Asos Digital Marketing Campaign

Asos Digital Marketing Campaign

Asos Digital Marketing Campaign

Asos Digital Marketing Campaign – Asos has launched a feature on its mobile app in the UK that will allow customers to search its product database by image.

The visual search tool looks like the camera icon found in the search bar of the Asos app. In an instant, customers can snap a photo of an outfit they see someone wearing and search for similar items on Asos.

Asos Digital Marketing Campaign

Asos Digital Marketing Campaign

Currently, around 80% of ASOS’ UK traffic and around 70% of UK sales come from mobile, with people spending around 80 minutes a month on the app.

Marketing Strategy Asos. Introduction

Andy Burks, digital marketing manager at Asos, said: “We know this is where our customers are and how they interact with us every day, so we’re looking at mobile solutions to make them even better.”

The brand invests heavily in technology. In addition to the AI-powered promotion engine, the online retailer is working on site optimization, efficiency and speeding up the customer experience.

“Our technology has always been about helping customers, not because of it,” Berks said. “Our latest technology, visual search, is an example of this. Inspiration can touch you anywhere, anytime – whether it’s a photo in a store, scrolling through Instagram pages, or even on your local street corner.”

Get the latest jobs in advertising, media, marketing and digital delivered straight to your inbox every day. As the popularity of e-commerce has grown exponentially over the past decade, ASOS has become one of the world’s leading fashion, beauty and youth marketplaces, ranking among the top 10 online fashion retailers. (Statista, 2018), therefore it is important to look at its marketing strategies.

Of The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns You Can Learn From

From the picture above, the demographic information shows that their first part is women and men aged 18 to 34, the second part is women and men 35 to 49.

In addition, their websites and social media accounts clearly show their youth segments. These sites are full of young, creative, talented, trendy and trendy people with unique looks and different cultures, most of them are in the same age group as their starting point.

Also, from the number of active customers of ASOS as of August 2020, by region (Statista, 2021), it shows that the main part is the European Union, the second part is the United Kingdom, and geography.

Asos Digital Marketing Campaign

In relation to their above segments, ASOS has developed various marketing strategies to speak directly to their target audience.

Asos On Why Digital Must Be A Balance Between Mass Reach And Targeting

First, ASOS has an official e-commerce website and a smart phone shopping app that already supports young shoppers.

Second, ASOS mainly focuses its marketing on social media, where many young people are very active, ASOS’s social media strategy seems to be very successful, with 11.9 million followers on Instagram, 7.1 million on Facebook, 1 million on Twitter and 90.9k on YouTube. The largest group on Instagram is 25-35 (33.1%), Facebook is 25-34 (26.3%), Youtube is 15-25, Twitter is 30-49 (44%) according to Barnhart B social report. to inform your brand in 2021 (Barnhart B, 2021), the age group is closely related to the segments you want to follow ASOS, therefore helping the brand to communicate directly.

Third, ASOS’s brand image feels modern, young, strong and attractive, in order to show the brand properly to the target audience, they hire people with different cultures, body shapes and sexuality to show free spirit images on. their official website or social network, they have different lines of curves, including plus size, petite and unisex, etc. It is related to their need for creativity, positivity, democracy and respect for people who have a lot of fun. In addition, it also helps them a lot to differentiate themselves from their competitors and create an emotional connection with their audience.

According to their amazing marketing campaign in London, there are several emotions that they used to evoke the needs and desires of their young target audience in their products.

What Makes Asos’s Online Customer Experience So Enjoyable?

“We believe in a world where you have every right to be yourself, without judgement. To experiment. To speak your mind. To be brave and embrace life as an amazing journey. So we make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to realize the amazing things they can do – regardless. no matter who they are, where they’re from or what they look like. to the boss. We’re here to give you the confidence to be who you want to be.”

ASOS highlights in their Youtube description: This is a judgment free environment. There are videos of fancy dress, gay people, different races, adults, athletes, etc. in their YouTube videos, on their official website, they are very interested in the people who follow what they are finding, at this time, they give their comments and what they believe in the activities and products they offer, there are a large variety of fashion and accessories designed for different types. for body shapes and needs, which includes curvy, plus size, tall, petite, maternity, unisex, full and standard in more than 30 sizes and offers all sizes at the same price. This kills the pain for the target audience looking for branded products, and also differentiates them from competitors like Myntra or Nordstrom.

Also, unlike other world-famous brands that are known as fashion competitors, for example, Nike, Mango, Adidas, etc., ASOS has its own equipment, while it also has about 8,000 other products, including Nike, Mango and Adidas but at a low price and frequent discounts to meet the needs of the audience.

Asos Digital Marketing Campaign

In addition, ASOS has done a good job of providing trust by introducing a free, quick refund policy, customers can return their goods in a very simple way within 30 days. .

Asos Launches As Seen On Me Community

In addition, ASOS has a dedicated student section to offer special offers to students who are one of the main audiences – 10% off all purchases with a discount code (ASOS, n.d.). ASOS often announces special discount days offering 10%-30% off all ASOS products by sending reminder emails to their registered customers to maintain customer loyalty.

ASOS’s classic and simple black-and-white logo has become a symbol often seen on social media, email subscriptions, advertising and even carried by some commercial and residential couriers. It often reminds users and drives discovery and action. However, the content on their website or social media is cute and playful. Encouraging people to imagine a fun and exciting place in a black and white bag.

While researching the marketing strategies of ASOS, I learned how they analyze the behavior of consumers and the social needs of the people they want, trends and changes according to the population, in order to use the right components in the production of advertising that is closely related to communication and 20 years of sectors , but it is also shown that they did not focus much on the 30 years, which only looks like the first part and the second part, and maybe not concerned with high style or self-expression, but with quality, functionality or moral issues , there is an abundance of styles from the fashion choices on the site that has also been created 30 years, hopefully the sale will be taken to another level if they can put some effort into this area.

Also, this study makes me think about my works when I create a picture, which parts I want to reach, so that I can decide which parts and situations I want to put in my image to reach and communicate with them, so I can create a work. in marketing terms.

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Asos Digital Marketing Campaign

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