Apple Store Developer

Apple Store Developer

Apple Store Developer

Apple Store Developer – See how many people found your app when searching or browsing the App Store, and find out which apps and websites brought people to your product page. You can measure your app downloads, including first-time downloads, repeat downloads, and total downloads, as well as your app store conversion rate. This data provides insight into how your marketing efforts and metadata changes affect downloads.

Measure the performance of your marketing campaigns across channels like social media, email and paid advertising so you can focus on the most effective campaigns. Measure downloads from Smart App Banners in Safari and cross-promote apps that use StoreKit to display your product pages. Create specific links for each marketing campaign so you know the average cost per user and know which campaigns are driving the most downloads.

Apple Store Developer

Apple Store Developer

By knowing how others are finding and engaging with your app clip, you can measure performance over time. Find out what resources they’ve used (for example, NFC tags, Safari or app clip codes) and see app clip card views, installs, sessions, crashes, and more. You can also see the resulting number of app installs.

Xcode 14 Overview

You can view information about your app events, including event page views, reminders and notification data, and the number of downloads and re-downloads enabled by your app events. Each metric can be viewed by region, resource type, device, etc., so you can understand how your app’s events are affecting your app’s growth and success.

Measure various user engagement metrics, find out how often people use your app, and see the number of installs, sessions, and active devices. This information allows you to evaluate the impact of product changes, such as adjusting the flight experience or adding special content within the app. Crash and deletion data can be viewed by platform, app version, and operating system version to identify potential causes and create a better user experience.

View the number of individual paying users by day, week or month. The daily number of unique paying users can help you measure whether you’re making a difference in user spending on your app. Filter sales to paying users by source to see the average cost per user from a specific campaign, app or website.

Find out how many users have pre-ordered your app before downloading it on the App Store. The overview page shows the number of previous submissions and breaks them down by region, resource type and more.

How Do I Accept New License Agreements On App Store Connect And Apple Developer?

Get daily data to understand your app’s performance and forecast your sales. Download reports with additional information to perform in-depth analysis.

See the number of active paying customers, customers who continue to renew, customers who switch from any subscription offer to a fixed price, and more. See how many new customers subscribe each day, daily subscription sales, reasons for subscription cancellations (including billing issues and pricing), and more. This data can be filtered by app, subscription and other metrics to analyze performance.

View data on your app’s downloads, sales initiated, pre-orders initiated, and estimated revenue. Data can also be filtered by date range, transaction types, subscription offers, regions and other metrics.

Apple Store Developer

See your latest earnings for each month, broken down by region and currency. Check the fees and taxes and adjustments that apply to converting your income from local currency (when applicable). You can download detailed reports of all transactions, including the number of units sold per app or in-app purchases.

New Ios 16 Developer Mode May Be Preview Of Third Party App Store Toggle

Promote Get marketing guidance and tools to help you promote your app in the App Store. Learn more and join us for another exciting week of the Ask Apple series where you interact directly with Apple experts. Hear about integrating the latest technologies into your apps, designing intuitive UIs, testing the latest software, and more. Online one-on-one consultations and group questions and answers will run from November 14 to 18, with activities in multiple languages ​​and time zones. Registration is now open for existing Apple Program and Apple Enterprise Program members. And stay tuned for details in the next installment of the Ask Apple series in December. learn more

Beta versions of iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, macOS 13.1, tvOS 16.2, and watchOS 9.2 are available now. Make sure your apps work as expected and prepare them for these releases. And to take advantage of the improvements in the latest SDKs, build and test with Xcode 14.1 RC 2. Check the latest release notes to see if a known issue from the previous beta release has been fixed or if a workaround is available. Let us know if you have any problems or have any other ideas. We value your feedback as it helps us fix problems, refine features and update documentation. View downloads and release notes Learn about beta OS testing Learn about sending feedback

Apple Search Ads make it easy to promote your app in the App Store. Now with Today’s New Tab and Product Page Ads Display, you can discover your app in the App Store in minutes—customers can browse apps to download, click on a specific item when they first come up. are looking for learn more

Get ready to interact with online experts to learn how to take advantage of the App Store’s many features. Find out how to attract new customers, test marketing strategies, increase subscriptions and more. Live presentations with questions and answers will be held this November and December in multiple time zones and languages. If you’re an Apple program member, sign up today. learn more

How To Accept Updates To The Apple Developer Agreements & Paid Application Schedules

The SKAdNetwork API allows advertisers to measure ad success by attributing app installs to specific ad campaigns – all while protecting user privacy. It supports multiple ad formats including static images, videos, audio and interactive ads. With SKAdNetwork 4.0, now available in iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1, it provides additional insight into ad performance for apps: Tiered Source Identifiers: Find out which campaign installs are attributed to, as well as additional attribution information . Transferable values: Get less specific attribute information when attribute thresholds for transfer values ​​are not met, or more detailed attribute information when additional attribute thresholds are met. Multiple conversions: Get three postbacks from a single campaign to better understand how often app installs engage over time. SKAdNetwork for Web Ads: Web ads directed to App Store product pages. Learn more about SKAdNetwork

The App Store review guidelines have been updated to support new features in future OS releases, better protect customers, and make your app review process as easy as possible.

IOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1, the world’s most advanced mobile operating systems, will soon be available to customers worldwide. Take advantage of live actions to let people know what’s happening live in your app, from the lock screen and animated island on iPhone. Enhance your iPad app with desktop-class features like an editor-style navigation bar and text editing menu, and get the latest developments in MapKit, Metal, ARKit, Core ML, and more. Build your app using the Xcode 14.1 release candidate, then test it and submit it for review. Note that starting in April 2023, all iOS and iPadOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with Xcode 14.1 and iOS 16.1 SDK. Learn about submitting iOS apps Learn about submitting iPadOS apps

Apple Store Developer

Integrate new and powerful communication features into your app with WatchOS 9. Present real-time information with more complexity on multiple Apple Watch faces, enable sharing of your app content, allow users to make VoIP calls directly from Apple Watch, and more. And with a simple watchOS app layout, managing your projects is easier than ever. Build your app using the Xcode 14.1 release candidate, then test it and submit it for review. Note that starting in April 2023, all WatchOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with Xcode 14.1 and the watchOS 9.1 SDK. Learn about submitting a watchOS app

Why Is My App No Longer Available In The App Store

MacOS Ventura makes the things you do most on Mac even better, with powerful new ways to do more, share your favorite apps, collaborate, immerse yourself in next-level gaming, and Make the most of your other tools. Advances in machine learning are making it much easier to deliver intelligent experiences. SharePlay enables sharing of synchronized experiences within your app when connecting via messages. With Metal 3, you can create next-generation Mac games that run seamlessly from MacBook Air to Mac Studio with Apple silicon. Continuity Camera provides access to camera input, features and effects on iPhone. Build your app using the Xcode 14.1 release candidate, then test it and submit it for review. Learn about submitting MacOS apps

Integrate your TVOS app with iOS, iPadOS, or WatchOS apps for new experiences on Apple TV. Make it easy for people to enjoy your Apple TV app with improved system integration for user profiles, and customize your app’s interface to provide even more functionality with SwiftUI. Learn about submitting tvOS apps

Apple Entrepreneur Camp supports underrepresented founders and app-driven companies who are building next-generation cutting-edge apps and helps build a global network that promotes the longevity of these entrepreneurs in technology. Apply now to one of the three online groups

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