Best American Restaurant Tokyo

Best American Restaurant Tokyo

Best American Restaurant Tokyo

Best American Restaurant Tokyo – Tokyo is a paradise for food lovers as the city has a wide variety of restaurants. While you may miss out on foreign (or domestic) food on a trip to Tokyo, there is no shortage of Japanese food options. So what’s it like to eat at American restaurants?

If you eat Western food, especially in America and Europe, are you curious about how it is served or how it tastes in Tokyo? Here are the 5 best American restaurants and eateries in Tokyo!!

Best American Restaurant Tokyo

Best American Restaurant Tokyo

T.Y. Harbour, an American-style floating brewery on Shinagawa’s Tenozu Canal, is one of Tokyo’s most popular dining destinations among foreign visitors. There are approximately 350 seats on the first and second floors, in private rooms and on the terrace overlooking the canal. Terrace seating is recommended for summer afternoon drinks.

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It has a brewery inside the building and serves fresh beer from beer barrels. There are 6 types of craft beers, including seasonals, wines and cocktails. You can try different dishes like salad, pizza, meat and seafood along with beer. A vegetarian menu is also served there.

The world famous American restaurant Hard Rock Cafe is also recommended in Tokyo. There are more than 180 cafes in 75 countries: six chains in Japan (two in Tokyo: Roppongi and Ueno). Inside the Hard Rock Cafe, many stars display items such as clothing and equipment that were actually used in their concerts and music. Michael Jackson’s stage shirt, Bonjovi’s guitar, Madonna’s leather shorts and more at Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo.

They offer their original drinks with fresh ingredients, and you can order a cocktail with a souvenir glass! Some must-have American restaurant specialties include the Jumbo Combo of five popular starters, the Hickory-Smoked BBQ Combo with Ribs, Pulled Pork and Chicken, and the Original Legendary Burger, a quality beef patty made from 100% USA. Natural meat. Don’t forget to buy souvenir shirts and pins at the ROCKSHOP next to the cafe.

SMOKEHOUSE is one of Tokyo’s most popular American BBQ restaurants located on Cat Street in Harajuku, Tokyo’s hipster hangout. There seem to be a lot of international tourists. You can enjoy American-style barbecue inspired by the Midwest and the South for both lunch and dinner. Try the well-smoked meats including beef, pork and chicken with their own house-made BBQ sauces.

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You can also visit beer restaurant T.Y. You can taste American cuisine with fresh craft beer brewed by SMOKEHOUSE ABOVE HARBOR as it is run by him. One of its specialties, the SMOKEHOUSE cheese burger, also goes well with beers. Let’s relax in nice restaurants. Outside patio seating is also available!

T.G.I. Fridays is the largest American restaurant and cafe chain with more than 900 stores in nearly 60 countries. In 1999, the American restaurant opened its first store in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. On T.G.I Fridays, the “TGI Friday World Bartender Championship” is held, and some bartenders from shops in Tokyo have won the championship. In fact, bartending programs from top bartenders will teach you T.G.I. Friday in Tokyo, made famous by the 1988 Tom Cruise movie Cocktail.

They offer authentic American food with local dishes and “American” sized portions. From various appetizers and salads to steaks and burgers, it has everything an American restaurant should have. In addition to their bartending shows, their cocktails are awesome!

Best American Restaurant Tokyo

One of the most recommended American restaurants in Tokyo is MOJA, located in Shibuya. Decorated with many items inspired by the United States, you will feel like you are in an American diner in the United States. Bar seating in the kitchen and semi-circular red sofas also help give the restaurant an American feel.

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At home MOJA welcomes every customer who wants to relax with a sip of coffee and a few pieces of cake, satisfy their hunger with dynamic western cuisine or try international beers and original cocktails with a variety of tapas. Of course, you can enjoy the American restaurant with your partner, family and friends.

There is a wide variety of western food, from pasta and pizza to rice plates and steak. Its signature dish Chicken and Waffles is strongly recommended. It consists of crispy fried chicken and fluffy waffles with maple syrup. You may be addicted to Southern soul food.

In addition to multinational beers and wines, HOUSE features MOJA house-made cocktails (non-alcoholic available). Order cakes, waffles and parfaits for dessert at Bagan.

Any of these American restaurants are good options to eat during your stay in Tokyo. For more information on food and restaurants in Tokyo, you may like the articles below.

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Best American Restaurant Tokyo

From sushi to ramen, there’s no shortage of Japanese restaurants in Tokyo, so you might think you shouldn’t miss out on a long-awaited chance to eat Japanese food.

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But eating a burger in Tokyo isn’t such a bad option. There are many burger restaurants in Tokyo that you may be familiar with. Some of them come from their home country of the United States, but they offer different menus or flavors that can only be tasted in Tokyo. It is interesting to see how novice menus differ between countries.

Since its opening in 2009, Bareburger has become increasingly popular among people in North America. Under the “Lean” name, they use organic ingredients including grass-fed beef, milk, eggs, preservative-free buns, and chemical-free vegetables. Many Americans are drawn to healthy yet delicious burgers.

Organic burger restaurants came to Tokyo: Jiugaoka in 2015 and Ginza in 2016. In addition to regular dishes like beef and chicken, burgers with Wagyu beef are only available in Tokyo. Bareburger also offers a special veggie patty burger for vegetarians and vegans. The patty and other ingredients like avocado and onions are thick and fresh, cooked with seasonal ingredients. Classic drinks like ginger ale and lemonade are recommended with burgers.

American burger restaurant FATBURGER, born in LA in 1952, opened a branch in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2018. FAT stands for “fresh, original, delicious” not “fatty”. Its burgers are relatively healthy because their patties are made with only lean meat and the vegetables are fresh and the fat is cholesterol-free.

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If you want a bigger portion of hamburger, order the US KINGBURGER 690 grams with fresh and lean meat. If you can finish off this monster, you’ll earn your spot on the Kingburger USA Wall of Fame. FATBAR bar next to the burger restaurant offers good atmosphere as well as American food. Relax with beer, highballs and cocktails.

Shake Shack, a high-end burger restaurant from New York, opened in 2015 in Oyama, Tokyo. Japan’s first restaurant was built in an area rich in nature with a beautiful line of gingko trees over 100 years old. It was inspired by the first store in New York’s Madison Square Park.

A variety of American menus are served, including dogs and ice cream (goes well with hot dogs), milkshakes, beer and wine, and there are also great burgers. Sometimes Shake Shack offers new dishes that you can only eat during a limited season in Japan. Check to see if anything new has been released while you visit Tokyo!

Best American Restaurant Tokyo

KUA’AINA began its business in 1975 in the historic town of Haleiwa on Hawaii’s North Shore. The first branch of Hawaiian Burger Restaurant in Japan was opened in 1997 in Oyama, Tokyo and now has 30 branches in Japan. In keeping with the concept of KUA’AINA, it serves exquisite dishes cooked with well-selected fresh ingredients in a casual atmosphere.

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You can taste authentic Hawaiian burgers in Japan as KUA’AINA values ​​authenticity and serves regional side dishes such as Hawaiian cob salad, waxy tea and Hawaiian beer. The Special Avocado Burger consists of a thick patty, thickly sliced ​​avocado, tomato and green leaves. It is recommended to add some toppings, especially cheese. There you can customize the types of cheese: Cheddar, American type and Monterey Jack and other items.

Wendy’s is the third largest burger fast food chain in the world with more than 6,000 branches worldwide. American Burger Restaurant was founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas in Ohio, USA. Wendy’s has been collaborating with Japanese fast food chain First Kitchen since 2015.

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