Best Canadian Restaurant In Quebec City

Best Canadian Restaurant In Quebec City

Best Canadian Restaurant In Quebec City

Best Canadian Restaurant In Quebec City – We absolutely love the food in Quebec City. Quebec City was originally a French colony and was ruled by the French until 1763. The French have had a lasting influence on Quebec culture. French is the official language of the province and the food has a French influence. This can be seen in the popularity of traditional French cuisine and Quebecois specialties with French influences.

Old Quebec City is full of restaurants, and we love exploring them. We make a point of trying as many unique Quebec cuisine as possible. I have listed the food you can try in Quebec City and restaurant recommendations. If you want to try Quebecois food, the place to go is Aux Anciens Canadiens.

Best Canadian Restaurant In Quebec City

Best Canadian Restaurant In Quebec City

Perhaps Canada’s most famous dish, poutine combines French Fries with gravy and cheese. The best poutine we had was at Bistro Le Sam, the restaurant at Chateau Frontenac.

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Crepes are one of the most popular traditional French dishes in Quebec City. We tried both sweet and sour crepes. We went to L’Escale Bistro et Crêperie, in the Quartier du Petit Champlain and had crepes with bacon, cheese, mushrooms and hollandaise, and a dessert with bananas, strawberries, nutella, and sour cream. They are good words for all of them.

We also had crepes at Cochon Dingue and loved brunch at this restaurant. Kelly and I ordered a breakfast that combined sweet and savory by serving poached eggs on toast with mushrooms and hollandaise with a relish made with maple syrup and apples.

We had special meals too, but this was not a problem because steak and burgers can be found on almost every restaurant menu. We tried cheeseburgers, prime rib, filet, and rib eye, and loved them all. If you want to eat steak, we like Carbon Steakhouse.

Enjoying hot chocolate with a roaring fire is the best way to warm up, and the best place to drink hot chocolate with a fire in Quebec City is Artefact. The hot chocolate at Artefact can be expensive, but it comes in a big pot and there was enough for the four of us to share. Hot chocolate is rich, thick, and tastes like a melted chocolate bar. It’s like hot chocolate in Florence.

La Buche Restaurant

I’m not suggesting you drink maple syrup, but you should definitely order something with maple syrup when you’re in Quebec. And this is an easy task. Some restaurants, including Lapin Sauté, have maple syrup creme brulée on their menus.

In the winter some restaurants and cafes set up small stands outside where they make and sell maple taffy. This delicious treat is made by pouring boiling maple syrup over ice. The cold ice thickens the syrup and turns the maple syrup into a chewy candy.

We visited Quebec City in January, and it was cold. A bowl of French Onion Soup is the perfect meal for a cold day. French Onion Soup is Charles’ #1 favorite to eat in Quebec City, and he says the French Onion Soup at Bistro Le Samwa is the best he’s ever had.

Best Canadian Restaurant In Quebec City

Canada’s answer to Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks has several locations in Quebec City. Canadians love Tim Hortons, and we made it a point to check them out!

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Tim Hortons was a great breakfast when we went out in the morning to feed the dogs. We have coffee, egg sandwiches, hashbrowns, and donuts. We love donut holes, called Timbits. We can’t get over Timbis name.

Quebec bean soup is unique because it is made from split yellow beans. Although Quebec-style soup requires many of the same ingredients as MyDad’s recipe, Quebec soup is not mixed. The soups will taste the same even though they are different.

Another Quebecois specialty is Tourtière, a meat pie. When you think of meat pie, you might think of something like a chicken pot with meat and vegetables and sauce. Tourtière is not. The filling is similar to an empanada filling. It is full of minced meat and usually does not have potato chips and vegetables.

Tourtière is usually eaten on New Year’s Eve. Aux Anciens Canadiens is the place to try both the Tourtière and the sauce.

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Although rabbit is not a common dish in America, it is popular in Quebec City. Lapin Sauté in the Petit-Champlain district of Quebec City is a restaurant dedicated to serving rabbit. Lapin Sauté serves rabbit in poutine, cassoulet, and braised.

Have you been to Quebec City? I really like it! If you have food recommendations to try in Quebec City, please share them in the comments. Quebec City is considered a foodie destination, but it wasn’t until I tried some of the restaurants in Old Quebec that I truly understood. .

Honestly, I’m not much of a foodie, but the recipes I’ve enjoyed here are some of the best I’ve had in all my travels!

Best Canadian Restaurant In Quebec City

To help you narrow down the interesting options and decide what to eat in Quebec City, here are ten restaurants and bars in Old Quebec to put on your radar.

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Quebec City is known for its abundance of heart-warming food. It’s delicious food that feels so good, especially on a cold winter’s day. When most people think of Quebec City food, poutine is often the first thing that comes to mind. After all, these fries-topped-with-cheese-and-curd-and-weight are the national food of Canada.

Meat also plays a big role in Québécois cuisine, especially sweet pies. With so many restaurants and bars in the city, French onion soup is one you’ll see on many menus.

But for breakfast, the crepes are the best seller – as are almost everything topped with maple syrup! In fact, you’ll find maple syrup pretty much everywhere you go, from making breakfast cereals to Canadian leaf lollipops!

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Most of the ingredients that go into the dishes you will enjoy are sourced from within the city and surrounding areas. This includes everything from cheese, maple products, wine and cider.

In addition to exploring some of the restaurants of Old Quebec in this guide, you may want to consider a food tour to sample the best of this Canadian city.

Given the changed nature of travel these days, I recommend making reservations in advance, especially for dinner. Although some restaurants will accept walk-ins, always check online before going out to eat.

Best Canadian Restaurant In Quebec City

And, since there are so many restaurants that serve lunch and dinner, I’ve put them together. Carefully read any notes I include, as some restaurants do not serve lunch and/or include other brunch-like offerings.

This Is One Of The Best Views In All Of Quebec, Canada

But before you add it right away to your itinerary, you’ll want to consider the area you’re going to explore. That’s because there are actually seven Smith Café branches located in the city and surrounding area!

Personally, this was an easy decision for me after falling in love with Idyllic Place Royale online before our trip. This historic Quebec City building is home to seven of the most famous cafes – Café La Maison Smith Notre-Dame.

Located in the heart of this beautiful downtown square, just steps from some of Quebec City’s best hotels.

Not only is the Notre-Dame scene outstanding, but the food and lattes seal the deal. For me, the real promise of a great cafe/restaurant is the one that draws you in for more. Needless to say, we ate here twice on one trip!

Touring Quebec City In Winter: ‘walk With T+l’

On our first visit, my husband and I took a table outside to enjoy people-watching in the historic downtown square. We both ordered the quiche (which made me break down again).

That, and my husband (unknowingly) introduced me to what would become my favorite late night thing on the face of the earth:

Undoubtedly, this texture and delicious taste that makes gelato great can also be added to your morning coffee! Who knows?

Best Canadian Restaurant In Quebec City

However, we decided to enjoy indoors on our way back to avoid sitting outside in the rain. But don’t worry if you get rained on too – the interior of the cafe is beautiful.

The Terrace Of Cochon Dingue On Boulevard Champlain In The Old Quebec City Canada Stock Photo

This time, I ordered a pistachio latte for myself and a delicious chocolate treat to remember the trip.

Depending on when you arrive, finding an outdoor table can be a challenge, especially in high summer.

That said, if you want to show up early in the day (or don’t mind waiting for a table to fill up on a busy day), it’s worth the wait!

If you want to start your day with a good meal, I recommend you to go to L’Antiquaire Buffet, too.

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