Automotive Technology Associate’s Degree

Automotive Technology Associate’s Degree

Automotive Technology Associate’s Degree

Automotive Technology Associate’s Degree – The goal of the ASE-accredited Automotive Technology Program is to prepare students for careers in the automotive industry. Graduates are employed in sales, location and professional positions.

This program includes academic studies in the university’s general education and general education in automotive theory and laboratory designed to prepare graduates for entry into the profession. work as experts, consultants, experts, and managers.

Automotive Technology Associate’s Degree

Automotive Technology Associate's Degree

Get a certificate and go to work in one year. Pursue your passion in our advanced courses and treat a variety of diagnoses and treatments. Ready to take control? Earn a Bachelor’s Degree from Missouri Baptist University at Jefferson College! Check out all the tracks and get on the way to an exciting career in automotive engineering!

Jobs You Can Only Get With An Automotive Technology Degree

Jefferson College’s Automotive Technology Program recently accepted a comprehensive review this spring from Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), a national accreditation organization, to determine the program’s Children do not follow the national standards. As a result of the review, the Automotive Technology Program received full five-year accreditation. “The recognition of our Automotive Technology Program proves that we teach at a high level, which is important to Jefferson County employers and students looking for a degree,” said Professor Uhls. that is taught in the country.”

Accepting the plaque are, left to right, Assistant Professor Bradley Berrey, Professor Gerard Uhls and Associate Dean of Mathematics, Physics and Technology Maryanne Angliongto.

First-year Automotive Technology student Katherine “Gus” Henley was recently announced as the 2022 Missouri Breaking Traditions Awards Regional Post-Secondary Female winner.

The Competitive Challenge, supported by the Department of Secondary and Tertiary Education (DESE), provides an opportunity for students, career services, teachers and institutions receive statewide recognition and recognition for their achievements related to non-traditional activities. The awards recognize students in non-vocational/technical careers where individuals of one gender make up less than 25 percent of the workforce. work in that area.

Best Automotive Technology Certificates And Degrees

Jefferson College is proud that Katherine won this award, which will help open doors for scholarships and other opportunities. Katherine “Gus” Henley Great job!

Toyota Corporation recently sent representatives and service managers from Twin City Toyota and Weiss Toyota to Jefferson College to discuss Toyota education for students at the ASE-accredited college. Automotive Technology program. Students will take Toyota’s online training program in addition to classes offered at Jefferson College. After receiving the study package from Toyota, students will be better prepared to enter the Toyota dealership. Toyota brings their new Supra and Tundra models to experienced students. Thank you to Toyota for supporting Jefferson College.

On Nov. 13, more than 25 Jefferson College Automotive Technology students changed gas for veterans at no cost to veterans. Students donate their time to greet veterans, change gas, locate, serve as a supervisor, delivery person or store manager. Jefferson College students perform over 40 oil changes for area veterans. Sponsors include AutoZone, NAPA, Dobbs Auto Centers and Dominoes Pizza and help make this event a success. Jefferson College staff were on hand to answer veterans’ questions about college options for veterans and help with registration. The Nursing Department was on hand to conduct blood pressure screenings for all veterans. “This was

Automotive Technology Associate's Degree

Amazing events that we hope to expand next year. “Gerard Uhls, Professor of Automotive Technology, said, “Students and sponsors have made this event a success, which we hope will continue in the future.”

Automotive Technology Degrees And Certificates

Shelbie Mobley of Jefferson College is the recent winner of a $1,000.00 automotive scholarship from MWACA (Midwest Auto Care Alliance). MWACA is comprised of automotive service owners and professionals throughout the Midwest region who promote quality work and professional standards. Shelbie is in the second year of our two-year accredited Automotive Technology program. Congratulations Shelbie! Our Associate of Science in Automotive Technology degree will provide you with an understanding of the operation, design, and service processes of many of today’s vehicles and equipment.

The New England Institute of Technology’s automotive technology associate degree () exposes students to new business models, new diagnostic tools, and an approved Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) curriculum in its program. training.

Some of the things you will learn with a technician while graduating in mechanical engineering are the daily operation and maintenance of the vehicle, brake systems, electrical circuits, the operation of the engine, steering, suspension, etc.

