Automotive Technology How Many Years

Automotive Technology How Many Years

Automotive Technology How Many Years

Automotive Technology How Many Years – Rio Hondo College was selected by the California Community College Board on Tuesday as one of 15 California community colleges that received initial approval to offer a four-year degree as part of a historic statewide pilot program.

The program will undergo further review by the California Community College Superintendent’s Office before consideration for final approval by the Board of Trustees in March.

Automotive Technology How Many Years

Automotive Technology How Many Years

Thirty-four campuses sought degree approval for programs authorized by Senate Bill 850 as a way to train a new generation of graduates for in-demand technical jobs that increasingly require a bachelor’s degree.

Future Car Concepts With The Potential To Drastically Alter The Market

Rio Hondo College proposed creating a bachelor’s degree in automotive technology that would place students in jobs in the automotive sector and similar positions in ocean and rail transportation companies.

Superintendent/President Teresa Dreyfuss said, We are proud and humbled to be considered one of those helping to lead this innovative new educational program. “Our selection is a testament to the strength of Rio Hondo’s program, particularly its automotive technology program.”

Under SB 850, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in early October, community colleges must begin their undergraduate programs by 2017-18 and close by July 2023. The program could begin as early as fall 2015, with the Legislature and Governor reviewing a pilot investment.

Degree programs must not overlap with degrees offered by California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC). It must also be approved by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC).

Year Course In Automative Technology

Rio Hondo’s bachelor’s degree is based on the school’s highly successful automotive technology program, which attracts 300 students each year for a series of certificate courses and a two-year degree option. With the addition of a new component, including one of the alternative fuels, program enrollment has increased by approximately 20% over the past five years.

Two concentrations are being considered for the new degree. One is in management and the other focuses on technical expertise.

“We hit an area that really interests us. Students are already asking how quickly we can deliver the program,” said Mike Slavich, Dean of Career and Technical Education Programs at Rio Hondo College. “It looks like we can start classes well before the 2017-18 deadline.”

Automotive Technology How Many Years

This degree prepares graduates for a variety of positions in auto manufacturers, auto dealers, or aftermarket companies that modify vehicles (companies that typically require a four-year college degree for employment, but lack a comprehensive technical degree to train new employees). programs

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Posts include field service operations, fleet management, technical support activities, service/parts management, sales and marketing. Many jobs require technical skills and an understanding of customer service and requirements.

Among the automakers headquartered here are Kia, Hyundai and Honda, all partnered with Rio Hondo’s two-year program. Toyota, Ford and Mazda also have strong programs in the region. The region is home to the Specialty Equipment Market Association, a trade association that includes manufacturers, distributors, retailers, car restorers, road builders, restylers, car clubs and racing teams.

Rio Hondo professor Steve Tomory, who will be a faculty advisor to the program, said graduates will also have the skills to land jobs in related industries.

“These graduates will be well positioned for jobs in the automotive industry as well as ports, airports and rail transportation systems,” Tomory said.

Planets Align For Ptc Graduate’s Small Automotive Business

To qualify for graduation, students will take 65 credits in lower division courses for a current tuition of $46 and approximately 60 credits in upper division courses at a cost of $84.

At these costs, a bachelor’s degree (including other fees and books) offered through the community college system is approximately $10,000. That’s less than the cost of two years at CSU and less than one year at UC.

It is estimated that California needs 1 million more technology-oriented graduates to remain competitive. The bill specifies fields such as health, biotechnology and public safety. The Department of Automotive Technology at Pittsburg State University offers a four-year bachelor’s degree (BST) in automotive technology. If your career plan is to start in entry-level management and move up to senior management within the automotive industry, our four-year program is the right degree choice for you. Students who earn a Bachelor of Science in Technology are often the first to be considered by employers in metropolitan areas. This degree is also the perfect foundation for students who want to continue their education by earning a degree.

