this pain point or emotional connection with your audience. Everyone can relate to nostalgia, consider incorporating it into your campaigns like Ikea did.

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Best Digital Marketing Campaigns In The World

To launch their new crackers targeting a younger audience, Goldfish realized that their audience spends more time playing online games and using Snapchat. In this creative campaign, they combined the two to create the updated Snapchat AR lens that challenged users’ attention; Focus the lens on the face away. Using eye movement technology, the game tracked whether the user was distracted or not. If they can look at their new cracker for more than 9 seconds as it slowly moves across the screen, they will unlock a special discount. The more they play, the more their score and players get a score card to share with their Snapchat friends.

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Many brands have struggled to understand AR technology in their marketing campaigns, but this is a great example of a brand that has successfully used the technology to create a creative campaign that reaches new audiences.

We love this game marketing campaign from a brand that isn’t in the game industry itself. It increases brand awareness among their audience while encouraging repeat use of the game through reduced incentives. Goldfish really understood their audience with this campaign and entered the competition for the audience of online games.

Goldfish used new technology for this campaign, and it paid off. While not all companies have to do this to create a campaign, think about how you can use unique, engaging formats and content to create an engaging experience for your potential customers.

Another major benefit of this campaign is recognizing the importance of audience segmentation and creating campaigns around different audience groups. This was new for Goldfish’s audience, so they had to start a creative campaign that used different methods before and that’s what they did well.

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. Not satisfied with the results? No problem, use your data to make changes to your campaigns as you learn.

Frances Bourgeois rose to fame last year with her adorable TikTok videos. It is clear that the whole world thinks of him. So when The North Face and Gucci launched their latest collection, they chose Francis as the face of their advertising.

Frances Bourgeois is not your average influencer and this is not your average influencer marketing campaign. While Francis may seem like an unlikely match for Gucci and The North Face, this campaign is about discovery and exploration, which is exactly what Francis embodies on TikTok. The collection also has a vintage theme, like Francis himself, with his love of old locomotives and old clothes.

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns In The World

Francis has a huge following (2.4 million on TikTok and 1.5 million on Instagram), most of his videos get between 1 million and 13 million views, and he is loved all over the world. We think it was a smart idea for Gucci X North Face to use him as the face of a social media campaign to help them influence TikTok and Francis to a wider audience. The campaign and the collection got more attention than we think if they were using someone else.

The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns In The World, Hobbies & Toys, Books & Magazines, Fiction & Non Fiction On Carousell

Recently, there has been a change in social media where users are interested in real people and articles. Users are now choosing to follow real, idiosyncratic people like Frances Bourgeois over influencers who show a seemingly perfect life. Influencer marketing can greatly benefit companies in all different industries, and this is an example of how influencer engagement doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. When done right, like this campaign, companies can change public opinion and tap into new audiences they would otherwise be targeting.

The best creative marketing campaigns use emotion and creativity to create a human connection with your audience. Campaigns don’t have to be crazy complicated to create. Whether you’re stuck in a creative rut or looking for inspiration for your next campaign, we hope these examples and tips will help you create a genuine connection with your audience.

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