Work in state-of-the-art labs in real-life diagnostic problems, test and troubleshoot using state-of-the-art equipment and software, and work another with an expert knowledge. The experience and skills help you land a desirable job in the industry after graduation.

Collision Repair Technology

After graduation, you can go for a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with Vehicle Services/Transportation Management.

The Department of Automotive Technology offers in-depth study and implementation of the latest trends in the automotive industry.

While the basic structure of the two programs is similar, the advanced programs cover the technical aspects of the technology in greater depth.

Automotive Technology Associate's Degree

Students learn about the design, theory of operation, and service procedures of many modern automotive systems and equipment. They are trained in engine design and construction, engine maintenance, electrical, electronic, suspension, control, braking, communication, fuel consumption, electric power electricity and emissions control to realize the maximum.

Automotive Technician Resume Samples

Engine performance classes include computerized engine management, fuel injection, emissions testing and ABS braking systems. uses the latest industry standards, modern diagnostic equipment and ASE certification in its training program.

These intensive programs prepare students for entry-level skills in the industry and provide them with the skills necessary for rapid advancement. Graduates of this program continue to study for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a Automotive/Transportation Service (MGTT) concentration.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the total number of auto service and repair workers in 2020 is 703,800. It is set to grow by 2,100 in the next decade.

As of May 2021, Rhode Island employed 2,510 mechanics and mechanics. Connecticut and Massachusetts employ 7,670 and 12,610 automotive service technicians and mechanics, respectively.

Automotive Technology Courses

The campus that offers the automotive technician is Access Road Campus, located at 110 Access Rd #65, Warwick, RI 02886.

Rhode Island does not require mechanics to be licensed to service and maintain vehicles. However, people who meet these criteria have higher career prospects:

The average salary for mechanics and mechanics is $46,880 ($22.54 per hour) in 2021, making technology a lucrative career. Rhode Island has a median annual salary of $48,380. Neighboring states Connecticut and Massachusetts have average salaries of $50,550 and $53,340, respectively.

Automotive Technology Associate's Degree

Automotive Technology Program receives Master of Automotive Service Technology Accreditation from ASE Education Foundation, 1503 Edwards Ferry Rd., NE, Suite 401, Leesburg, VA 20176, (703) 669-6650 ●

City Colleges Of Chicago

The automotive industry continues to expand, with some exciting jobs opening up frequently. Graduates can find jobs such as:

Gain in-depth knowledge of all aspects of collision and restoration, including practice in sheet metal repair and replacement, as well as a good understanding of frame and glass.

Prepare to work as a high-quality auto tuner, high-quality products, and professional technicians with an in-depth service program.

Both the Automotive (AUT) and Advanced Automotive Technology (AAUT) programs aim to create entry-level careers as automotive mechanics. From the best car service recommendations, get hired at new car dealerships, independent auto repair shops, fleet services and repair shops, and rental car companies.

Automotive Technology Program

Students will gain the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain a master’s degree in science through classroom and laboratory work. This will help them to find work as students in auto repair. Students can also pursue advanced courses and build a foundation for future advancement in the management discipline.

In the program, students get hands-on with industry-standard tools and equipment to achieve these goals:

These standards are set by the Department of Vehicle / Autobody and Marine Technology, establishing the essential characteristics that are considered necessary for students entering these services to complete the program. knowledge, skills and abilities to access these jobs. Graduate students must have the following skills and abilities or be able to demonstrate that they can meet the requirements with or without appropriate assistance, using certain methods combination of skills and abilities. In this post, we explore the automotive industry and the various career opportunities that a degree in automotive engineering can provide.

Automotive Technology Associate's Degree

More than ever, job security is on everyone’s mind across the country. Now is the time to take care of what brings us joy and will force us into our future. As technology is used in the automotive industry, it is important for professionals to sharpen their skills and deepen their knowledge.

Automotive Technology Certificates

Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology offers a variety of course options to prepare students for a career in the automotive industry. Students can earn an Associate of Science (AS) in Automotive Technology or they can further their education with a certificate.

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