American Idol Winner Just Sam What Is She Doing Now

American Idol Winner Just Sam What Is She Doing Now

American Idol Winner Just Sam What Is She Doing Now

American Idol Winner Just Sam What Is She Doing Now – Former American Idol winner Samantha Diaz, aka Just Sam, took to Instagram on Friday, August 26 to update fans on her hospitalization. In a series of cryptic Instagram stories, the singer revealed she was grateful for the prayers and said she’s “much better now”.

According to Heavy, the singer first revealed that she was hospitalized on Wednesday, August 24. In his Instagram stories, he wrote:

American Idol Winner Just Sam What Is She Doing Now

American Idol Winner Just Sam What Is She Doing Now

In her Instagram story on Friday, the singer thanked her fans for their support and said that her health has improved.

American Idol Winner Just Sam–who Won American Idol

He also posted a video wearing a mask and wrote that he wanted a “better hospital” because he hated the current one.

Samantha Diaz, aka Just Sam, participated in season 18 of American Idol. The Harlem native wowed the contestants she sang with at her audition in Washington

The contestant received more votes than fellow contestant Arthur Gunn to become American Idol.

While you’d expect the musician to land record deals after showcasing his groundbreaking sound, Just Sam stated earlier this year that wasn’t the case.

American Idol’ Winner Just Sam Reveals The Advice Katy Perry Gave Her That She Lives By Now: Photo 4459817

After winning Idol in May 2020, the former winner revealed that she signed a deal with Hollywood Records. However, he had to let the label claim the music he had already recorded.

“I thought it would be easy. Go into the studio, record, make music, that’s not how the world works. That’s not how the industry works. It takes time and money, which I don’t have. It requires patience. “

“I won’t even tell you how much I had to pay after I left the label to claim the songs I had already recorded. I invested in myself and broke it. The truth is.”

American Idol Winner Just Sam What Is She Doing Now

Diaz said American Idol didn’t help pay her bills.

American Idol Winner Just Sam Shares She Is In The Hospital And Says

However, the singer added that she continues to make music but “allows herself to release music” as mixing and mastering her tracks is an expensive task. “Thankful for everyone’s prayers,” the 23-year-old Season 18 champion wrote on her Instagram Story on Friday, Aug. 26. “I’m much better now.”

Diaz – whose stage name is Just Sam – shared a number of pictures from his hospital room and sent cryptic messages about his condition. “100 pounds of madness,” he wrote on the second story slide. “I need serious help.”

The New York resident was taken to a local medical facility on Wednesday, August 24, and released a few hours later.

“Thanks to everyone who watched. I’m alive and out of the hospital,” Diaz wrote in his story Wednesday, according to Heavy. The “Safe N Sound” musician shared a get well card he received.

American Idol’ Finale Recap: Just Sam Wins It All From Quarantine

“Guys, look what I got my baby. Ouch! After such a terrible day, my God,” Diaz gushed in his story at the time.

While the former reality TV star is in better spirits and on the mend, she finally returned to the hospital on Friday.

Although Diaz hasn’t shared much health news about her condition, she previously rose to fame on American Idol season 18 in 2020 – her third season. In the end, he won the main prize in the virtual finale held in the middle of the coronavirus epidemic. At just 21 years old, Diaz became the first home winner after weekly performances with home Zoom settings.

American Idol Winner Just Sam What Is She Doing Now

“Can I thank America now? My dreams have come true,” Diaz said at the May 2020 finale. “My grandmother says she can’t believe people like us can achieve our dreams. This is his proof! “

American Idol Winners: Full List Of Past Champions

He added at the time: “I just pushed and sang and look where I got. I hope to inspire every girl who thinks she can’t achieve her dreams. Anyone can do it.”

Viewers and judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie were impressed with her impressive vocal skills, and Diaz shared the inspiration for the name “Just Sam”.

“In high school, they didn’t know which category to put themselves in,” he revealed in one episode. “I was neither a girl nor a boy. I say, “Just Sam – it feels perfect. I think I will use my stage name forever.

