Best Area To Stay In Lisbon Portugal

Best Area To Stay In Lisbon Portugal

Best Area To Stay In Lisbon Portugal

Best Area To Stay In Lisbon Portugal – If you want to know where to stay in Lisbon, look through our district accommodation guide and don’t forget the real deals found in the off-season. Lisbon is busiest from June to September so prices are always highest in summer. The information in this article is taken from The Rough Guide to Portugal, your essential guide to visiting Portugal.

Surrounded by Praças Rocio, Figueira and Praca do Comercio, downtown Baixa is full of beautiful buildings. Many traditional shops still thrive here and some date back to the 18th century. However, most of the commercial buildings in Baixa are now hotels or guesthouses, so it is a good area for accommodation, as well as neighboring Chiado.

Best Area To Stay In Lisbon Portugal

Best Area To Stay In Lisbon Portugal

Alfama is Lisbon’s oldest district, first settled by the Moors in 7AD. Here steep and narrow streets wind through nearby houses and life often seems to have been lived for centuries. If you’re wondering which city to visit first, Porto vs. Lisbon, Alfama can definitely give you tips on the latter.

Where To Stay In Lisbon, The District By District Guide

For a deep dive into the area’s history, as well as stunning views, head to Castelo de São Jorge. From the walls of the castle you can look out over the Tagus river from the roof of the Alfama. São Jorge may be one of the 30 best places to visit with kids in the world, but Lisbon is definitely on the top 10 list.

Apart from ancient castles and magnificent cathedrals, you can also expect a lot of authentic attractions here, although you should also expect a lot of fado restaurants and tourist shops.

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Wide Avenida da Liberdade is a mile of Portugal’s most prized real estate that runs from Parque Eduardo VII to Baixa. This is where most of the embassies and consulates are located, and it’s certainly not the district for the world’s most exotic hotels. However, it is an area within walking distance of upscale accommodation, designer shopping and Lisbon’s main attractions.

Cool Lisbon Neighbourhoods You Can’t Miss

Lisbon’s boho quarter, the Bairro Alto high district is a busy street filled with a mix of shops, bars, restaurants and houses. Quiet by day, the district comes alive after midnight and during the summer it often feels like a permanent street party until dawn.

It’s not an area for early nights but it’s perfect for nightlife, although you can avoid the noisiest streets by staying in the outskirts. If you like a dark district of the city, take a look at the best area to stay in Amsterdam after dark.

The once seedy Cais do Sodre has undergone a makeover and the formerly prestigious bars and clubs now attract hip urbanites. Along with its pleasant riverfront promenade, look out for the charming and lively Mercado da Ribeira warehouse conversion, which is also the first and fun part of Lisbon’s old city cable railway.

Best Area To Stay In Lisbon Portugal

But for all the smart restaurants and bars in the area these days, Cais do Sodre still has a good selection of budget hangouts and the atmosphere remains down-to-earth and honest. If you’re on a budget, check out ten free things to do in Lisbon.

Things To Do In Lisbon With Kids

Lapa and Madragoa sit west of central Lisbon. While the area is upscale and predominantly residential, it is still close to the city center and has several historic sites making it a good choice for accommodation. If you’re exploring the Lapa and Madregoana areas, don’t miss the Museo Nacional de Arte Antigua.

In 1497, Vasco da Gama sailed from Belem to India and established a trade route that made Portugal a 16th-century superpower. To give thanks, King Manuel I built the Jeronimos Monastery which is still a crossroads today as it was then. However, that’s not the only attraction in the area, you’ll also find Torre de Belém and the Berardo Collection in Belém.

Parque das Nações was built for Lisbon’s Expo ’98 and the new town of modern apartments and gardens is a great choice for accommodation near Lisbon Airport. The Science Museum and Oceanarium are also in the district and are also great for restaurants, bars and sights.

The Vasco da Gama Shopping Center is another local attraction and the district faces the Tagus River and the 17 km long Ponte Vasco da Gama, the longest road bridge in Europe and a must for a sunset drive or sunset cruise. If you’re interested in more beautiful Portuguese rivers, explore the Douro and our expert guide to the best places in Porto.

