American Idol Unaware Audition

American Idol Unaware Audition

American Idol Unaware Audition

American Idol Unaware Audition – AMERICAN IDOL – ABC’s “American Idol” judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. (ABC/Eric Leibowitz) (Eric Leibowitz)

At least two Pennsylvanians are heading to Hollywood from the audition stages of a singing competition show. As the trial continues on March 25, it may still follow.

American Idol Unaware Audition

American Idol Unaware Audition

Katie Turner, 17, of Langhorne, and Dennis Lorenzo, 26, of West Philadelphia, both received golden tickets, shocking celebrity judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

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Turner sang “21st Century Machine,” an original song from New Girl in the age of social media, at the audition. You can see a video of her performance below.

Lorenzo Unware played by Allen Stone. In the introductory video, he talks about growing up surrounded by guns in West Philadelphia and how his father was killed when he was five years old. He believes that the gift of a guitar from his grandparents changed his life.

On the March 25 episode, Pennsylvanians can cheer on Munhall’s Gabby Barrett as she tries her hardest to win in front of the judges. You can hear her perform “Drinkin’ from Rose Colored Glass” in the YouTube video below.

Pennsylvanians are no strangers to reality shows, especially reality singing competitions. In the story below, you can see a list of 18 Pennsylvanians who found a spot on the small screen thanks to a reality show.

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We may receive compensation if you purchase a product or register for an account through a link on our site. The “American Idol” finalist is still fighting for custody of her 15-month-old son, and now authorities have ousted her. Also a newborn daughter.

On Monday’s episode, judge Katy Perry handed out the third and final ticket, part of Season 20’s new show, which takes the singer not only to Hollywood, but beyond the first round of Hollywood Week.

The first two tickets went on sale in previous episodes, but the last one went to Jay Copeland after Perry’s jaw-dropping rendition of the 23-year-old’s Stevie Wonder classic, “Signed, Sealed, I’m Yours.” The first five notes.

American Idol Unaware Audition

Before the show, Copeland explained how he had a scholarship to attend acting school, but had to drop out because the school wouldn’t let him audition for Idol.

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“I don’t know if I made the right decision or the wrong decision, but I know I made the best decision for me,” he said.

“Finally the race!” Perry shouted. “You’ve been studying so much, maybe you can skip school one day.” Perry then revealed that Copeland was walking away with her third platinum ticket of the season.

“It’s the 20th anniversary of Superstars, and you’re a superstar,” she said. “I think you’re worth all the platinum.”

One emotional performance was held by Saylor, an 18-year-old nanny from Newell, Oklahoma. Before the show, Saylor revealed that she was hurting for her father, who left their family three years ago to marry a woman he met online on a Saylor music fan page.

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“I want to prove that I can do without him,” she said. “As I found him. And I don’t need his permission anymore.”

During Kodaline’s ‘All I Want’, Salor was so emotional that her voice cracked. I’m so sorry,” she said quickly after becoming upset, but Richie encouraged her to continue singing.

“When we see your cleavage, we feel and see ourselves,” replied Sailor, “in truth I am ready to live my life alone and take more risks than ever.”

American Idol Unaware Audition

So Perry, Brian and Richie get really upset when a rude member of the production team loudly eats potato chips while watching.

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His voice made the singer stand up and draw the attention of the judges. Perry said she doesn’t want to see the singer’s time “scorned.”

But the crew member ignored him and continued to interrupt, marching toward Perry backstage and taking the bag of wood chips out of the employee’s hand.

The sailor wasn’t having it and went down to the judges table to get some snacks from Perry.

The confrontation escalated until… Perry ripped off the worker’s black hat, revealing none other than Bryan’s wife, Carolyn Boyer, whose vision was obscured by a wig, glasses and a COVID-19 face mask.

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Yes, one of the saddest feuds in “Idol” history was nothing more than a prank played by Bryan (plus Richie, who was unaware of his plan). But Perry got into it.

“Oh my god,” Briana exclaimed at the discovery, grabbing the bag from her hand and throwing the crumbs at her.

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