American Idol Elvis Country Singer

American Idol Elvis Country Singer

American Idol Elvis Country Singer

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Drake Milligan, a country artist from Fort Worth, Texas took the stage of “America’s Got Talent”, in front of four celebrity judges, thousands and millions of people watching on the home to show the world he’s ready to join. country music. With his band by his side, he wanted to “come on and rock” with his own original song, “Sounds Like Something I’d Do,” and the response he got was not what anyone would have predicted. rising country artist.

American Idol Elvis Country Singer

American Idol Elvis Country Singer

Two of Milligan’s songs were performed on “AGT,” “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” and “Kiss Goodbye All Night,” rising to the top of the charts. He received cheers from the four judges, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofía Vergara and did the rest of the audience. They tried out for the live show and then became one of the two acts that made it to the end of the show based on fan votes.

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“The response has been a whirlwind,” Milligan told Fox News Digital, calling it “the new country Elvis.”

“I try to enjoy every moment, because it’s everything you dream of as a songwriter and entertainer,” he said.

Although “AGT” really introduced Milligan to it, and it is a ship that can share the powerful show that has introduced millions, the journey began many years ago. For Milligan, he began his childhood in Texas fascinated by Elvis Presley.

Milligan worked for years before her first “AGT” rehearsal to prepare for the season.

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He grew up outside of Fort Worth, Texas, in what he describes as a rural family, where his father worked in a landfill, and his mother worked as a veterinarian. He grew up listening to old country artists like Merle Haggard, George Jones, George Strait and Alan Jackson, but music really started to affect him after he saw a Elvis impersonator when eating with his family.

After that, he learned all about Elvis by watching movies, performances and listening to music, which led Milligan to land the role of Elvis on the CMT show “Sun Records.”

Through Milligan’s experience playing Elvis, he was introduced to Chuck Mead, a member of the national band BR5-49, and was able to learn more about performing and recording country music from him. For Milligan, playing Elvis on “Sun Records” was the reason he realized that being a country artist was something he wanted to do. It allowed him to develop an appreciation for the history of country music.

American Idol Elvis Country Singer

“As a songwriter now, I want to know who wrote my favorite songs and the people behind those songs, who performed my favorite songs and appreciate the history of music and country music that I love,” Milligan said.

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“AGT” isn’t the first competition show Milligan has appeared on. He tried out for “American Idol” at the end of 2017 but he made the difficult decision to leave the competition to take the time to find out who he is as an artist and work at work before having a site like this. can give a share.

Drake Milligan tried out for “American Idol” in 2017, but he withdrew from the competition to give himself the chance to really see himself as an artist. (From Alfonso Bresciani/Disney General Entertainment via Getty Images)

“I didn’t do a job, to be an artist, to understand who I am, to build a voice. I didn’t do that,” said Milligan. “It was a decision to leave and move to Nashville and put in the work, put in the hours. I didn’t put in the hours. Writing every day, being in the studio, working.” my voice To open a platform like that, I want to know who I am and be able to stick to my guns and be ready to show who I am to the world.”

When he moved to Nashville, one of the first connections he made was a powerful one. He soon connected with Tony Brown, who would produce Milligan’s first EP and album. Brown has produced a number of songs by artists including Reba McEntire, Vince Gill, Brooks & Dunn and has worked with Elvis.

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A big part of Milligan’s work is the people he works with. He found the company after moving to Nashville. His team creates the same energy as Milligan and together, they can create an exciting performance full of energy and a unique sound.

“These guys are good people. They’re good people, first and foremost,” Milligan said of the group. “He was a selfless person and a good person and a great musician.”

Drake Milligan went to the finale of “AGT” with his team. (Trae Patton/NBC via Getty Images)

American Idol Elvis Country Singer

“Having them on ‘AGT’ was a big deal. That was a big part, I think, of our success on AGT… I think a big part of the response we got from “America’s Got Talent.”

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Although a few years ago, Milligan thought she wasn’t ready for the stage, all the work she poured into her country music career paid off during the “AGT” show. Milligan discussed how difficult it is to get your name out there when trying to become an artist and believes this show is a great opportunity to “get in front of millions of people. “

“I said at Simon’s trial back in the day, Elvis and The Beatles had ‘The Ed Sullivan Show.’ It’s a big break, it’s a way for them, for all of America to see it together. And I think ‘AGT’ is in the same line, from ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ a show that can change your life forever – it’s old because a lot of people are watching,” Milligan said.

According to Milligan, when he performs, he not only sings the song, but also moves on stage, dances solo and with group members, adding another element to his personality. .

“Fixing Elvis’ music and his performances” for years allowed parts of Elvis’ personality to “kill” and “become a part” of Milligan.

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Drake Milligan performed his original songs “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” and “Kiss Goodbye All Night” on the first two rounds of “AGT.” (Trae Patton/NBC via Getty Images)

“Elvis has a lot of good moves, but it’s going to come together in my own way,” Milligan said. “You can play music, you can sing on the phone … but when you’re on a show like ‘AGT,’ you want to show people the music, you don’t want to just sing for them. .Whether it’s a little drum fill or a little guitar part, it’s good to listen but to really be a part of it and watch it.

After working on “AGT” Milligan’s world turned upside down, and described the time after the trial as a “whirlwind.” He released a five-song EP in July 2021 and has been on the road to the top, but what has happened since appearing on “AGT” is unlike anything he’s ever seen. eat until his business.

American Idol Elvis Country Singer

“The people on ‘AGT’ are really nice and responsive, and on top of that, people at home are watching and sending my music to the top of the charts,” Milligan said. “The people show up to the show and it’s full. They sing all the songs.”

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Another helpful response to Milligan’s music is that he not only attracts country music fans, but also finds that many new people who don’t think of themselves as country fans listen to his music, check out to play and become fans. of nature.

“A lot of the feedback I got from ‘America’s Got Talent’ was ‘I’m not a country singer, but I love your show and your sound and I’m a country singer now’ I thought It’s scary,” Milligan said. “As a huge fan of country music, being able to bring people in like that is special.”

Up next for Milligan is her final “AGT” performance during the show’s finale next month and the release of her first album. Until the “AGT” finale.

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