Andre Drummond Lakers

Andre Drummond Lakers

Andre Drummond Lakers

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Andre Drummond Lakers

Andre Drummond Lakers

Andre Drummond’s start for the Los Angeles Lakers was sidelined because of the big toe strain he sustained in Wednesday night’s team’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Drummond explained how he injured himself after the game.

La Lakers To Complete Signing Of Andre Drummond

“In that first quarter, when I came out, Brook had stepped on his foot,” Drummond said. “I didn’t really think about it, but I came back in sophomore and it started to hurt a lot. Then in the afternoon I took my sock off to check and my toe was completely gone so it was all bad. I couldn’t walk or run so I told the trainer to come pick me up.”

Drummond’s X-rays come back bad after fracture, according to the Lakers. He’ll be re-evaluated tomorrow, but the team lists him as daily.

Before Drummond’s injury, he looked as good as, if not better than, someone who hadn’t played a draft basketball game in over a month. He was involved in many of the Lakers’ tackles to start the game, mostly as a player but also as an option.

Although the results were mixed, he brought good energy in the first half and it’s not hard to imagine him looking good alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Drummond finished his night with 4 points, 2 assists, a rebound and a block.

Andre Drummond Feels Like He’s Getting In Rhythm For Lakers

Drummond hopes to play Friday when the Lakers play the Sacramento Kings at Gold Center 1, but he doesn’t know what to expect because it’s an injury he’s never dealt with.

“From now on I just want… what are you doing with your feet?” said Drummond with a laugh. “I’m not sure what to do, you know? I’ll just speak to the coaching staff and find out what’s best to come back as soon as possible.” The Los Angeles Lakers need to do something about the Brooklyn Nets’ behavior lately, and they are doing it.

The Lakers are looking to recruit more players to take on the Nets and Andre Drummond is the man they hope to lure the City of Angels. To do this, they have to buy him out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Andre Drummond Lakers

But the Lakers aren’t the only ones chasing Drummond as the Boston Celtics are ready to challenge them at every turn.

Breaking: Lakers Officially Sign Andre Drummond

But the Western Conference team made their intentions clear to the player. Drummond has been told he will start from Day 1, taking Marc Gasol’s place.

The inconsistency of Spain, as well as that of Montrezl Harrell, opened the door for Drummond. Upon his arrival, both would have been sent to the throne immediately.

If Drummond comes to LA to support LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the court, the Lakers are hoping to make it to the NBA this season.

The ball is clearly with Drummond and now he has to decide where to play the ball. He first expressed his desire to play with LeBron, and now he has a chance. Andre Drummond is now the starting center for the Los Angeles Lakers, and the whole story goes back to James Harden.

Andre Drummond: You Have To Be ‘built Differently’ To Play For Lakers

Drummond’s move to Hollywood, in particular, is just a side effect of the four-team swap that sent Harden to Brooklyn in January. With the NBA trade deadline over, Impact players from Drummond to Victor Oladipo are now scattered across the league and appear to be stretching the tentacles of the Nets harden during this special season and their championship that will never be contested.

There’s a good chance Drummond would start in Cleveland if the Cavaliers didn’t suddenly make a high-profile mega deal with the Nets, Rockets and Pacers.

By all accounts, Cavs general manager Koby Altman’s front office had little faith in Jarrett Allen’s reach earlier in the year. Ever since Cleveland acquired Drummond before the 2020 trade deadline, the Cavs planned to spend less money on free agency this offseason. The plan was to develop young cornerbacks Darius Garland and Collin Sexton and elite rebound big man, introduce a potential swing on the wing in Isaac Okoro, and go free with developmental advantages and some pocket money in 2021.

Andre Drummond Lakers

Then Houston called. A league source told Bleacher Report that the Rockets have shown no interest in keeping Allen or Caris LeVert. Rafael Stone’s new government looked around to find new homes for former Nets players as the Brooklyn trade became a reality.

Will Andre Drummond Be Next Nets Vs. Lakers ‘faceoff?’

In LeVert’s place, Houston took aim at Oladipo, wondering if the former All-NBA star could regain his magic. If Oladipo’s experiment fails, they assume he’ll create more designs than LeVert before the deadline.

The Rockets, meanwhile, didn’t see Allen as a long-term partner ahead of Christian Wood. As a result, Cleveland was able to acquire Allen for less than Milwaukee’s 2022 first-round pick.

When Brooklyn bolstered its superteam by acquiring Harden, the Cavs named 22-year-old Allen as their center. Drummond had helped Cleveland start the 2020-21 tournament, averaging 17.5 points and 13.5 rebounds per game, but Cavs management still believed he would be able to share time with Allen.

However, according to sources, Drummond wasn’t interested in playing minutes behind Allen. That sparked Cleveland’s plan to sit down on Drummond until he was traded.

Lakers Interested In Signing Cavalier Andre Drummond

The Cavaliers’ leaders remain confident they will get at least the second round as they handed Detroit to Drummond. “We’re not looking to the moon and back,” said a Cleveland executive at the time.

The Cavaliers discussed sending Drummond to Toronto. Before those talks fell through, they expressed interest in acquiring Norman Powell, according to sources.

Several teams approaching the draft have inquired about Drummond. Dallas considered pairing Drummond up front with Kristaps Porzingis. The Bulls weighed the benefits of landing Drummond, who need a real pillar of offense up front, before moving on to Nikola Vucevic. The Clippers, Celtics, Heat, Hornets, Nets, Lakers and Knicks have all shown consistent interest, but most have struggled to match Drummond’s nearly $28 million salary.

Andre Drummond Lakers

Drummond’s acquisition would force its new team to move more non-trading contracts, creating a three-for-one deal that would have forced Cleveland to let go of players it doesn’t necessarily want to trade. Charlotte might have had to send five players.

Andre Drummond Discusses Mental Strength Needed To Play For Lakers

The Lakers, Celtics, Knicks, Mavericks and Hornets remain in talks with Cleveland through Thursday’s close, sources said. All teams were given permission to speak with Drummond and his representatives before the clock struck 3 p.m. ET.

Dallas was busy finding more perimeter shots until the deadline. The Mavericks searched far and wide, including James Johnson and two second-round picks for Evan Fournier. News circulated Tuesday night that the Mavericks and Pelicans had agreed to a trade that sent JJ ​​Redick and Nicolo Melli to Dallas for Johnson, Wes Iwundu and a 2021 second-round pick, according to league officials. / R

It seemed like this option remained on the table as an option that failed before the deadline. According to sources, the Mavericks were also in talks with the Rockets about Oladipo on Thursday, but with Redick already in the dust and the dust settling this afternoon, those talks stalled. It didn’t seem like Dallas was doing much of the shopping spree it was already doing for Drummond.

The Hornets have done the same, researching the nature of a bargain for a legitimate great man. In addition to Drummond’s move, Charlotte has joined P.J. also discussed Cody Zeller’s expiring contract. Washington and Indiana for Myles Turner. The Hornets have made an offer to Montrezl Harrell Los Angeles and are also reportedly pursuing the Sacramento Kings’ Richaun Holmes.

Andre Drummond Moves From Cavaliers To Lakers

Malik Monk’s name was involved in both discussions but the Kings and Hornets were unable to find a combination of young players and assets for Holmes to head east before the deadline. Charlotte is expected to follow Holmes back into free agency this summer, where Holmes could reportedly earn more than $20 million in annual salary.

Not landing Holmes also led to Charlotte’s run at Drummond after Cleveland eventually gave up on letting the agency go through a buyout. The paperwork was delivered to the league around noon ET on Friday, sources said

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