Best Chain Restaurant Nachos

Best Chain Restaurant Nachos

Best Chain Restaurant Nachos

Best Chain Restaurant Nachos – There are few foods more popular than nachos. It’s the ultimate shareable comfort dish, featuring some of our favorite ingredients like melted cheese and creamy guacamole as a base for tortilla chips or other snacks.

Nachos are also a versatile dish, meaning recipes can be easily adapted – for example, some of the nacho dishes on this list use potato chips or fried plantains as a base. They will have tortilla chips. Thanks to the versatility of nacho making, restaurants can make good use of their local expertise to create unforgettable nacho dishes (for example, the best nachos in Hawaii served at sushi restaurants are made with tuna-fried peppers).

Best Chain Restaurant Nachos

Best Chain Restaurant Nachos

Thanks to reviews and feedback from locals and tourists, as well as a look at some award-winning places and nacho dishes, we’ve compiled the definitive list of the best places to visit. Get nachos in every state in the US and if you’re in the mood for wings, check out: The Best Steakhouses in Every State.

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El Barrio’s Banana Nachos replace plantains with tortilla chips and reviewers say they really work. This dish is made with plantain strips, grilled meat, chopped jalapeño, ancho chile, cotija, and lime cream.

“We can’t eat here without getting the Plantain Nachos. It’s our family favorite. So full of flavor and spice with herbs as a bonus. Even our 7-year-old is obsessed with the herbs,” wrote a regular at El Barrio.

Sitzmark Bar & Grill is the perfect place for aprés skiing (or any other mountain activity), food and drinks. Hear live music, enjoy mountain views, and order the North Face Nachos, made with corn tortilla chips, cheddar jack cheese, pico de gallo, jalapenos, black beans and cheese sauce.

“Delicious food, served hot and fresh, despite being full,” wrote one reviewer. “Good service and attentive bartender.”

Best Nachos In Chicago

Located in the Congress Hotel, Cup Cafe has been serving delicious food for over 100 years. The standout is the Picacho Nachos, made with layers of jack cheese, bean dip, queso peppers, peppers, onions, tomatoes and salsa. Reviewers recommend ordering the chorizo, which is locally sourced.

Reviewers describe the nachos as “delicious” and “flavorful”, and recommend any dish made with the restaurant’s ​​​​famous chorizo.

At The Fold: Botanas & Bar, enjoy colorful patio seating and dig into an order of Bison Nachos. Made with black beans, habanero queso, pico de gallo, chopped onion, cilantro and Crema Mexicana, you have a choice of proteins (steak, shrimp, chicken, pork and chorizo​​​​) but reviewers highly recommend going for the horse. the bison.

Best Chain Restaurant Nachos

“This beautiful, cozy place warms our hearts (and bellies). The food and service exceeded expectations. You MUST have the burritos and nachos!” written by a customer from out of town.

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Bar Ama’s “Super Nacho Hour” runs daily from 5:30pm to 7pm, offering $5 micheladas and more nachos. Super Nachos are made with tortilla chips, queso, salmorejo, cream and avocado, and you can add carne guisada, chicken ranchero, chicken picadillo or soyrizo. There’s also a vegan nacho option made with cashew poblano queso.

“I don’t think I’ll ever find another reason to love this place more, but Nacho’s happy hour blew me away,” wrote one returning customer after a positive experience. “I always love the chips here, so crunchy! So when you get a big pile with all the ingredients… I’m in heaven. Chorizo, guacamole, queso, sour cream, ahhhh. I can’t make it all that good.”

When in Denver, getting the Green Chile Nachos at El Camino Community Tavern is a must. Made with thick slices marinated in green chiles and topped with black beans, melted cheese, cream, jalapeño pickles, pico and cilantro, you can also add carnitas, chicken, chorizo, tempeh, steak or shrimp.

“The Green Chili Nachos are the bomb. Great food, service, decor and atmosphere,” wrote one reviewer, while another described the nachos as “scoring” and praised the house’s “light and airy” chips.

Nachos With Salsa, Cream & Gracomole, Chiquito Mexican Chain Restaurant

Archie Moore’s has locations in New Haven, Wallingford and Milford, all offering more nacho options. Buffalo Chicken Nachos are a local favorite. It’s topped with grilled chicken with the restaurant’s buffalo wing sauce, tomatoes and jalapenos, and served with salsa, sour cream and blue cheese dip.

