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Auto Tech Te Aroha – Owners of just under 300 vehicles will have their vehicle warranties reviewed again due to concerns that an inspection site is operating with an unauthorized vehicle inspector.

NZTA has suspended vehicle inspector Hamza and his inspection organisation, a franchise of the Super Cheap Tires and Auto Services group in Saint Johns, Auckland.

Auto Tech Te Aroha

Auto Tech Te Aroha

“NZTA is concerned that non-compliant vehicles may have a warranty of conformity and that the site checks vehicles incorrectly with an unauthorized vehicle inspector,” the agency said in a statement. number of inspections with a single authorized vehicle inspector”.

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“Due to concerns about the quality of Mr Hamza’s inspections, there is a strong possibility that some vehicles may have passed incorrectly.

“We are therefore advising people who have a current Super Cheap Tires and Auto Services (2016) compliance order to get their vehicle checked again.”

The agency will contact approximately 297 affected vehicle owners as soon as possible to inform them of the options to review.

December 21: Consultancy Martin Jenkins is hired to assist in the Department for Transport’s review of NZTA’s regulatory function.

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8 April 2019: Patrick Chu of Transport and Structure Ltd-300 affected drawbars and drawbeams on heavy vehicles and trailers.

3 May 2019: Nassir Habib, Litesh Gounder and their respective inspection bodies – Carbine Automotivs and Manurewa Auto and Tire Center – 2,607 vehicle owners were affected.

8 May 2019: Wei Shi Du and Mount Eden-based inspection Cityside Automotive Limited: 2,200 vehicle owners affected. For three years, Ontario failed to enforce its rules requiring competent tradesmen such as electricians, auto mechanics and plumbers. certificate, learned news.

Auto Tech Te Aroha

Ontario does not enforce mandatory licensing rules for specialty businesses such as auto services. “I’m strict with the rules. Lou Trottier, owner of All About Imports, a garage in Mississauga, Ont., would also love to see everyone forced to follow the rules. (Mike Crawley/)

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News has learned that for three years, Ontario has failed to comply with its rules requiring tradesmen such as electricians, auto mechanics and plumbers to be certified.

Enforcement of Ontario’s Compulsory License Business Certificates was halted shortly after Premier Doug Ford’s government took office.

This means that as of mid-2018, there is no provincial control over whether people working in the Ontario licensed trade actually have the necessary authorization to do the work.

“It’s like having an environmental law without enforcement,” said Patrick Dillon, business director of the City Building and Construction Trades Council, a group of labor unions.

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“You can’t have a trade qualification law and a compulsory licensed trade and not enforce it,” Dillon said in an interview.

Electricians and electrical apprentices must be enrolled in the Ontario College of Commerce to do business in the province. (Submitted by Andrea Davidson)

Lack of practice affects not only tradesmen, but also anyone who might hire an electrician, plumber or handyman.

Auto Tech Te Aroha

“As a consumer, you pay top dollar to have your car serviced,” said Lou Trottier, owner of All About Imports auto service garage in Mississauga, Ont. “If you find out it was done by an unauthorized person, it will leave a bad taste in your mouth, won’t it?”

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The province’s authority to enforce the skilled trade certification rules rests with the Ontario College of Commerce (OCOT), an agency established in 2009.

Ford has vowed to campaign to ditch the university, describing it as a burdensome bureaucracy for businesses. His government passed legislation in the fall of 2018 to begin closing it.

However, OCOT still exists and needed to continue to perform its core functions, including enforcing credentials in trades where licensing is mandatory.

Ontario Labor Minister Monte McNaughton said OCOT inspectors have played an “educational role” since the Progressive Conservative government took office. (Mike Crawley/)

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Ontario requires certification in 23 licensed trades, including electricians, plumbers, crane operators, refrigeration technicians, hairdressers and a range of automotive jobs such as brake, transmission and body repair.

It is illegal to engage in any of these transactions in Ontario without proper certification. It is also illegal for an employer to hire someone who is not authorized to do business in these trades.

“One of the University’s primary responsibilities is to ensure that individuals performing mandatory trade skills have the necessary education and certification to legally engage in this trade in Ontario,” says a recent statement on the OCOT website.

Auto Tech Te Aroha

College researchers found more than 4,200 people working in the licensed trade without proper authorization in each of the last full years for which figures are available, 2015 and 2016.

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But since June 28, 2018, the day before the Ford government took office, there has not been a single violation notice posted on the OCOT website. Likewise, convictions under the Provincial Offenses Act handed down since July 2018 are zero.

Ontario requires certification in 23 licensed trades, including hairdressers, plumbers, crane operators, refrigeration technicians and a range of automotive jobs. (Andrew Lee/)

Before the Ford government was elected, university officers made thousands of visits a year to construction sites, car garages and body shops to check the credentials of qualified tradesmen.

“Since we formed government, OCOT inspectors have played an educational role,” said Ryan Whealy, press secretary to Monte McNaughton, Minister for Labour, Education and Skills Development.

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“We heard loud and clear from workers and management that OCOT, including its implementation, is deeply politicized and ineffective,” Whealy said.

The absence of penalties for the past three years is a source of frustration for dealers who continue to pay their mandatory annual fees to remain licensed in Ontario. The $120 fee was reduced to $60 in 2019.

Dillon describes it as a form of legalized theft. “If you pay for something and you don’t get it, that’s just a breach of contract,” he said.

Auto Tech Te Aroha

Before becoming Ontario’s premier, Doug Ford campaigned on a promise to abolish the Commerce College, the province’s institution that regulates skilled trades. (Tijana Martin/Canadian Press)

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He acknowledges that there may have been issues with enforcement earlier, but argues that these issues “need to be fixed before blowing up the university.”

Trottier said the lack of compliance bothered him. “I play by the rules. I follow the rules. And I want everyone to be forced to play by the rules,” he said.

The Ford government recently announced that the Ontario College of Commerce will be replaced by a new Crown agency, Skilled Trades Ontario, effective January 1, 2022.

The new agency’s legislation says certification will remain mandatory for identified transactions, and McNaughton promises it will be enforced.

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In October 2018, shortly after the Ford government announced it would close the Ontario College of Commerce, Unifor representatives were among the labor groups opposing the plan. (Dale Molnar/)

“As we move forward this summer, we will make sure that compliance and enforcement regulations are worked on,” McNaughton told the News on Tuesday.

“I can be sure that we will make sure that the app is available in the workplaces of everyone doing business.”

Auto Tech Te Aroha

A panel commissioned by the Ontario government is recommending that the new agency focus on training and certification in the trade, leaving responsibility for enforcement to the Department of Labor’s occupational safety and health inspectorate.

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Trottier questions whether the college’s implementation of mandatory certification in the auto service industry has had any effect. “I think if you ask the average tech what the Ontario College of Commerce really does for them, they’ll shake their heads and say, ‘I have no idea.’

While Trottier believes the lack of penalties over the past three years is unfair, he doesn’t believe it has hurt his business.

“There are companies around me that use unskilled personnel,” Trottier said. “I would love it if the Ontario College of Commerce could come out and fix it. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t affect me too much because I only use staff that meet my clients’ expectations.”

Mike Crawley is currently a senior News reporter covering health. He began his career as a newspaper reporter in B.C., filing stories from 19 countries in Africa as a freelance reporter, then joined in 2005. Mike was born and raised in Saint John, N.B. The Te Aroha Cruise In event has grown each year, with close to 500 vehicles taking part this year. Hundreds of devoted car enthusiasts have made the annual pilgrimage, and although Mount Te Aroha looks more like Mount Doom.

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