Auto Mechanic Classes Chicago

Auto Mechanic Classes Chicago

Auto Mechanic Classes Chicago

Auto Mechanic Classes Chicago – Fast Lane Automotive Training was founded to help those who want to create a better life for themselves and their families. With hands-on automotive training and support for graduates to obtain the certifications most important to employers, Fast Lane Automotive Training helps open doors for anyone willing to put in the time needed to learn the skills. We even help you with job placement after you complete your training!

At Fast Lane Automotive Training, we have one project in mind with each student. We offer a unique and customized training experience based on your work and family needs, education level and financial situation.

Auto Mechanic Classes Chicago

Auto Mechanic Classes Chicago

The team at Fast Lane Automotive Training believes that students are empowered when traditional educational barriers are broken. Our vision is real on-the-job training in a completely hands-on environment.

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The courses are divided into sections that allow students to cover a wide variety of auto repair and maintenance topics when they have time.

At Fast Lane, we never want finances to be an obstacle to a better life, so we offer prices that are both fair and flexible – with financial assistance available.

Unlike many car gyms, Fast Lane uses real vehicles to show you the ropes. Bring your own car to work and save money!

At Fast Lane Automotive Training we believe there is truth to the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”

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Fast Lane is here to help you make an effective change in your professional life with driving training from the best experts.

Schedule an Automated Service To schedule an appointment, call us at (773) 525-0123 or fill out the form below with your information and requested service.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it.OkAccording to the U.S. According to the Census Bureau, traveling alone by car, truck or van remains the most common mode of transportation in Chicago despite efforts to expand local transportation options. More than 51 percent of passengers use their own transport to get to and from work. Auto mechanics provide services that keep thousands of vehicles in good shape. They work extensively in retail, private sector, commercial and industrial environments to identify and solve problems with engines, automotive electronics, transmissions and other systems and use their knowledge base to fix the problem. Preventive maintenance is another important service that auto mechanics provide. It covers everything from fluid changes to tire rotations to reduce major problems in the future.

Auto Mechanic Classes Chicago

It is possible to enter the auto mechanic industry without formal education. However, you may want to consider enrolling in an auto mechanic program if you want the best chance of success. Automation programs cover a wide range of topics designed for general tasks, but will also be useful if you plan to hone your skills in one particular area. Automotive technicians with formal education are more likely to earn higher salaries and opportunities to advance in the industry with further education.

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Lincoln Tech offers adults the opportunity to earn an automotive technology qualification and benefit from a specialist partnership with Audi. Students also have the option of earning an Associate’s Degree in Automotive Service Management to earn more. The program includes theoretical and practical instruction that includes the use of real equipment under the guidance of expert instructors. The school’s parking lot, entrance halls, elevators and

The Auto Web Tech Lab provides all the resources students need to develop diagnostic and troubleshooting skills to repair and maintain cars, trucks and SUVs. Courses covered include construction and operation of gasoline engines, fuel and exhaust systems, electrical systems, automatic transmissions, transmissions and powertrains, air conditioning and electrical accessories, automotive braking systems, advanced automotive electronics, service shop procedures, automotive steering and suspension systems, and servicing. Store management. Graduates will be prepared to work in dealerships, repair facilities, garages and independent workshops. Day and evening programs are available.

The total cost of the program is $34,037. It includes tuition, books, uniforms, utilities, student fees, registration fees and technology fees.

Students enrolled in the automotive technology program at Universal Technical Institute will learn by doing. The program has been developed to cover simple engine systems as well as power and performance engines. Courses include Automotive Service and Repair, Professional Automotive Service Writing, Vehicle Braking Systems, Steering and Suspension Service and Repair, Hybrid Vehicle System Maintenance, Engine Power/Performance Tuning and Exhaust Repair, and Clinical Control Systems and Automotive Repair. UTI offers fast-paced comprehensive training, financial aid counseling, specialized training, practical projects and experienced mentors. Graduates will receive credits that they can apply toward professional certifications. They will be paired to take the ASE exam.

