American Idol Died Of Covid

American Idol Died Of Covid

American Idol Died Of Covid

American Idol Died Of Covid – One million people have died from COVID-19 in the U.S. Every single death toll goes beyond: it was a parent, a child, a partner, or a loved one.

The pandemic has affected us all, but certain groups have been hit the hardest in general. spoke to three people who lost family members to the same devastating disease – COVID-19 – but at different times.

American Idol Died Of Covid

American Idol Died Of Covid

When COVID-19 began ravaging the United States in March 2020, health care workers faced the virus head-on. Many, including Cuse “James” Kelly, assistant director of nursing at Mount Sinai West Hospital in New York City, did not have adequate protective equipment. On March 24, Kelly died of COVID-19 after leaving his team caring for patients with the new disease.

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Her sister Maria Patrice Sharon, a 48-year-old writer and consultant who appeared on the last season of Survivor, remembers her life and influence.

My brother has always been my hero and idol. I remember always running to him because he could fix anything. When I was a kid, the saying was, “If you have a problem, go to James. James will fix it.” He was logical and methodical, but he was also funny, highly intelligent and talented in the arts.

He is two and a half years older than me, but I am 10 years older than him. He used to dance, jump and pirouette in the grocery store. I hated it when I was younger. I was very embarrassed. He didn’t care. The world was his step. It was no surprise that we were where we were; If she was going to dance, she was going to dance. It’s actually one of my fondest memories now.

She eventually moved to New York City and became a dancer, but it was a small career. I remember him calling me and saying, “For my second job, I want to help people.” So she did, she became a nurse.

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It was very difficult, but she loved being a nurse. He had this unique way with his patients. It got better every time I walked into the room. You couldn’t see he was there. He just had a strong and peaceful yet charming aura. Everyone responded.

When COVID-19 first started spreading in New York City in 2020, I didn’t know enough to fear it. I was very worried about our parents, because they are old and they both got sick last year. I didn’t think to worry about James, because we didn’t know much at the time.

His illness happened very quickly. On March 18, 2020, I found out that he had COVID-19. That day he was diagnosed with pneumonia. When he texted me that he had covid, I knew my worries were misplaced. I remember lying in bed with this very heavy feeling. It was difficult to get someone on the phone with us at the hospital. He died on March 24, 2020.

American Idol Died Of Covid

When I need to blame someone I blame the hospital for his death, but when I’m over the moon I don’t. People are having trouble getting personal protective equipment, but I can see that they really don’t know what to do. It’s very sad, but I don’t know that anyone is really to blame.

One Million Americans Have Died From Covid 19

It’s too much to think about hurting a million people in America. I have the picture when the death toll was around 600. When my brother passed, it was still less than 1,000 in America and I hate to say it, but there was a part of me that had to stop a little bit emotionally after passing. For two years people are not wearing masks, not protected, so many deaths. It was all very sad. It’s too much to swallow. There was no chance to save my brother.

If I could shout from the hills, “Love thy neighbor.” It’s understandable, but I don’t mask myself; Because I think of someone else and prevent them from going through what my family went through. If I can do anything to keep others safe, I will. That’s what it all comes down to. Everyone who died affected their circle, be it children or mothers or relatives or community members. We don’t understand that when we only see a number. It’s too hard, too frustrating, and to some extent, unnecessary.

I want to be like James. Although he is gone, he left me a wonderful gift. He lived without fear and followed his dreams no matter what. Dream big, live big, never give up. Those values ​​are rooted in the present, the part that makes him proud.

I’m finally going to be fearless. It’s amazing how painful it is to produce fruit, sprouts and flowers. He continued to give me the gift of his life. I’m glad I found her sister.

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COVID-19 has killed more people of color. One reason is that these groups have higher rates of internal bleeding than white Americans. For example, nearly 40% of Americans who have died from COVID-19 have diabetes, a disease that affects black Americans.

Brenda Perryman, 71, had type 2 diabetes and died in April 2020. Her 100-year-old mother, Pearlie Louis, was on dialysis and died a week later. Both died of Covid-19. If a vaccine were available, they would have qualified for the vaccine earlier. Heather Perryman-Tanks remembers her mother and grandmother and the mark they left on their town.

American Idol Died Of Covid

My mother was famous here. After he passed away, I woke up to his face on the news on three separate stations saying that today we lost a special person. She was a high school drama teacher and advocate for the arts and the city of Detroit. He used to teach children for years. Everywhere we went, people stopped her and said, “Mrs. Perryman, Mrs. Perryman, we wanted to say hi. She was always doing public speaking and hugging people and everything, so I think that’s where she caught the covid.”

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He first got sick around March 20, 2020, and I heard his bad cough. I was like, “Mom, you sound terrible,” and she said, “I’m fine.” But on the 26th, he had to go to the hospital – and that was the last time I saw him. Later, I saw him on Facebook when he was in the hospital wearing a breathing mask.

I called the doctor, and all he could say was “Well, he’s diabetic, and if we can’t breathe again, I don’t know what to tell you.” They called us later and said they had to resuscitate him. I asked if it was necessary, but my mother agreed, so I had nothing to do.

They wouldn’t let me or my husband see him, so he took me to the parking garage near the hospital, when I got out I just cried and called my mom. He died a week later.

My grandmother was in a nursing home and she knew that my mother was ill. They checked everyone in the nursing home and sent anyone who was sick to the hospital. My grandmother had covid-19, so she passed away. I called him the Tuesday before he died and asked how he was doing. He was still conscious, and he said, “I’m just resting.” But I felt that his spirit was leaving him.

American Idol’ Alum Nikki Mckibbin, Who Reached Final 3 With Kelly Clarkson, Dies At 42

My mother died last April 5. The doctors told us not to tell my grandmother that she was dead, so we didn’t die. My grandmother died on April 12. He was 100 years old, and it took COVID-19 to kill him.

My mother and grandmother were close friends and I always knew that I would have to comfort my mother when my grandmother died. It turned out, I was not comforting either of them. But again, I lost half of my heart when they died. Losing them both within a week was like a physical experience for me.

The African American community has been hit hard by Covid. They always say that Americans have more primary conditions – more diabetes, heart failure, etc. I’m not saying that anyone has wronged black people. But here in our part of Detroit, you rarely see any Caucasians die. He always stayed at our house. Someone’s uncle, someone’s brother, someone’s mother.

American Idol Died Of Covid

It was early in the epidemic and hospitals didn’t know what to do. There were people who sent people home and they died there. It was too much.

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We have now reached 1 million deaths

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