“I’ve been through all the ‘best nachos places’ in the state, and this one definitely qualifies,” wrote one reviewer. “Great nachos… Highly recommend if you’re looking for good nachos!!”

Deer Park Tavern’s “Los Nachos Grande,” made with chicken, chili, sour cream, jalapeno, lettuce and tomato, is a favorite among its customers in this local part of Newark.

Best Chain Restaurant Nachos

“I’ve never had a bad meal here. I usually come with friends for drinks and nachos (which are amazing—ask for extra jalapenos) but I’ve also had great, filling meals here,” wrote one classic reviewer. Deer Store Shop.

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Sweet Liberty may be known for its variety of specialty cocktails, but we all know not to drink on an empty stomach and the Cauliflower Nachos are a little heavy. Made with blended cheeses, sautéed cauliflower, avocado cream, radishes, jalapeño pickles, and pomegranate seeds, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to love nachos (although there is an option to add grilled chicken).

“Recommendation: Nachos. They put cauliflower leaves AND pomegranate seeds in them and they are amazing,” wrote one reviewer. “Also an unrelated note that the cheese was hot (which is not the case at most restaurants I order nachos from)!” Another said they’re “still dreaming about these [cauliflower nachos].”

A Mexican and Korean fusion restaurant, Hankook Taqueria is featured in Restaurants, Drive-ins and Dives. They describe the nachos as “mountain flavor,” made with corn chips, cheese, and their signature Tako salad, jalapeño pickles, and your choice of protein.

“These are unlike any nachos I’ve ever had, and they are the best… This is the holy grail of nachos. I’m serious. Get it,” wrote one reviewer, while another described it as “cheesy, soft, meaty heaven .”

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When in Hawaii, take advantage of the amazing seafood. Cuatro Restaurant’s Spicy Tuna Nachos are a beautiful, award-winning dish. Spicy tuna topped with avocado, drizzled with truffle aioli and cilantro pesto, then finished with Latino Kochujang is the perfect combination of flavors, according to those lucky enough to try it.

“Chili nachos might change your life,” wrote one reviewer, while another described them as “THE BEST DAMN NACHOS I’ve ever had in my life.”

A bike shop and bar right outside of Sun Valley, Power House uses made-to-order fries as the base for its famous Idaho Nachos. French fries topped with chili, cheddar cheese, goat cheese, sour cream, and onions.

Best Chain Restaurant Nachos

“Really love this place…Idaho Nachos are good,” wrote a reviewer from out of town. “I highly recommend going here if you are in the area. The staff is great and the atmosphere is very relaxed.”

Tavern At The Point Is Among New Mass Ave. Restaurants

This popular Chicago restaurant has nachos made from heaven. Made with homemade shrimp chips, chorizo, pickled peppers, black beans, cheddar, sour cream and avocado, reviewers can’t get enough of Little Goat’s “Machos Nachos.”

“The nachos are some of the best in the country,” wrote one regular. Another wrote that they had tried several items on the menu and they were all good, “but the nachos are the best!”

La Margarita has been an Indianapolis staple since its doors opened in 1984. Nachos are made with both chicken and chorizo, along with chopped onions, serrano, cilantro and guacamole. Reviewers say the two meats are a winning combination.

“We ordered the chicken and (Smoked Goose) chorizo ​​​​​​​​nachos as an appetizer and they were delicious,” wrote one customer. Great seasoning, lots of meat. Just the right meat/chips/cheese ratio and one not usually found in nachos.” Another described it as “well made and a delicate balance of heat and flavor.”

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The University Library Cafe is a favorite among Drake University students and staff as well as local residents. Along with a variety of Iowa craft breweries, the Nachos Library is a crowd pleaser. Made with flour tortillas, pinto beans, shredded cheddar cheese, Monterey cheese sauce, salsa, mild banana chili and sour cream, there’s also the option of adding cheeseburgers, bacon, chicken, beef or corned beef.

“Best place for some nachos! A treasure in Des Moines,” wrote one local reviewer. “Nachos are popular because they don’t use traditional tortilla chips.” Another described the nachos as “crazy good.”

With multiple locations across the state, Johnny’s Tavern is known for its Espi-Nachos. Made with spinach cheese sauce topped with pico, black beans, queso fresco and black olives, the nachos have a sweet and crunchy batter.

Best Chain Restaurant Nachos

The Pine Room serves up its own nacho recipe that includes fresh guacamole, queso, corn tortillas and toast.

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