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The estimated cost of tuition and fees is $22,374. Additional costs for books and supplies are not included in the total.

Olive-Harvey College offers adults the opportunity to earn an AAS degree in Automotive Technology. The program covers the essential skills required for entry-level positions in the automotive industry. These skills will include body care, detailing, body painting and restoration. Core requirements include fuel management, fuel systems, performance and handling, introduction to the automotive technician, engine concepts, automotive service management, automatic temperature control systems, transmissions and axles, steering and suspension systems, and automotive brakes.

Tuition costs $146 per unit for in-district students and $384 per unit for out-of-district students. Books and supplies are also included.

Auto Mechanic Classes Chicago

Fast Lane Automotive Training offers specialized courses in brake systems, suspension and steering, engines and gearboxes. Each course leads to a certificate of completion. The brake system course covers disc brakes, hydraulic systems, traction control systems, proportional valves, brake lines and master cylinders and pushers. The steering and suspension system includes the steering gearbox, wheel hubs, ball joints, tire pressure monitoring system, idler arms, tie rods, steering columns, wheels, steering and torque adjustment and center links. Engines include petrol/hybrid, diesel and electric vehicles. Transmissions include automatic, manual and 4×4. Practical exercises start on the first day of classes. Flexible timetables are offered to meet the learning needs of students. Graduates will be prepared to take the ASE certification exam for the appropriate subject.

Auto Mechanic Schools In San Jose, Ca

Students are required to pay $125 weekly until they have completed the course. Supplies, books and tools are included in the total amount.

The Professional Automotive Training (PAT) program at South Tech Center is two-part with 3 months of on-the-job training and 6 months of work experience. The skill building courses follow the model prescribed by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). Students learn brake systems, steering and suspension systems, electrical systems and power equipment, and air conditioning and heating. The first phase of the program covers basic skills that will prepare students for entry-level work in automotive repair. The second phase covers advanced concepts needed by automotive technicians, such as fuel management, electronic braking, service management, engine performance and advanced electronics. More than 70% of the training will consist of projects in the shop. After completing the dual program, students will have the tools to run their own business. Day and evening courses are available.

The Automotive Technology AAS degree offered by Prairie State College prepares adults for careers in the automotive industry. Theoretical and practical instruction is designed to train students to repair and maintain cars, vans, light trucks and other vehicles. Students learn to use hand tools and special equipment to assess potential problems and perform repairs. Specific tasks include oil changes, battery changes and tire rotations. Core courses include basic automotive service and systems, automotive engines, automotive electrical/electronics, automatic braking systems, automotive heating/air conditioning, automatic transmissions and transmissions, engine performance, and advanced automotive service and systems. General education requirements (19-20 credits) must be completed to graduate with an AAS.

Tuition costs $174 per credit hour for in-district residents and $389.24 per credit hour for out-of-district residents. Financial aid is available for qualified students.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we expect you to be satisfied with it. Ok Privacy Policy Mechanics must master the machines they work on and automotive training should teach you how to diagnose and repair everything from brakes and transmissions to engines and axles. Olney Central College’s automotive program emphasizes these principles to produce highly skilled professionals in the field.

OCC’s Automotive Service Technician program offers exciting careers and endless opportunities. Students learn to diagnose and repair today’s high-tech cars, with the main emphasis on practical learning. We are constantly updating our curriculum to keep up with the latest trends in our industry.

If you’re hoping to stand out in the job search, having a degree on your resume can significantly improve your chances of landing a good job. Formal training and testing validates your skills and demonstrates that you have a thorough and deep understanding of vehicle technology.

Auto Mechanic Classes Chicago

The program uses hybrid courses, also known as blended courses, to replace some of the traditional face-to-face instruction with online learning. Online classes may include video lectures, discussions, and other related activities

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