Automotive Technology How Many Years

Pittsburg State is one of only about 10 universities in the United States that offer four-year degrees in automotive technology. In fact, the program is considered one of the top three programs in the country by the industry. It is the only BST automotive grade in Korea that emphasizes all three areas: automotive, crash and diesel.

Diploma In Automotive Technology

Students learn in classes that are intentionally kept small (average size is 20 students). Guaranteed “hands-on” experience with some of the best professors in America. Our automotive lab covers 32,000 square feet of space and is one of the most advanced labs in the country. Thanks to industry partners, students can work on more than 40 donated cars and use the same tools and techniques used in their current workplace. In fact, students do not need to bring or purchase their own tools.

Employers actively seek out Pittsburg State Automotive graduates because they know the quality of our programs. Our alumni can be found at some of the world’s largest and most respected companies, including AGCO, Allstate, American Honda, Bridgestone-Firestone, Case New Holland, Caterpillar, Cummins Diesel Engine Co., Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford Motor and more. Company, General Motors, John Deere, Mazda, Nissan, State Farm, Tesla, Toyota and more.

Pittsburg State is known for developing leaders in automotive, crash and diesel technology. Our graduates get more than just the skills they need to get a job in this rapidly changing industry. They acquire the leadership skills necessary to succeed at the highest corporate level. The company aggressively recruits Pittsburg State students because it knows it is hiring employees who are experienced both technically and as communicators. In fact, according to the latest employment report, nearly 100% of graduates have found work or been accepted into graduate programs.

Located within the Kansas Technology Center, the Department of Automotive Technology is recognized by the industry as one of the nation’s top academic programs.

Holm Auto Good News: Automotive Technology Student Wants To Better Her Own Life And Help Others

Gain the advanced diagnostic skills needed to service today’s complex vehicles with PSU’s Automotive Technology program. Take a virtual automotive department tour to learn more about the program.

With decades of experience teaching and working in the automotive industry, our faculty are world-renowned instructors and experts in their craft.

In one of our seven specialized lab spaces, we train you on the latest tools and newest equipment found in the industry. Students learn to diagnose problems related to a car’s electrical and electronic systems, brakes, engine performance, suspension and steering. Technological development focuses on the repair of electrical systems as well as drum, disc, hydraulic, power assist and anti-lock braking systems. Applied skills include mathematics, communication, technology and teamwork in a professional environment.

Automotive Technology How Many Years

As long as people drive cars, the high demand for qualified auto service technicians will not go away. Auto mechanics diagnose and repair problems in vehicles such as transmission, brakes, front end, radiator and electrical systems. It is a demanding job and there are many opportunities to develop.

Diploma Of Automotive Technology I Canberra

Students study automotive maintenance and light repair incorporating basic level development in seven areas of repair, including engine repair. automatic transmission/transaxle; manual drive train and axle; suspension and steering; brake; electrical; Heating and air conditioning. Technological development focuses on diagnosis and repair of drum, disc, hydraulic, power assist and anti-lock brake systems, as well as electronics, voltage, current, resistance, series and parallel circuits, magnetism, application of Ohm’s Law and wiring diagrams. This course is designed to improve communication, math, decision making, thinking, reading, writing, work ethic, team building skills and safety attitudes. Math and reading is a big part of this class and prepares students for work involving braking systems, vehicle maintenance and electrical systems. You can earn college credit while completing this course.

Classroom and laboratory experiences give students the opportunity to take exams and earn Michigan state certification. Students must have good reading and problem solving skills. Although most of the work is done indoors, it is often dirty and greasy and can require a long time.

Instructor Don Maurer says: “The course is a combination of classroom learning and hands-on learning. All students learn new things regardless of their current level of knowledge and experience. Whether you want to become the best mechanic or simply understand vehicles, this course will give you those skills. You’ll also have the opportunity to take both state and national certification exams. Automotive technology is constantly changing, so basic reading and math skills are very important. A car is the second most expensive thing you’ll ever buy.

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