Bell Canada Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Bell Canada Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Bell Canada Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Bell Canada Cell Phone Plans For Seniors – Ask any Canadian and they’ll probably tell you: Yes – we pay more for cell phone service than any other country – especially for data. But how much do we really pay compared to similar countries like the US and Australia?

Despite using different methodologies and different data, all of these studies point to the same and consistent conclusion: selling prices are higher in Canada.

Bell Canada Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Bell Canada Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

For context, the average Canadian uses more than 2GB per month, but that number is likely lower due to high-end data plans that really aren’t affordable to many Canadians. We’re limited to thinking twice before opening a YouTube video, know that we can’t watch a lot of Netflix and end up with a limit or more than we’re left with on Spotify. We all want to use more – I know I will.

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For comparison, mobile phone customers in Finland have an average of 23.5 GB of data per month, according to a 2019 report by a Swedish consultancy that monitors 116 operators worldwide. In Austria, the monthly data consumption is around 22 GB per month and in Taiwan it is 17 GB. Americans use 8.5 GB per month. Canada is lagging behind.

In September 2019, the Big 3 completely changed their pricing model by introducing ‘unlimited’ data plans at a lower price than their previous large data plans and dropping the cheaper plans with lower data caps – calling them the Flanker brand. gave out.

The no cap plan is a step in the right direction and should help improve mobile data usage and affordability in Canada.

Bell, Rogers, Telus and Freedom all offer ‘unlimited’ data plans. However, there is still a hidden soft data cap after which your speed will drop from 256Kbps to 512Kbps for the next month. For reference, 512Kbps is pretty fast:

Bell, Rogers, And Telus Are All Hiking Prices On Their Super Popular 10 Gb Data Plans

In 2018, their report showed that Canadian mobile operators drive the highest revenue per gigabyte in the world amid their low data base.

“Our country-by-country analysis shows that mobile phone customers in Canada pay a lot for the data they use.” efficiency

“The fact that data reporting is too late for Canada (and because no carrier reports traffic or data usage) is not of much interest in introducing Canada into our future analysis,” “The second reason burden when lobbyists try to remove the credibility of the entire report because they don’t want to portray Canada as something that doesn’t matter. We have no business in Canada and unlike our lobbyists, we have no Not an agenda. Canadian telecom price data (emphasis ours) CRTC data released one year late

Bell Canada Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

The CRTC’s 2019 Communications Regulatory Report is based entirely on 2018 data and was released on January 21, 2020 – a full year after the current data was reported.

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Efficient will include Canada in future reports – if CRTC data is released with a delay of less than a year. In the upcoming 1H 2019 report, we cover 42 countries. Of these, 21 should report Q1/1H 2019 data. 40 should be reported in 2018. 2 more in 2017 – Canada and Switzerland.

In their April 2019 report, 4G wireless data in Canada was ranked as one of the most expensive compared to other developed countries that have multiple network operators. The average price per GB is very high compared to the large competitive European market with 4 carriers or the highly competitive 5 carrier market in Israel.

In response, Telus released its own study, which concluded that the Reveal report was “illogical” and needed a “complete overhaul” because it assumes consumers only care about price, not quality or network coverage. of factors such as

They also argued that factors such as network deployment, differences in regulatory regimes or purchasing power parity in a large country were not factored in, which included family and prepaid plans.

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Their 2020 survey ranked Telus, Bell and Rogers as the first, second and third most expensive among 168 wireless carriers operating in 48 countries around the world.

In their 2021 study “Is Canada the World’s Most Expensive Wireless Market?”, they found that Canada has the lowest monthly cost for a 20GB plan phone and the highest among 51 European, American, Asia Pacific, Middle Eastern and African countries. , country. Canadian customers pay 7 times more per month than French customers for 20GB.

