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Auto Tech Mike

Auto Tech Mike

Auto Tech Mike – The answer is the first annual U.S. Auto Tech National Championship, developed by Ideal Industries, in Nashville in mid-December and airing on Fox Sports 2 in early February. Brown, 30, is one of hundreds of tech professionals who have competed and won top prizes.

Brown is the Chief Technician at Sysney Diagnostic Services in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Although the title of this article is Clickbaity, it does not pretend to be the best technology in the country. “I looked the best,” he said, crediting his victory to a lifetime of passion, composure under pressure and success.

Auto Tech Mike

Auto Tech Mike

If you missed it, of course you missed it – it’s on FS2. Brown had to sign up for an online trial account to watch it for himself. It includes qualifiers in Boston and finals in Nashville, judging contestants’ skills by making corrections at different times.

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During the first round of the championship, 32 cars were electrically tested. They were given an ATech training board and were told how the circuit was supposed to work, which they then had to diagnose and repair. They also took the written test, which Brown said was the hardest for most people there. (For obvious reasons, this round was not televised.)

Then they had to replace the U-joint on the drive shaft, which seemed pretty straightforward. “For something like this, I’m just on autopilot,” Brown said. But many competitors broke the casting right away. They didn’t say it live, but Brown realized they offered the cheapest driveshaft he could find online. Because of this, his time is paid. “You can’t just put pressure on it,” he said. “You have to make sure it’s straight.”

There were only five mechanics in the final round who had to diagnose and repair the GM V8 engine, which was also a bit of a twist since most of the technicians there didn’t have a new engine in their workshop. They were just told it had a problem, they would do a compression and leak test, then request and install the necessary parts to fix it. (In the end, the head gasket on the passenger side cracked and the lifter on the driver side cracked.) They had to do it all in two hours, half the time scheduled.

It all boils down to one bolt. The other guy did it first, but forgot to put the bolts back on the high pressure rail. This led to the ouster of the judges, making Brown the winner.

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“I feel bad for that person,” she said. “The hardest part is that you have the camera on your face, the big clock, the announcer and a lot of people. You have to do it quickly and adjust everything and get it right.”

The big news today is that the check is in his basement. After getting the real thing, he now plans to invest.

Brown grew up in the area where we now work. “My whole family are car fans,” he said. At 12, he got a job as a tire changer. In high school, he took factory classes and learned to weld. He eventually enrolled in the Lebanon County Vocational Technical Center’s Automotive Technology program and has been in the industry ever since. His training is sometimes provided by his employer, and when an unfamiliar job comes up, he does a lot of research himself. He has been working at Sisney for a few years, where he does everything.

Auto Tech Mike

On a recent morning, he finished replacing a Ford Explorer VVT solenoid and drove a Mitsubishi Outlander into what sounded like a Fast and Furious movie bay. “Maybe grandma just wanted to be a runner,” she said.

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He put it on the lift and the exhaust pipe was completely corroded under the catalytic converter. He discussed options with his father, Larry, and the owner, Jesse Sisney, and Brown decided it would be best to weld it back in place. He picks up his phone and opens Currents, a metalcore band he recently joined.

I asked him if he had done extensive rust repair work. “It’s PA. Half the job is rusting,” he said, making his welding experience even more valuable. “Most shops I go to don’t have welders.”

According to him, he likes motor and electrical work the most. At home, he just replaced the LS engine in an 82 Trans Am. Other than that, he mostly plays video games.

As for other tricks, he said the best thing to do is to be patient. “When you’re feeling down, step away and come back with a fresh mind.”

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I asked him how he felt about the controversial shortage of service technicians and whether he would encourage others to pursue careers there. He said the opposite. When he graduated from technical school, he was surprised that machinists required a large investment in tools and that, despite the wealth and variety of technical knowledge, mechanics were underemployed compared to other occupations. “One of my biggest misconceptions is that you go to school and make a hundred thousand soms. It’s not like that at all. It takes years to develop yourself,” he said. “I don’t know if I’m going to push my kids into this field. I’m on the fence.”

The next American Auto Tech National Championship will be held in Tampa, Florida in the fall of 2022. Brown said he definitely intends to go back.

“I would love to do it again,” he said. “Actually, I want to judge him, not to be under pressure all the time.”

Auto Tech Mike

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Television and automobiles were major forces in the United States in the mid-to-late 20th century, so it’s no surprise… MEXICO CITY – ​​Roger Auger of Hunter Engineering was a recent guest speaker on an adult education automotive technology class. BOCES is in Oswego County.

Roger Auger of Hunter Engineering, second from left, targets a test vehicle to demonstrate the HawkEye alignment system at BOCES in Oswego County. Auger was recently a guest speaker at Jerry Wickham’s Adult Educational Automotive Technology course. The course teaches students how to use new technology used by most of the country’s larger shops, including a computer-based wheel alignment system that connects to the vehicle for high-resolution cameras and precise adjustments. Classmates pictured with Auger, left to right: Eugene Shufelt, Chad Grudier, Marshall Cooper, J. Spear, Paul Watkins, Chuck Winterhalt and Mike Kimball.

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Hunter Engineering Company designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of automotive and truck service equipment: computerized wheel alignment systems, suspension and brake testing systems, wheel balancers, brake lathes, tire changers and car lifts.

The HawkEye alignment system includes software that fully integrates the wheel alignment process into one efficient system.

It uses many automation features and intuitive software to save time and simplify the alignment process, and is available in most major stores nationwide.

Auto Tech Mike

Students are trained using a computer system that attaches high-resolution cameras to the vehicle for precise adjustments.

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Mike Kimball makes small adjustments to the wheels of a test vehicle while demonstrating the HawkEye alignment system to students in the Oswego County BOCES Adult Educational Automotive Technology class. A guest speaker from an equipment manufacturer came to class recently.

OCB’s 700-hour Automotive Technology course is designed to train students in automotive electrical, electronic, and engine control systems, as well as diagnosing and repairing braking, steering, and suspension systems for most domestic and foreign cars and light trucks.

This provides students with a comprehensive package that includes classroom theory, technical training using computerized training modules, real-time lab work with problem vehicles, and hands-on experience in a dealership or independent repair shop.

Students who complete the program are eligible to take the New York State Vehicle Inspector Exam and four ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) exams in the spring and fall.

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For more information about OCB’s automotive technology courses or other adult education opportunities, please contact Paul Gugel, Director of Adult and Immigrant Education, at 315-963-4256.

Jessica Smith, far right, conductor

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