Automotive Software Companies In Pune

Automotive Software Companies In Pune

Automotive Software Companies In Pune

Automotive Software Companies In Pune – HomeBusiness NewsCompanies Newskpit Technologies FY23 Margin Guide Machine Purchases 14996211.htmA Pune automotive software supplier expects several major contracts before year-end.

Sonya Shenoy | Nigel D’Souza | Prashant Nair | October 21 2022 2:37 PM IST (Updated)

Automotive Software Companies In Pune

Automotive Software Companies In Pune

Pune-based KPIT Technologies is confident of winning many more big projects in the next 3-4 months, managing director and CEO Kishore Patil told CNBC-TV18.

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Total contract value for the quarter was $142 million. Patil also said the company hopes to sign long-term contracts with OEMs as the quality of their communication with customers improves.

The company expects to achieve 20% EBITDA margin in the next two years. EBITDA margin fell 90 basis points to 18.5% in the September quarter.

“We will definitely be there in the next couple of years,” Patil said, without giving a timetable. The company raised its full-year EBITDA margin guidance to 18.5-19.5% from 18-19% previously.

Driving the rationalization, Patil said the company invested heavily in its workforce this year, generating double-digit growth. “20 percent is not the limit; But we will give an estimate at the beginning of every year,” he said.

It Companies In Pune

In the September quarter, KPIT Tech reported a 5 percent increase in U.S. dollar revenue, while net income declined by a similar amount. Rupee earnings rose by single digits. In constant currency, revenue increased 8.3 percent. The company raised its full-year organic growth forecast to 23 percent from 18-21 percent previously.

Patil talked about the company’s diversification of offerings and positioning in the technology space to raise its benchmarks.

Last month, the company announced it was buying four companies from Germany’s Technica Group for more than $80 million, to be paid over the next six months. A portion of the 31-32 percent annual organic revenue forecast will also include contributions from Technica over the next five months. Technica has annual revenues of 42 to 43 million euros and an EBITDA margin of 20 percent.

Automotive Software Companies In Pune

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Monitoring Embedded Software Projects In The Automotive Industry

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Automotive Software Companies In Pune

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Automotive Software Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth, & Research Report By 2029

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Automotive Software Companies In Pune

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Automotive Software Companies In Pune

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Automotive Software Solutions & Development Services

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