Of The Best Areas To Stay In Lisbon For Food Lovers

We may receive a commission when you click on links in this article, but this does not affect our editorial standards – we only recommend services that we truly believe will enhance your travel experience. Portugal’s vibrant capital is sunny, friendly and a place that attracts more visitors with its authenticity, generous people, innovative concepts, rich history, beautiful scenery and fabulous food, not to mention the stunning beaches enjoyed all year round.

So you’re planning your trip to Lisbon now. To ensure your stay in Lisbon is absolutely flawless, our local team has come up with a summary of the main areas to consider in both the city and its suburbs.

To give you some visual guidance, we present you with an easy-to-understand map of Lisbon that identifies the places where we will be staying. Each number on the map corresponds to an area of ​​Lisbon and is described below.

Best Area To Stay In Lisbon Portugal

Starting with the basics, this is the number 1 choice for first-time visitors to Lisbon. As such, the number of tourists can be quite high, especially in the streets of Baixa. If that doesn’t move you, this might be the best place to stay in Lisbon.

Places To Rent Medium & Long Term Accommodation In Lisbon

The area is connected by several parallel and perpendicular streets, from Praca do Comercio (also known as Terreiro do Paso) facing the Tagus River, leading to Rossio Square: these include Rua Augusta and Rua do Oro (also known as Rua Áurea), two of the busiest arteries in the city of Lisbon.

In the lower part of the city lies one of Lisbon’s most famous attractions – the Arco da Rua Augusta (The Rua Augusta Arch), from where a magnificent view over the river can be enjoyed. Visiting before sunset is especially beautiful and often less crowded. Alternatively, or in addition, take the nearby Alevador de Santa Justa (The Santa Justa Lift), located between Rua do Oro and Rua do Carmo. Apart from being one of the architectural symbols of Lisbon, it will effortlessly transport you to the ever-busy Chiado area.

If you belong to the club of people who can’t give up sweet treats, try one of the delicious traditional pastries

For the perfect stay in Lisbon, especially in the Baixa area, we have some hotel recommendations with charming views:

Of The Best Things To Do In Lisbon On Your Next Trip

This elegant 5-star hotel offers direct views of Praca do Comercio, the Tagus River and the passing Lisbon trams. Ideally located between Arco da Rua Augusta and a stone’s throw from the City Council and MUDE (Design and Fashion Museum), many restaurants and shops.

If you’re looking for good value for money accommodation in Lisbon – and still enjoy the view from your room – consider staying at The 7 Hotel. In addition to its fantastic location in the heart of Lisbon’s history, the hotel’s staff are always ready to help and the decor is stylish and contemporary.

Adjacent to Baixa, on the upper side of the hill, lies one of Lisbon’s most vibrant areas, frequented by both locals and foreigners. Chiado is where some of Lisbon’s most delightful restaurants are located, the same is true in terms of shops and innovative concepts.

Best Area To Stay In Lisbon Portugal

The main artery of Chiado is Rua Garret, which stretches from Praca Luis de Cameos to Armazens do Chiado and Rua do Carmo. There are (at least) two special places worth seeing on Rue Garret: (1) a historic coffee shop

Where To Stay In Lisbon With Family? The Best Places For Your Family

This area of ​​Lisbon is a culinary paradise and visitors will have the opportunity to try something new every day. Just to give some references, the famous Portuguese restaurant Chef Aviles deserves some praise: to get a taste of local food with a more refined touch, go to the more informal.

, lying just a few steps away. Still in the food department, a visit to Chiado is not complete without a visit

And for a more bohemian atmosphere, go for a drink in the pedestrian-friendly Bairro Alto, next to the Praça Luis de Cameos.

Also worth a visit is the Convento do Carmo, a well-preserved monastery with an unobstructed view over Lisbon and the center of the Portuguese Revolution of April 1974.

The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Lisbon

After an extensive renovation, one of Lisbon’s most prestigious hotels is ready to surprise its patrons once again. This luxury hotel offers high-end rooms with a square view as well as a stunning panoramic view over Lisbon’s rooftops.

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