Automotive Tech Schools Nashville

Automotive Tech Schools Nashville

Automotive Tech Schools Nashville

Automotive Tech Schools Nashville – Lincoln Tech has 22 campuses located across the United States, and has been educating the workforce of the future since 1946. Lincoln Tech trains its students to enter the workforce in the automotive, trades, health sciences, culinary, spa and beauty industries and information technology jobs. . the fields They are approved by the Board of Schools and Faculties.

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Automotive Tech Schools Nashville

Automotive Tech Schools Nashville

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Bob Martin: Today’s guest on Imagine America Radio is Bob Butterworth, president of the Lincoln Tech campus in Nashville, Tennessee. Today’s topic on Imagine America Radio is the current coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, Bob, we want to see, can you answer the question, how has Lincoln Tech in Nashville responded to this national epidemic?

Bob Butterworth: Well, Bob, thanks for having me. I appreciate this, the opportunity to speak to your audience. Our school is also known, by the way, as NADC, which stands for Nashville Auto Diesel College and Lincoln Technical College. Many people in the region will know us as NADC. We’ve been finding the best in these fields for over 100 years and have a strong history here in Nashville.

So, with that said, yes, the coronavirus has been a challenge for everyone. But I can honestly tell you that we have responded, both here in Nashville and within our company, by moving to remote learning. And we’ve been teaching our students online since mid-March, and we’ve clearly followed all the government orders that have come our way. Our staff have also successfully transitioned to remote offices from home and are still able to support our students. Therefore, we are currently running all of our courses online. Each of them has an interactive program led by teachers, and where they really set up discussion threads and lesson plans for students to participate in. We are looking forward to returning to campus.

Lee Doubleday: This is Lee Doubleday. I’m talking to Bob Butterworth, president of the Lincoln Tech—or Nashville Auto Diesel College—campus in Nashville, Tennessee. Now Bob, I think I heard you say that your campuses are currently teaching entirely online, but are your campuses open for tours or is that something that can be done online as well?

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Butterworth: Well, unfortunately, no. We are not on campus. So we are following, again, any government orders that are in place. And we are not currently on campus at this time. All our student inquiries and visits are handled by our online receptionists. There is no face-to-face interview.

However, we do have regular tours, which highlight our facilities and campus. And they have also been very successful in educating our students – partners – who are looking to come to our school. We also have YouTube videos for each show showcasing our equipment and stores. So basically, our students can at least get an idea of ​​who we are and what their stores will look like when they come back to campus.

Doubleday: That’s good. And this question brings me back to my original question, but if I’m a student and I’m interested in attending your school, can I sign up for the next class? And is there a website I can maybe go to to learn more about your upcoming startup or how can I contact an admissions agent?

Automotive Tech Schools Nashville

Butterworth: Well, for us. We are still registering. Our admissions representatives also work from home, remotely. So anyone can register for future classes through this enrollment agent. In addition to diesel and heavy equipment, we also offer welding, collision and automotive technology. Now, in April, we will start distance learning here for all programs. And applicants can sign up for monthly classes in the future as we start most classes every month. So hopefully we’ll be back on campus soon. But at this point, I encourage people to contact, first of all, our website, which would be and someone will probably return that call, and you can talk about what the possibility of going to the school is and get this great job. ” in .

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Second day: Thank you. yes, good And Bob: This is Lee again, speaking with Bob Butterworth, president of the Nashville Auto Diesel College or Lincoln Tech campus in Nashville, Tennessee. So my question is, if I go to your school on the next date, and the schools are still closed because of this illness, what will happen? Should I start an online class?

Butterworth: Well, the answer to that is yes. The delivery method at this time of our education is online distance education. And we hope to be able to provide IT support, as well as educational support, to these students to make sure that they can not only access the web, but that they can access all the important websites that they need to access. in the classroom and continue with school work. But once we’re allowed back on campus, Lee, schools will go back to traditional delivery, meaning stores on the floor, in the classroom, on the floor.

Martin: Hi Bob, this is Bob Martin. Just quick, put on a hat, if you will, for the student, especially the high school student, because I know you have a solid program for high school recruiting. You will no longer go to school, that is, a high school student. You do not have access to advisors. You don’t have access to their resources, etc. I think I know the answer to this because I think you covered it a minute ago, but I want to hear it again. What is the best way for this person to learn more about Lincoln Tech Nashville?

Butterworth: Well, Bob, I’d say you’re right, first about NADC Lincoln Tech here in Nashville. Approximately 2/3 of our students, 66% of our student population, are high school students. So is this something that we face, obviously, as we educate and transition students from high school to college? But the best way to do it, as I said before, is the website. I would start there,, for information about our school. You can also see the school catalog on this website. And our school catalog can be accessed online. And the student can see the actual syllabus, mod by mod, month by month, what they will study and are expected to complete in each one. In the diesel program, it’s a 13-month program, so most of it stays there online. It’s a great resource. It gives the history of the schools, the history of the company. But it also gives you a good idea of ​​how to be very successful in art school. So that would be my advice.

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Martin: We’re talking with our guest, Bob Butterworth, president of the Lincoln Tech Nashville, Tennessee campus. And we’re talking about the coronavirus and how they’re accommodating and trying to accommodate students and teachers and so on. Here are my top three takeaways. And you can tell me, Bob, if I’m missing something.

The first way I’m going to leave this conversation is this: Lincoln Tech in Nashville, Tennessee, Lincoln Auto Diesel, is open for business and working with students who are currently enrolled. It can be a different process. It can be heavy or almost all online. However, you are still delivering on your promise and providing a quality education to those already enrolled.

Second, what I think I heard you say is that you sign up. And in fact, I think I’ve heard that you’re going to go to the Lincoln Tech website and it’s going to have a running list of how to install them and so on. That’s what I heard.

Automotive Tech Schools Nashville

And then, finally, I’ll ask you if I can, Bob, to answer any questions. And Bob, what we want is to give your email address to any of our listeners who have questions related to any part of this topic. How do they treat the coronavirus? How do they handle teaching, etc.? If you go to [email protected]; That’s [email protected]

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You’ve been listening to Imagine America Radio. And our guest was Bob Butterworth, campus president, Lincoln Tech in Nashville. The problem is the coronavirus and the adaptations they have taken to contain this epidemic. I want to thank our guest, Bob Butterworth, for being with us, giving us time and learning about what they do.

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