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Android Smartphone

Android Smartphone

How was 2020. One welcome light in the darkness of the last 12 months was the launch of a whole host of amazing phones. However, only one can take home the title

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Even without forced adjustments due to the ongoing global pandemic, 2020 was a year of great change for the mobile industry. We’ve seen fresh form factors with the rebirth of flip phones, dual-screen rotating phones and cell phone lookalikes. There were also some foldable devices that finally looked good enough (and tough enough) to seriously buy.

We’ve also seen 5G take center stage with its continued rollout. There were even new smartphone price levels with ultra-premium $1,000 phones, super mid-range, and even a really cheap iPhone! Cats and dogs. Mass hysteria.

. If you’re a regular visitor, you’ve no doubt seen that we’ve gradually expanded our reach beyond mobile as the years have gone by. We’ve often brought you all the latest news and analysis in the audio, smart home and computing categories, but this year we’ve expanded even further into gaming, streaming and much, much more.

We’ll be thinking about this change next year as we head into awards season. Moving forward, we want to show love for the best that the world of consumer technology has to offer. Of course, we will never stop bringing you the best coverage of the mobile platform we all know and love – Android!

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With that said, it’s time to crown our Editors’ Choice smartphone of the year. As always, we will be giving out two awards – one decided by us (Editor’s Choice) and the other decided by you, our wonderful readers (Reader’s Choice).

Here we list the top five phones chosen by members of our review and feature teams

Thanks to our testing team, we were able to pick out key data on display accuracy, camera quality, audio clarity, as well as sustained performance and battery life. This was achieved using a customized version of the G speed test developed by our very own Gary Sims of Gary Explains.

Android Smartphone

Every phone featured here met or exceeded the threshold in our test, proving its superiority over dozens of competing devices in various price categories. However, we also wanted to consider the intangibles that separate the good phones from the great ones. This includes software support, build quality, value, availability and more.

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That’s where our experienced editorial team comes in – a team with enough experience to look beyond a spec sheet filled with big, sexy numbers or temptingly low prices (or both). We make judgments keeping in mind the bigger picture of the ever-changing smartphone landscape.

The vote was extremely close this year. There were a few surprises along the way, but in the end we came up with five phones that deserve the most praise. One undisputed champion rose above the rest.

Without further ado, and counting down to the overall winners of our 2020 Editor’s Choice Award, here they are

In our review, we said that the Xperia 5 II might be the best phone Sony has ever made. Considering the Japanese OEM’s poor fortunes in recent years, that sounds like faint praise. His presence here shows, however, that this is absolutely not the case. In fact, it narrowly beat the OnePlus 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus by one vote. It’s serious competition.

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The Xperia 5 II distills everything that was great about the Xperia 1 II – itself a significant upgrade over previous Xperia phones – down to a more compact form factor. It lowered the price to a much more attractive sub-$1,000 mark.

As a hardware package, the Xperia 5 II is simply fantastic. The 120Hz display may be Full HD+, but the elongated OLED panel delivers an almost Samsung-level experience with solid peak brightness, color accuracy and very low gamma errors. The overall performance and the triple camera are equally excellent, as is the colossal battery life. It lasted almost five hours even in our most extreme stress test – which is almost equivalent to typical high-end smartphone use. There’s even a headphone jack.

Sony’s slim phone could have ranked even higher, but legacy software issues — especially the confusing camera app situation — kept it from competing for top honors. If Sony can fix them, the sky is the limit.

Android Smartphone

This is for the books. The Oppo Find X2 Pro not only defied our expectations in 2020, but also bested the OnePlus 8 Pro in the battle of BBK-related brands.

Best Android Phones 2021: Reviews And Buying Advice

OnePlus’ flagship phone (our mid-2020 winner, no less) is still a fantastic phone, but our love affair has unfortunately faded over time. Meanwhile, our affection for the Find X2 Pro has grown, holding a special place in our hearts.

It’s not hard to see why either. Unlike its sister brand, Oppo’s tweaking of the BBK-exclusive Sony IMX689 sensor turned out to be excellent. The phone consistently ranks near the top of our camera tests. The Find X2 Pro is equal to, and in some cases surpassed, the overall leader, the Huawei Mate 40 Pro. That is a great achievement.

Add impressive performance statistics, fast charging (just under 45 minutes from zero to 100%) and a cool QHD + AMOLED display with color accuracy and you have yourself a premium flagship. It may not have the innovation factor of its slider predecessor, but it still looks nice, especially the beautiful vegan leather model.

If Oppo can keep delivering competitive flagships like this one, we can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store with the Find X3 series.

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The successor to the 2019 Editor’s Choice winner, the Pixel 4a has taken the design of the beloved Pixel 3a and somehow made it even more attractive.

Compared to the powerful devices of 2020, its Snapdragon 730 chipset will never set the world on fire. Elsewhere, however, the Pixel 4a punches well above its weight. This is especially true of its stellar display, with very high peak brightness (720 nits), excellent color accuracy and low gamma error.

Despite the slow charging, battery life is also decent and, again, it’s nice to see a headphone jack on any phone in 2020. Then there is the 12MP camera, which once again brings Google’s admired computational photography to the budget segment.

Android Smartphone

Speaking of budget, the Pixel 4a hits the market with an MSRP of just $349. It may not be the standout phone of the year, but its incredible value surpasses other comparable phones like the OnePlus Nord with an undeniable mix of great hardware and great software.

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Coming in just one vote ahead of its non-5G sibling, the Google Pixel 4a 5G offered a lot more than its oddly tacked-on moniker would suggest.

Much like the Pixel 4a, the display is amazing, but the battery life is even better. Even our intensive stress test couldn’t keep the phone from hitting less than six hours of screen time. The camera also gets a welcome upgrade with a secondary ultra-wide camera. While the Pixel 5’s photography suite has fallen a bit this year as others have caught up, the exact same camera module shines here. The camera experience is leaps and bounds above anything else in the sub-$500 region, including Apple’s iPhone SE.

That was the case everywhere. While there were some excellent mid-range phones in 2020 like the Poco F2 Pro and Realme X50 Pro – with the addition of high-end processors – they couldn’t match Google’s vision of a perfectly balanced middle child. The fact that our team has decidedly opted for Google’s 2020 flagship for the high-end Pixel 4a 5G speaks volumes.

Stupid name be damned, the Pixel 4a 5G was Google’s best phone of 2020. Probably the best ever… but it still couldn’t top the eventual winner of our 2020 Editors’ Choice Award.

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Samsung released an incredible amount of phones in 2020, but its last big launch of the year stole the show.

Low-key launched just a month after the headline-grabbing Note 20 series and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 (the best foldable device of the year, without a doubt), was the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G (to give it its full name) perfect response to a year where the commoditization of smartphones has reached its peak.

On the one hand you have the Ultras, Pro Pluses and Pro Maxes – surprisingly expensive luxury flagships bursting with power and bloated with extras. That, combined with price increases in the industry, has pushed many buyers into a steadily improving middle class.

Android Smartphone

However, that was not the only option. In 2020, a new super-midrange category emerged – such as the Pixel 5 and LG Velvet. She

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