Automotive Mold Technology Company Limited

Automotive Mold Technology Company Limited

Automotive Mold Technology Company Limited

Automotive Mold Technology Company Limited – Hightech Mold was founded in 2007 in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China. We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 certified, our molds are sold to Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand etc certified by exported forms. some customers all over the world.

Hightech Mold can produce 500 sets of molds per year. It covers industries such as automotive, household appliances, medicine and industry etc. The molds made by Hightech are mainly exported to Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand etc.

Automotive Mold Technology Company Limited

Automotive Mold Technology Company Limited

We have accumulated mature technology and rich experience in the automotive industry, especially in the field of automotive interior products.

Metal Injection Molding

Hightech has many years of experience in the production of molds for medical devices and the production of products, especially molds for respirators and atomizers;

Hightech supports green environmental protection and we produce molds for green energy and batteries, in particular molds for electric batteries;

Relying on a professional technical team, advanced equipment and strict quality control, HIGHTECH has been recognized as one of the best manufacturers in the plastic molding and injection molding industry. HS Uniform is a uniform manufacturer in China. We have been providing injection molding services to plastic injection molding companies around the world since 2004. Thanks to the advancement of our own technology, we can build complex car plastic molds up to 15 tons and precise plastic molds with tight tolerances of + -0.01 mm for the medical, automotive and commercial industries.

Tech Not every injection mold factory has the engineering expertise to provide technical support and design turnkey tooling solutions, but the likes of HS Mold can make your ideas come true and create custom injection molding solutions. Bring us your plastic injection molding project!

Plastic Injection Molds Manufacturer, Injection Molding Services In China

Starting with the concept, we share our industrial plastic parts, brainstorm and constantly innovate to provide our customers always with a value-added plastic molding solution.

Quality assurance We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified injection molding machine factory in China. We have developed a complete qualification system to provide customers with consistently high quality injection molded or injection molded plastic parts.

We are not only a plastic molding factory, we also provide injection molding and custom injection molding services, as well as a product engineering services company that provides high-quality plastic product manufacturing services, from rapid prototyping to low-volume production.

Automotive Mold Technology Company Limited

Our strong team of engineers work closely with you at all stages of development. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and specialized product manufacturing capabilities, we offer solutions tailored to the needs of our customers and create maximum value for our customers.

Plastic Automotive Mould Manufacturers, In Mold Injection Factory

HS is a Chinese injection molding company that helps companies and brands turn their great ideas into commercial products. We create value for our customers through vast knowledge and customized production. Whether you need a market version of your prototype or a product launch, we work with you at all stages of product development. Choose from our wide range of prototyping services to make your idea a reality.

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Shenzhen, Guangdong 7 Seguidores Automotive Molds Fabricación de productos de plástico Shenzhen, a trusted tool manufacturer for Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

Chinese Injection Mold Manufacturer Since 1990

GBM is an ISO9001: 2015 certified tool manufacturer that designs and manufactures high quality injection molds for domestic and foreign customers including 500 companies, Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers, engineering companies, plastic injection mold suppliers, OEM / ODM / OBM and others. Professional, so reliable. The main activity of GBM is: 1) Precision injection molds. 2). Small for mass injection molding, no MOQ required. 3). Precision components by milling and EDM. For exact shapes, we specialize in: 1). Multi-Component Molding / 2K / 2-Shot Molding / Bi-Injection. 2). Forms. 3). Molding (metal to plastic molding), molding or vertical injection molding, swing molding. 4). Car shape. To better support our customers, we have established a service center in the Netherlands that serves our European customers and a branch in Michigan that serves North American customers.

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