Best Deal Restaurant Jafza Menu

Best Deal Restaurant Jafza Menu

Best Deal Restaurant Jafza Menu

Best Deal Restaurant Jafza Menu – How nice to find this place, my first time with Hungarian food and I’m impressed? You bet me! Delicious food, nice and comfortable place. My favorite is definitely the cinnamon and sugar roll with caramel sauce. Oh, this is divine!

One of the best places of its kind. Must go and try. I like it very much. I had an Oreo cone and a chicken sausage cone. Both are different and equally delicious. I have visited this place twice and will go again when in Church Street. Beautifully decorated little place. Very nice interior with limited seating. People are very friendly and welcoming

Best Deal Restaurant Jafza Menu

Best Deal Restaurant Jafza Menu

Team Budapest! It was an amazing experience… Never had the original Hungarian Chimney Cake but I really enjoyed the Dream Cone even though it was the Indian version! It really satisfies that Sunday afternoon sweet craving! Must try and spread your other flavors :)….👍

Parco Restaurant, Jafza, Dubai

It is a QSR model chain with a small but extensive menu. They serve a variety of savory and sweet chimney cakes. More details will be posted soon

Our founder Shri. P Rajagopal Sincere effort, noble intentions and high aspirations, success is a natural product. However, we do not believe in complacency.

Rich and buttery flavors combined with local Indian spices, our menu is full of exciting dishes with traditional flavors of Indian cuisine.

We’ve borrowed a few secrets from Hungarian kitchens to make sure you enjoy our famous Hungarian chimney cones, true to their origins.

Friday Offers From Safari Hypermarket Until 30th April

No more waiting for hours for your delicious food, with Saravana Bhavan, your order arrives in no time!

Enjoy dishes made from our original recipes as we recreate old recipes and add our finishing touches to them.

We have something for everyone, offering our customers a wide variety of food options to choose from for a delicious and delectable experience.

Best Deal Restaurant Jafza Menu

Idli is a traditional breakfast in South Indian homes. It is a savory cake popular all over India.

Menu Of Nakshatra Village, Dombivli East, Mumbai

Dosa is a type of pancake made from fermented dough. The main ingredient is rice. Traditionally, dosa is served hot with sambar and chutney.

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