The 12th edition (2019) of a price comparison study commissioned by ISED revealed that Canadian wireless plans have come down in cost, while prices in the G7 countries (USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Japan) remains the same in comparison. and Australia. The 2018 edition showed that the cost of each basket was the highest or second highest and at least double that of Australia.

Bell Canada Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

When you focus on mobile internet, it paints a slightly different picture. Canada’s average cost of living is similar to the US and Japan, but higher than any other country:

Rogers, Telus, Bell Need To Lower 2gb To 6gb Cellphone Plans By 25% In 2 Years: Ottawa • Iphone In Canada Blog

Prices have declined slightly since 2010 in the 2–5 GB range, but not as rapidly as other G7 countries. Prices have remained at the 5-10Gb and 10Gb+ levels since 2012 and 2016 (similar to the US), while prices in other countries have dropped significantly.

In response, Telus filed its own report calling the report inaccurate. It concluded that “communications services in Canada are cheaper than foreign providers’ prices for similar plans.” The report criticized the price comparison as the plans did not have the same services. For example, it said it was unfair to compare the more expensive 3GB plan in Canada with the cheaper 2GB plan in the US.

They’re probably talking about how mobile internet service is broken down for comparison into 3 data sets that represent typical low, “average” and high usage of Canadians:

Granted, it would have been nice to break things down further by using 5 service baskets instead of 3, as they did to compare the wireless plans, though they didn’t argue that doing so would yield different results.

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He also argued that they ignore factors such as geography, labor costs and weather to ensure “fair” prices for wireless service.

Their 2018 study looked at international trade prices, using economic models to adjust for potential country differences in price, demographics and quality. The study found that Canada had some of the highest retail prices among the 29 OECD countries surveyed. Both studies suggest that a lack of competition makes Canadian selling prices the highest in the world, rather than other factors such as income, value networks or network quality.

, Seong Hun Yoon, Yongjae Kim and Minky Kim found that after controlling for factors other than competition (such as network quality), prices in Toronto were the highest or lowest among the 12 largest cities located in the 10 countries analyzed for the study. Was in second place. (i.e. Australia, Spain and Sweden along with all the G7 countries).

Bell Canada Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Telecom companies often say that Canada is a big country and what we pay is the price of their full coverage.

The Best Cell Phone Plans In Canada

However, comparison with other countries is not fair, as the population is very reasonable and the land is vast without people. This also applies to Australia.

For example looking at Bell’s coverage map, their LTE coverage covers less than a third (28.8%) of Canada’s land area (28.8% for Telus, 19.9% ​​for Rogers), which they confirmed 99% of Canada’s population will be in 2019. Report.

According to data from a 2018 report by the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI), after adjusting for network coverage in Canada (20%) and Australia (31%), Australia has fewer geographic challenges than Canada, but still across the board Affordable plans offered across. as mentioned above.

Another common response from the Big 3 is that Canadian networks offer some of the best coverage and speeds in the world.

Here Are The Changes To Canadian Mobile Rate Plans This Week [january 05

The pace in Canada compares very well with the pace in other OECD countries. 2 out of 3 networks across the country run on 4G-LTE networks alone and reach 99% of Canada’s population. Opensignal ranked Canada second for mobile network speed after South Korea, and Speedtest ranked it 8th.

Telecom companies also often quote how much they need to spend to maintain and run their networks.

From 1987 to April 2019, Canadian network operators invested more than $70 billion in building wireless networks – $50 billion in infrastructure, $17.6 billion for spectrum acquisition, and the rest for annual tuition fees.

Bell Canada Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Between 2010 and 2016, Canadian companies invested $78 per connection, compared to an average of $97 in the United States. Based on Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2016 data, Canada spent $67.48 per wireless subscriber – the highest among G7 countries and comparable to the $67.24 per subscriber in the United States.

Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors Of 2023

However, Australia invested more per capital in telecom services between 2005 and 2015, and in 2018, the pace was faster and the cost was lower.

It is estimated that between 2020 and 2026 it will be $ 26 billion.

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