Since her Idol days, Diaz has continued to make music. His latest single “Pain Is Power” was released on streaming platforms earlier this month. The winner, whose real name is Samantha Diaz, documented at least one hospitalization on her Instagram story this week. The 23-year-old singer did not disclose her illness.

American Idol’ Winner Samantha Diaz Hospitalized

On August 26, Sam shared a photo of a doctor’s exam room or hospital room. She captioned the photo, “Thankful for everyone’s prayers. I’m so much better now.” The singer also posted a photo of a scale resting next to a red fridge, captioning it: “100 pounds is crazyyy [two crying emoticons]… I need some serious help.”

The New York entertainer began documenting her medical scare earlier this week. On August 24, Sam wrote on his Instagram story: “Thank you to everyone who watched. I’m alive and out of the hospital,” says Heavy.

The outlet also reported that Sam later shared a video of a gift she received, writing: “Guys look what my baby got. Oh my god! After such a horrible day oh my god!”

American Idol Winner Just Sam What Is She Doing Now

But the next day, Sam posted a video wearing a mask, and Heavy says he heard other patients’ voices and beeps in the background. The outlet reported that she captioned the clip, “I need a better hospital brouhaha. I hate it here.” Diaz first revealed her hospital stay when she posted on an Instagram story, “Thank you to everyone who watched. I’m alive and out of the hospital.” Then on Friday, Diaz took to her Instagram Story again to thank everyone for their prayers. He added: “I’m much better now.”

American Idol’ Winners: From Kelly Clarkson To Chayce Beckham, Where Are They Now?

It is not clear what illness brought him to the hospital. But she may have dropped a hint when she shared a snapshot of a scale, followed by the caption: “100lbs of madness…I need some serious help.”

Again, it’s unclear what medical condition caused Diaz’s hospitalization. She later revisited her Instagram story and posted a video with inspirational quotes, including one that read: “If you can’t control what happens to you, control how you react to it. That’s where your power lies.” After that, the story was a screenshot of a Bible verse.

Diaz had an amazing run on Season 4 of the ABC singing competition show, with cameras following her around her home in the New York projects where she lived with her grandmother, Elizabeth.

Judge after Lauren Daigle’s “You Say” at her audition in Washington. In the finals, it beat Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” and Andra Day’s “Rise Up”, thereby edging out Arthur Gunn for first place.

American Idol Divides Viewers As It Crowns Winner In Lockdown Finale

Played: ‘Glass Onion’: Kate Hudson and Kathryn Hahn Reflect on ‘How to Lose a Man in 10 Days’ (EXCLUSIVE) Congratulations to Just Sam, who was announced as this year’s winner by host Ryan Seacrest.

Just Sam was announced as the 2020 season champion after winning the most live votes in Sunday night’s finale. Throughout the evening, Just Sam performed several classic hits such as Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” and Andra Day’s “Rise Up.” What’s more, the Grammy-winning artist sang Lauren Daigle’s “You Say” and performed a special version of We Are the World with Lionel Richie, Reuben Studdard and Kathryn McPhee.

To become this year’s winner, Just Sam had to beat the top 7 finalists including Arthur Gunn, Dillon James, Just Sam, Louis Knight, Francisco Martin, Johnny West and Julia Gargano.

American Idol Winner Just Sam What Is She Doing Now

Travel though. During the audition, Just Sam impressed all the judges with his inspiring rendition of “Get Up”. From there, he graduated to Hollywood Week, the Hawaii Showcase, and live shows.

American Idol’ Winner Just Sam On Celebrating Her Big Night

The contestant came and his fans were excited the moment Just Sam’s name was announced as the winner.

Still, Arthur fans were just as excited that their favorite didn’t win. They also shared their feelings on social media.

Although Arthur wasn’t crowned this year’s winner, we’re sure his career will soar beyond the competition show. The past is an excellent example of this

Second place is Adam Lambert, frontman of the legendary rock band Queen. This won’t be the last you hear from Arthur, so don’t worry!

American Idol’ Winner Just Sam ‘ended Up Broke’ Paying Off Record Label

For Just Sam, it’s time to celebrate his massive success and get excited about the new music the talented artist is about to start creating. In the meantime, we listen to it wonderfully

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