Best Digital Marketing Campaigns 2019

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns 2019 – Interactive marketing campaigns are now an important part of the online marketing strategy of different brands and companies. Interactive marketing is slowly becoming the norm for many advertisers. They are a huge part of every strategy in the happy world of advertising. It has become a tool for modern advertisers to turn people’s attention to their campaigns and mock competitors, in your face.

There are many companies that use the latest technology news and trends to design great interactive marketing campaigns. Also, interactive marketing is a great way to get people’s attention without being boring or intrusive. Consumers today are smarter than ever. They want advertising to be fun, like an activity that gives them a nice break from the daily grind. Interactive marketing is a great way to get customers to adopt positive thoughts and emotions. How do you do? By doing something unique, innovative and out of the ordinary they just can’t get enough. It has a high potential to make customers actually buy your product by attracting them to participate in your interactive marketing campaign. Having said that, humor and cheerfulness are two of the most important aspects of a good interactive marketing campaign.

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns 2019

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns 2019

That’s because humor changes people’s moods. It can turn your face into a smile. It affects you positively and makes you forget about your difficulties and enjoy the moment. Delight gives people a reason to share new knowledge (through interactive marketing campaigns) or experiences with their friends on social media or through instant chat. It adds flavor to people’s daily conversations, making them laugh a lot. It can become viral! It’s something that brands love when their campaigns get a lot of attention on social media platforms and spark conversations everywhere.

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#PayWithACupcake is a simple, low-budget cake made in Austin, Texas with the goal of getting as much attention as possible to the brand by bringing their commitment to always make you happy.

We’ve heard that Google is buying a food truck in Austin, Texas to promote its new Photos app

By distributing free cupcakes to those who use the hashtag #PayWithAPhoto, and we decided to organize their event. We immediately drove to Texas, put a #PayWithACupcake box next to their truck, and in exchange for these Google cupcakes, we gave people an exciting item from

There’s nothing more annoying than going to a bar with your friends and seeing where they can’t take their eyes off their smartphones. That’s why Polar beer, the best cold drink and sold exclusively in one Brazilian state, has created the ultimate solution to this global problem. Polar cell phone champion. A cooler that blocks 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and GSM signals to devices within a 1.5m radius.

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When people order a bottle of Polar, the waiter puts it into the Nullifier and explains the concept. In this way, everyone at the table is directly affected in a fun and surprising way. Once again, they will be able to interact with their friends more and less with gadgets.

Join our ever-greater fight to keep girls’ confidence high through adolescence and beyond. Using #LikeAGirl as a slur does a serious disservice to teenage girls. And since teenage rest isn’t exactly a picnic, it’s easy to see the huge impact it can have on a girl’s self-confidence. Let’s start by showing that doing #LikeGirl is cool!

In 2017, the world asks “how”. Questions such as joining the army, how to apply for a position, protest banners, how to be a good parent, to be a firefighter, will be asked more than ever. Explore the moments that shaped the year at #YearInSearch

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns 2019

“We’re not saying this lotion will make you smell like a romantic billionaire pilot, but we’re hinting at it.”

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Procter & Gamble’s “Thank You Mom” ​​campaign features supportive mothers helping their children persevere through challenging situations on their way to becoming successful Olympic athletes. “It takes a strong man to make a strong man. Thank you, mother.”

Burger King Explains Net Neutrality With Whopper How do you explain the repeal of Net Neutrality? We did it phenomenally. Watch the video below: — Burger King (@BurgerKing) January 24, 2018

The taste of cola is the same no matter who you are, what you are, what you believe, or who you love. And more than ever, we think together is a beautiful thing.

The moment you realize your child is growing up is difficult for most parents to accept. In our latest site for McCafé’s new Donut Sticks, we see how the sass of a gentle gesture can make that fight more bearable.

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Alcoholic drinks are always like girls in the environment. The best environmental advertisement. The best digital campaign. Brazil Brewing company Cool interactive marketing Burger King was the winner in France Google Google Search this year 2017 Interactive marketing campaigns the latest technology news McDonald’s McDonald’s First Drive Net Neutrality Old Spice P&G Paim Comunicação Pay With A Cupcake Polar Beer Polar Cell Phone Nullifier Portland Porto Alegre Procter & Gamble Rio 2016 SNCF Olympics TBWA Technology Transportation Wieden + Kennedy Zappos Our team researched the campaigns of the year from leading brands to find the 10 biggest digital marketing campaigns of 2019 – all of which may inspire your campaign and marketing strategy.

Here is a list of the best digital marketing campaigns of 2019, including influencer marketing, social media, user-generated content, viral videos and more.

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns 2019

MoonPie, the snack brand (mostly owned by America’s Wagon Wheel) is famous for its far-reaching Twitter presence, and in 2019, the company took its unprecedented sense of humor to the stratosphere, launching a campaign to send MoonPie to the moon. .

How To Create Effective Digital Marketing Campaign In 2019

The MoonPie campaign is impressively timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of NASA’s Apollo 11 moon landing and announcement of a 2024 return.

With the video garnering hundreds of thousands of views and their tweets being widely shared – along with the accompanying petition – the effort to bring MoonPie to the Moon is ingenious, fun, captivating, and a huge public draw. Not bad for a biscuit.

The popular and divisive Marmite is at the forefront of a hard-hitting breakfast campaign, which plays a part in the build-up to the Brexit vote. It’s a strong, clear, and meaningful creative campaign, and it’s happening on social media, where many arguments are still raging.

Adding to its strength is the simple “love it or hate it” message that accompanies the image, referencing both Marmite and Brexit itself. Marmite clearly understands the power of advertising history and their products exemplify something very different, and they play to their strengths to a degree.

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Video content continues to dominate in 2019, with a HubSpot survey showing that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands or companies they support. Our pick for viral marketing video of the year is Gregg’s delicious ad for the launch of vegan sausage rolls.

The campaign, a smartphone ad, showcases the candies in stunning detail and is captioned, using humor and freshness to make their mark – receiving more than 5 million views across social media within days.

Add the frenzy created by Piers Morgan, and the stores that sell the product, and it all leads to an incredibly effective and memorable launch.

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns 2019

The campaign, in collaboration with technology company Lightful for Good, saw charities such as the Samaritans, Macmillan Cancer, RNLI, World Wildlife Fund and others come together to share new positive stories on social media, under the hashtag #ReclaimSocial.

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Hearing inspiring stories from amazing people is one of our favorite parts of being truly social #socialmedia There’s no better way to use your social profile than to connect with people around the world who are trying to make the world a better place 🌎 #ReclaimSocial #SMDay pic – Lightly (lightly) June 30, 2019

The charity encourages other social media users to share their positive and inspiring stories on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, with the aim of creating a good and happy day across social channels around the world. The campaign provided an opportunity for each charity to showcase the positive work they do – add positivity on social media, and inspire others to stop negative comments.

The campaign, created by Wieden & Kennedy Portland, shared a global audience when it launched in the last quarter of 2018. In February 2019, Nike continued

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