American Idol Elvis Week

American Idol Elvis Week

American Idol Elvis Week

American Idol Elvis Week – Judge Simon Cowell, a 23-year-old from Fort Worth, Texas, who cited Elvis Presley as an inspiration to pursue a career in music. Howie Mandell Performed for Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum.

Milligan says he’s now based in Music City, writing songs and having great success with his band. Milligan sees that because many new artists don’t sign in Nashville.

American Idol Elvis Week

American Idol Elvis Week

Milligan played guitar and performed with her band during the audition. The audience seemed to have a blast, and judges Vergara and Klum especially loved the song.

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[email protected] captivated the audience with his original song. #AGT — America’s Got Talent (@AGT) June 8; 2022

After her audition, Milligan received a standing ovation from the audience, with one viewer commenting, “It would be better if I got a yes from everyone.”

“I think this song really hits home,” Mandel said. “And I think you’ve hit the nail on the head,” he added. “You’re like the new Elvis [Presley] of country, and you’re going to come out of that song at that moment.

“I love it,” Klum continued to praise Milligan. “I also like being around you. We don’t have many bands this season, so I think you’re perfect.

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“The perfect combination; The song is amazing,” Vergara agreed. “I think you’re amazing and America will go crazy. The girls are crazy,” he yelled to the crowd behind him, drawing applause.

“Sometimes when our bands perform, it honestly looks like a mess,” Cowell concluded of the judges’ comments. “It’s the opposite for you. I think this performance should be important to what you’re doing. And the music was great. It was real.”

Milligan received four yes votes from the judges, advancing him to the next round of the competition.

American Idol Elvis Week

“He’s a star and that song is going to be a hit,” Mandell said as Milligan and his band left the stage.

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At the audition, Milligan said his song “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” was available on his self-titled debut EP. Here are Fox News Flash’s top entertainment and celebrity headlines. See what went into the entertainment this week.

Drake Milligan, an aspiring country artist from Fort Worth, Texas, took the “America’s Got Talent” stage in front of thousands of home viewers to show the world he’s ready to break through to four celebrity judges. Country music. With his band by his side, he performed his original songs “Sounds Like Something I’d” and “Wanna Rock Out,” and the response he received was something no country artist could have predicted.

Milligan performed “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” and “Kiss Goodbye All Night” on “AGT,” topping the country charts. He was joined by four judges: Simon Cowell; Heidi Klum He received a standing ovation from Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara, bringing the rest of the crowd to their feet. He made it through live auditions and was one of two acts to make it to the show’s finals based on audience votes.

“The response has been a whirlwind,” Milligan, who has been called “country’s new Elvis,” told Fox News Digital.

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“I’m trying to enjoy every moment because I’m dreaming as a songwriter and entertainer,” he added.

Although “AGT” was the vessel that really put Milligan in the spotlight and shared his powerful performances that captivated millions. The journey actually began many years ago. For Milligan, It all started as a kid growing up in Texas, where I was simply obsessed with Elvis Presley.

Milligan worked for years before her first “AGT” audition to prepare for that moment.

American Idol Elvis Week

He grew up outside of Fort Worth, Texas, in what he described as a rural home where his father worked in a railroad yard and his mother worked as a veterinarian. He was Merle Haggard; George Jones He grew up listening to classic country artists like George Strait and Alan Jackson, but music took over him after he saw an Elvis impersonator at dinner with his family.

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After that, movies, Learning all about Elvis through concerts and listening to music, Milligan eventually landed the role of Elvis on the CMT show “Sun Records.”

Milligan through his experience playing Elvis; He was introduced to Chuck Mead, a member of the country band BR5-49, and learned more about performing and recording country music from him. For Milligan, playing Elvis on “Sun Records” was the moment he truly realized that being a country artist was what he wanted to pursue. It gave me a deeper appreciation of country music history.

“Now that I’m a songwriter, I want to learn who wrote all my favorite songs, what happened behind the songs, play my favorite songs and learn to appreciate the history of country music and the music that I love,” Milligan said. .

“AGT” isn’t Milligan’s first competition show. Although he auditioned for “American Idol” in late 2017, He made the difficult decision to withdraw from the competition to take time to find out who he was before such a platform emerged. Shows can deliver.

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Drake Milligan auditioned for “American Idol” in 2017, but left to give himself a chance to find himself as an artist. (Alfonso Bresciani/Disney General Entertainment via Getty Images)

“I didn’t do anything to become an artist, to figure out who I was, to build a sound. I didn’t do anything about it,” Milligan said. I made a decision to add hours. I haven’t clocked in yet. I am writing every day. working in the studio It is already working. My voice. To get on this platform. I just want to know who I am, and I’m ready to grab my guns and show the world who I am.”

The first connection he made when he moved to Nashville was a powerful one. He quickly connected with Tony Brown, who would produce Milligan’s EP and his debut album. Brown is Reba McEntire; Vince Gill He produced many albums by artists including Brooks & Dunn and even worked with Elvis.

American Idol Elvis Week

Another big part of Milligan’s game is his teammates. He found his band after moving to Nashville. His band projects the same energy as Milligan’s, and they can create a captivating performance with an energetic and unique sound.

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“These guys are great. They’re great people,” Milligan said of her team. “They’re really selfless and all around good people and they’re great musicians.”

Drake Milligan and his team advanced to the “AGT” finals. (Trae Patton/NBC via Getty Images)

Having them on “AGT” is truly amazing. I think that’s a huge factor in our success on AGT… because the energy they bring and the kind of excitement they bring and their acting skills and everything is huge. I think a lot of the feedback I get from “America’s Got Talent.”

Milligan felt a few years ago that he wasn’t ready for the stage, but during his “AGT” performance, he showed off all the work he’s put into the country music world. Milligan discussed the difficulty of getting your name out there as an artist when he felt the show was a great opportunity to “get in front of millions of people.”

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“I said at my audition for Simon when Elvis and The Beatles were on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show.’ That was their big break, it was a way for them, for all of America to see them at once, and I think ‘AGT’ is in the same vein as ‘The Ed Sullivan Show.’ It will live forever because there are so many,” Milligan said.

According to Milligan, he not only sings while performing, but also moves on stage, dances on his own with band members, and adds other unique elements to his style.

After years of immersing himself in Elvis’ music and his performances, pieces of Elvis’ style were chipped away and became a part of Milligan.

American Idol Elvis Week

Drake Milligan performed his original songs “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” and “Kiss Goodbye All Night” during the first two weeks of AGT. (Trae Patton/NBC via Getty Images)

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“There is Elvis.

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